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This is Tyler with witness Security in Jenks Oklahoma and today I’m talking about touch home or touch screen home security. A touch screen home security system touch screens have been on the rise for the past. Oh, I don’t know at least the last probably eight nine years. The touch screen is getting to a point where everything that is available is touch-screen. You got your phones that are touch screen. You got your little tablets that are touch screen. You got your little games that are touch screen. Everything is turning to touch screen. So why not turn your security system to touch screen? It’S actually. The system that we use is called to Gig to gig is, by far the most advanced security system on the market that I’ve ever dealt with and I’ve dealt with several systems, but it’s definitely the most advanced security system on the market today. Yet, at the same time, the most user-friendly now a couple of systems that I’ve also worked with, have another Service attached to it called Total Connect images, I’m not a big fan of it, but if you have attached to your touch screen service it just you Can operate your security system through your touch screen smartphone, and you can also operate your security system through your touch screen tablets, whether it be iPad or or your Android tablet, whatever that, maybe you can have all of these things are all the security integrated through a Touch screen of some sort, Weatherby tablet, Weatherby, keypad or phone, but skip home security systems – have gotten to the point where that’s just the way. Everything is, if you don’t have a touch screen that you’re installing you’re going to get left in the dust and within a matter of time you’ll, be you maybe put one, maybe two systems in where we’re putting in a lot more. Why is that? Because everybody wants to touch screen, everybody wants to be in the know, and everybody wants to be up with the times when it comes to whatever the device is that they’re working with, and I don’t want the old junk they want the new stuff, though, what the Pretty stuff and that’s what we have to offer when it comes to 2gig, we use the touchscreen on to you. It’S a pressure-sensitive rather than warm, since it is a lot of times. Touch Screen Home Security Jenks You’Ll hit one button and if it’s not been calibrated just like say if you ever work into a work in a grocery store, and I have a touch screen for, can somebody out you have to calibrate that pad and it just takes a few seconds to go In calibrate, it’s all done and then you can put in your code at times. If you don’t have a calibrated, it feels like you’re fat fingering it and it’s just a little bit annoying. So you go in you, calibrate it and then go back on with life with your touch screen. You also have, like I said earlier. You have the ability to ability to tie in what’s called Alarm.Com is so fast when it comes to their signals being sent to the devices that you also may have attached to your security system, such as a Z-Wave light bulb indoor, a Z-Wave garage door module. I have both of those on my house. I love it. I ride in from a motorcycle riding before I can even get off the motorcycle. I’Ve got the overhead already up due to. I have pushed the overhead door controller on my phone and open the door. If my wife is riding with me, she does that ever pulling up to the stop sign so that by the time I get up to the house to park, she’s already got it open. It is very convenient and then also with with You’Ve got the it’s just it’s affordable. It’S there’s nothing that I’ve that I’ve worked with that is near as affordable when it comes to cellular service that can beat what is offering for us to offer to you as the customer. So, with a touch screen and place, the customers loved it, even people that are you always hear from the older people, it’s kind of funny they’ll say I don’t have a SmartPhone. I got a dumb phone. Touch Screen Home Security Jenks Well, what the security system is so smart, Touch Screen Home Security Jenks yet at the same time so easily easily used for the older generation. That says, I really don’t want anything fancy. I just want something that works. Well, that’s that’s what this is. It’S not super. Fancy for the old people are older generation, but user-friendly enough for them, but at the same time it’s fancy enough for the younger generation, yet it’s still user-friendly on. For that part A lot of times as well with the security system. If you’ve got a toddler running around the house, they’re just at that stage, where they’re going to try starting open doors, my toddler’s right now, she it is so funny. Last night she was trying to climb up into my lap and she she puts her hands on my knees and then she pushes off with one leg like okay, I can get my leg up higher and she couldn’t, but it was. It was just so funny to watch her so she’s at that stage, where she’s she’s going to start trying door, knobs and stuff like that, trying to get out of the house and when stay-at-home moms are and or dads for that matter, they’re at home and they’re Watching Junior and then all sudden, ding dong front door. It actually will tell you where that kid just went out the door, whether they’re going into the street and or are they going in the backyard to play? You could also put a sensor on Sadie like a gate, so you can make sure that Junior doesn’t go out the gate and or let the dog out the gate. I prefer all of those type sensors just to make sure that, if and forever, if, for whatever reason, Touch Screen Home Security Jenks I forget something I can hop on my phone, I can look and sure enough. My security system is armed and ready to go or just the opposite. It could be turned off and I’m not there well normally in the past. The way you would have to fix that is. I got to run home and arm my system well now, and there was also there was that Total Connect that I brought up her earlier. That you could send that signal to the panel and it may armor versus with 2 gig and It is going to arm up no matter what so again just keep in mind that Tyler and keys with witness Security in Jenks Oklahoma. We have touch screen, monitors that it’s just so that if you’re looking for the fancy, nice pretty security system – or you can be looking for the security system – Touch Screen Home Security Jenks that best fits your needs and or in some people’s case, they they look at Mega Man. I can’t afford that I’ll, keep in mind. We have 6 months free monitoring for that touch. Screen system use have to purchase all the equipment up front and then you’re 6 months, free monitoring from then on out. This is Tyler with witness Security in Jenks Oklahoma, and I appreciate you taking the time to read this. Thank you.

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