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Hello, this is Keith with witness security. We are going to be talking about small business security. Small business security is an important aspect of any small business owner to be able to make sure that you’re able to take care of the details when it comes to your home or your small business. When it comes to your security, you know there’s a lot of things that can be done to make that security system, that you have work, that much better than what it could have worked before, where the security has the ability to be able to provide not only Thenormal basic security system bit such things as video surveillance to build a watch over the employees watch over your business watch over there. A perimeter of your business, the inside the outside every aspect of your business. Witness curity is able to provide the services necessary to make sure that your home is secured at the annual small business is secured it to highest level possible and join me here is Tyler securityand. What we’re going to be talking about a lot today and is just the small business security things that you can actually do for your home and or your small business is water. Your small businesses are functioning out of your stop it. Okay, you talking about small business security or things you’re able to do for your small business to provide the services necessary to find out what’s going on around your business so like today, we’re going to be doing a camera system in at a business. Yes, Cameron, a business because they’ve had issues in the past. This particular business is had issues in the past, with cars being broken into your own lot of your their employees. Leave their vehicles there for weeks on end because they’re out in the field, wherever they may be, and so the car’s been getting broken into, and so we’re just going to go. Install 6 cameras around the perimeter of their building to cover those cars for their employees. Well yet so, if it were you and your in the field in your car sitting, there you’d kind of hope that everything’s going to be okay and you get back in your car is broken into you’re, going to go to be secure. If I left it at my place of business and that’s exactly the same thing that the individuals sand he still had yet to notify one of his employees that has been out in the field now for over a month and the back window, it been broken out. They didn’t get anything but a back window on a car if you ever had to replace one when I say the back side window, it’s a small window, you’re starting at around three hundred bucks. So if you came home after you’ve been gone for a few months to find out that now the card been rained, then so on and so forth. I mean they’re covered up to where it wasn’t going to get rained in too much. But the thing of it is, it’s still had to get taken care of, and you know like the business owners, and I just want to. I just want to make sure that my employees there and other vehicles are covered as best as I possibly can, and something to eat been wanting to do for a long time. So now you just going to make sure it happen. Sure the small business camera systems they’re not so expensive that I mean you’re hurting when it comes to the cost and Natalie. Are they not as expensive, as some may think? You know they’re able to do more than what some may think? Where are the equipment at this particular property that we’re going to be installing our 4 megapixel cameras? You know that I are much better than 1080P and you’re able to provide that services to those people’s where they can see the cameras right on her phone and doesn’t matter if you can provide the same services to their employees so that they can look in and Make sure that their car vehicles are protected and taking care of and know the things you just taken care of Mikey Oddity. It’S not that big a deal, but it’s an important aspect of every small business owner to make sure that you know things are taken care of now on the other side of it, he wanted to make sure that he was able to have a couple cameras inside The office so Mikey as close to a dozen employees and just be over see who’s in the office, a lot of times he’s out in the field, and he wants to make sure that you know who came into the office when he calls the office. He can look on his phone and find out oh yeah Jones at the office. I can talk to him about this and he’s sitting in front of his computer. He can look it up for me and he’s able to do those things and be able to keep track of his business, even though he’s out in the field makes total sense yeah when it comes to the cameras. That’S what I love about small business cameras. Is we can hop into our cameras and see what’s going on in our office? You can’t really see exactly what’s on the screen, but you could see if they’re a little bit sketchy as they’re looking at their screen. Like is anybody watching me? You can’t see some things on the screen, if they’re large enough that the 6 megapixel camera that we put in to the office and our office, it’s a 360-degree camera that you can look in every direction and text. You forward separate cameras and if you install this camera at approximately 10 ft, you can see a circumference of 40 ft. So if your building or your office is close to 40 foot wide 40 foot square, then you can see the entire perimeter 40ft around and in the corners and further out portions. It’S not as clear as it would be right under the camera. But still you can see pretty much everything going on spread throughout their. It can’t actually see down into some of those cubicles to see, if anybody’s in those cubicles to make sure that you know if you’re wanting to make sure that somebody came into work cuz, you had to leave the office early for a doctor’s appointment or whatever and You’Re waiting for an employee to arrive so that he had some information, cuz you’re working on a project. You know you could check on your cameras. Oh yeah, you know Mike came into the office. Oh yeah. I can give him a call and find out whether or not you got that project taken care for the NCO or making sure we say the right one several times how many times have you satisfied only times he said small business security cameras. Never me might need to say my business security is what we’re, after anyways back to her on track when it, when we’re talking about small business security and cameras, there’s several options that we can do like. He said we can cover the inside and outside of your business. Small business security is not just the security system, that’s screaming at you whenever you forgot to shut it off within the 45 seconds, that’s also the ability to add a camera system. Even if you just you didn’t want to buy the the whole kit and caboodle with the the DMV orange for cameras and all that you could just do one camera and have the ability now granted it you only get 3 days. That’S about what you get when it comes to the recording, but still at that point you’re still getting video and to think there’s a lot of your small business owners. You know: they’re not necessary, looking to necessary, now have a lot of recorded video. What they’re wanting to be able to make sure of is, can I look in live and see if certain please have arrived on time or no, so many of your small business owners are going every which direction and they’re needing various projects taken care of they want To make sure that things are getting done, the way they would anticipated save friend since your print shop, and you had various projects that had to be on time and scheduled to be printed out, and you could look in and see you know. Is this project getting completed no dead zone to arrive on time to be able to make sure that he meets the deadline? You know so many different things when it comes to small business home since owners in there a security you’re able to do so much more than what it used to be, and then he takes the security system itself. You know knowing that the likelihood that you’re providing for your self is taking care of no say you went out and had an appointment and you had employees going to be locking up you like to make sure that that security system got turned on alone. Behold the security system we have in place when they arm the system up Not only would give them a notification on her phone at the system was just armed, it’ll tell them who armed the system well case and point this past Monday, Monday Monday morning, late Sunday Night, one of our customers did actually have their system go to work for him about 1:30. In the morning, the security system triggered to the customer customer beat the cops to his place of business and then got into a high-speed chase with them, trying to make sure that he got a license plate so that, in the event of getting to talk to the Cops he’d have that information here exactly come to find out when he looked back at his video camera video. It was one of his newest seasonal employees that had unlocked the padlock door that doesn’t ever get unlocked and then, when confronted about it and showing him the video he goes, if I did, I didn’t mean to, and I didn’t mean to leave it unlocked and suck When it comes to small business security and we’re about time, but when it comes a small business security, that’s what Keith and I knew Tyler and Keith, with witness Security in Tulsa erectional in Jenks, Oklahoma and again, that small business security and cameras

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