Tulsa’s Locally Owned Security Company Installing Security Systems for Brinks Home Security

Looking for a Tulsa Brinks Home Security System? Witness Security is the premier Brinks Home Security dealer located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Would have a security system that meets all your needs with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee sound appealing to you? Installations beyond the cookie-cutter method.  Witness Security always does a professional custom installation catered to each individual home.


 Peace of Mind knowing you are being taken care of by the best. Witness Security installs the security system and provides the service necessary if needed.  Tulsa Brinks Home Security provides the monitoring, with fast, secure, procedures to respond to all alarm signals effectively and accurately. This is Tulsa Home Security, with Brinks Home Security, J.D. Power Award-Winning Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

Secure Your Home From Anywhere And Be Safe While On The Go!

Using the powerful alarm.com app, which is the most widely used Tulsa Home Security App used by Security Companies across the country. Allowing homeowners to control their alarm system, access lights, operate locks, engage thermostats, and move overhead garage doors.

The alarm.com app also provides impressive abilities to change codes from your phone.  Alter how notifications will be sent to you, and how frequent. View all history of events that take place with the security system in your home.  Know when the system was armed or disarmed and by whom. Set up reminders to arm the system if you forget and leave the house without arming the security.

Customer Service That Is Rated #1 With J.D. Power Associates

Award-Winning Customer Service to ensure your security system will operate at the highest possible level at all times.  Partnering with Witness Security in Tulsa, Oklahoma Brinks Home Security prides itself by working with local companies. Already established in providing top-quality service, and highly rated on Google, and the Better Business Bureau.  Tulsa Brinks Home Security sets a high standard for the companies that they partner with. Ensuring all of their customers are well taken care of. Customer Service goes beyond the original sale, therefore a quick response time for service is a priority if requested.

Tulsa Home Security Options With Witness Security

Witness Security is a locally owned and veteran operated company.  The main option that we offer is 7 Free Months of Monitoring and NO Contract.  If the upfront cost is too much we also offer the Tulsa Brinks Home Security option.  Which is a 36 Month Agreement that has a lower upfront cost and the monitoring rate will usually be a little more per month. Witness Security also offers a 12 month same as cash option, if the upfront cost exceeds $1000.00.  This includes security cameras as well as the security system. Still, a no contract, and also have the option of using Tulsa Brinks Home Security for your security system and us Witness Security for your camera system. Witness Security provides a one-stop-shop for all your Tulsa Home Security needs.

Smart Home, Tulsa Home Security

Having the convenience of controlling Systems at your home from a smartphone is fast becoming a sought after feature.  Being able to turn the heat or air on while getting off a plane after it has landed to get the temperature comfortable at the house prior to arriving would be wonderful.  Opening the garage door from the phone is as simple as the push of a button on an app. Locking or Unlocking the front door for the kids as they come home from school is quick and easy.  Controlling lights could not be any more convenient than the alarm.com app. Witness Security offers all of these and more through Tulsa Brinks Home Security, and without a contract directly through Witness Security.  Safety and security first, with options to fit any budget, fulfilling wants and needs at the same time.

Why Witness Security For Your Tulsa Home Security Needs?

Well respected in the Tulsa area with one of the best Google ratings in the area.  Witness Security is Locally owned and Operated where you can speak to the owner upon request anytime.  Veteran operated with integrity and honesty that you would expect. Supports Veterans, first responders, teachers, and servants to the community which is the backbone of Tulsa and the surrounding area.  Witness Security has 3 different people on staff to answer the phone after hours and weekends. To ensure our clients are taken care of quickly and efficiently all the time. Partners with Tulsa Brinks Home Security to offer a wide variety of options regarding the security and safety of homeowners.  To help accommodate any budget or desire people might request.

Why A Fast Monitoring Response Is So Important!

Security monitoring is the first line of defense when it comes to a security alarm system working like it is supposed to.  The faster the monitoring station responds to an alarm signal, the faster the customer is notified. The faster the customer is aware of a break-in, the faster the police are dispatched to the property. Why is it so important that a Tulsa Home Security system be installed by Security Alarm Professionals?  To ensure the Security system will communicate as fast as possible. The equipment will be installed so as not to create false alarms if installed incorrectly and Supervised by a professionally licensed security company. Though it is the responsibility of homeowners to take care of city permits so the police will respond in the event of an alarm.  It is the responsibility of the Tulsa Home Security Company to inform the customer of the Tulsa City Permit. Why the Tulsa City Permit is needed? How the Tulsa City Permit is paid for and how frequently it is required to be paid.  

Choosing A Home Security Company

Look for a Locally Owned Company that has a vested interest in taking care of its customers.

Make sure they have a 24/7 on-call line where a technician can respond to answer questions.

Make Sure everyone involved is licensed to install and service your equipment.

Call Witness Security for a Free friendly Consultation and Free Advice.  918-289-0880

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