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Morning this is Tyler with witness Security in Jenks Oklahoma and today we’re talking about small business security. What does small business security mean? Small business security is really anything to do with taking care of your business when it comes to whether or not you’re there you could be there and you’re working late and you want to have the small business security system turned on or say you or not there And you want the system on and you’re at home, sleeping or then there’s also the option of your there and during the business day and someone walks in and it seemed a little off, you could cover right there next year, cash register a button to call the Cops and just in case they they do something stupid, so small business security system can be a lot of things depends on what you, as the small business owner, what you were actually looking for in a security system. So when it comes to small business security, you definitely can cover. However, you want it. However, you want to cover whether it be with cameras weather with all your doors. We cover several small businesses that range from a few hundred square feet of a building to easily upwards into 30 and 40, and sometimes 50 and 60000 sq ft buildings to make sure that when they go home for the evening there, okay, that they can sleep at Night, knowing that as one of our customers put it, that’s my baby mom. I put a lot of time and effort and away from sacrifice, relationships and sacrifice time with my family, so that I can make sure that this thing goes cuz. If it doesn’t. I have no way of taking care of my family, so when it comes to their small business, they want to make sure that everything is going to be one hundred percent. Okay, when they’re not there, whether it be there out in the field and working or they’re out shopping, and yet someone is in their business. So they want to make sure that they’re small business security system is going to alert them if the refrigerator door at a fast food restaurant, the refrigerator door, stands wide open for too long. We can cover that If the Savior freezer gets too cold and you have a product that needs to be at a certain temperature. We have a detector that could do that. Small Business Security Jenks There’S smoke detectors, there are actually Four small business smoke. Detectors can’t go in right now, something we are working on, Small Business Security Jenks ┬ábut we can do week. We can do anything to do with theft. We can cover it. When it comes to cameras. We can cover you whether you’re wanting to look into the cash register and see the dollar bill amount or you’re wanting to see the items displayed on the counter. Where do you wanting to see all the tiny details or just a an overview we can cover whatever you’re wanting to cover when it comes to small business security, where you going to breakfast, so I figured there’s a lot of aspects that people they range into. What they’re actually wanting? We have one customer this morning that were actually coming up in a couple days that we’re going to be installing cameras in his business, because there was a rooftop Bandit that broke in most people when it comes to thieves. Aren’T thinking about somebody coming through the Rooftop, but he didn’t just start on the rooftop he had to get to the rooftop, so that means he had to go around the building and find a way up onto the roof. So that’s where we would cover what, Small Business Security Jenks where he came up, whether he if there was a truck close to the building, that he climbed up on the truck and then jump from the truck to the rooftop. I don’t know. But what will happen is when we are covering that building with cameras. We are going to find the the best possible place for the cameras and cover them in the best possible angles. So is small business security, not sure what everybody else looks at it and how they would search it. But whenever it comes to us, small business, security, camera or small business security systems are a necessity to cover your innocent baby that that’s your your deal now. Some people that call us they’re, not the business owner, they are just a manager wanting to make sure that they are being a good Steward of their bosses, equipment and their bosses finances and making sure that everything is going to be taken care of. While it’s in their care, there’s a story in the Bible that the guy that did not take care of his bosses stuff ended up having to pass his on and he lost his share of what he was being a steward over and whenever you’re, a small business Manager, you want to make sure that you are recovering all of your bosses assets. There’S a company out there called Legal Shield And the tagline the one of the guys that I know says cover all your assets. Don’T don’t put your head in the sand cover all your assets, and so when it comes to small business security systems, Small Business Security Jenks we can help you cover all of your assets, whether it be with just a security system or adding a security system to and a camera system. Whatever it maybe with a small business security system, we can cover you, and so how was witness security? It’S just a matter of what do you want? What do you have in mind to cover your small business? What do you have in mind to make sure that, when you’re at work or when you’re at home and you’ve been home for the evening, if something were to take place, what do you have in mind to take care of that small business security system? What is it? Are you wanting to just cover doors? Are you wanting to just cover motion? Are you wanting to cover both? Are you wanting to in a shop? Emotion, wouldn’t work very well, because you have Small Business Security Jenks the heat I’m not in in an area. That’S not heated and cooled. The motion is not going to be able to shoot as far but if you have what’s called a photocell, has a laser beam. Kinda like you see in the movies, and you can as soon as that beam is broken. It immediately triggers to the alarms and hey there’s a problem. It’S the same little beam that garage door, openers use to make sure that, if as doors going down, if there’s a little child, that’s walking through and or a dog or an animal’s walking through the system or that through that overhead door is going to meet. At least send the door right back up, saying, hey, there’s a problem and it stops the door. Yesterday I saw actually one of those beans. Those photocells mounted above the door about two to three inches apart from each other, to make sure that the door is going to go down 100 % of the time, and I thought to myself that’s about as dumb as it gets. Those beams are worthless. In that case, just wire, it shut and call it good. This is Tyler in Keith with or Tyler Schultz, with witness Security in Jenks Oklahoma talking about small business Security in Jenks Oklahoma. Thank you.

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