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Morning this is Tyler and Keith Whitney Security in Jenks, Oklahoma and today we’re talking about simple home security systems in Jenks, Oklahoma, simple home security systems in Jenks Oklahoma. Basically, when it comes to a simple home security system, most people may think of just simple stop. The word simple: when, when you’re thinking about the word simple, do you really want something that is super easy for yourself? Someone’S it’s not a professional to come in or you get it in the box and you pull it out and you start throwing things up on the wall and or the doors and throw that motion up there. The emotional loan, if you were to try and install that yourself most times, you’re, not going to know exactly what the best point of angle to be pointing that as I’ve had guys that come in they’ve watched me, do installs with them or they’ve done the installs. With me for at least a month, I send them out on their own and they don’t think about the way that I taught them in it. They still they throw the motion up into this corner and it looks like yeah, that’s a good spot to them, but whenever I go back to that job, I’m going, why did they put it there? That motion is not shooting anything, that’s actually going to catch. Anything am I right on security system. Simple Home Security They want to make sure that it’s functions is simple, but yet, at the same time, you have to think about how things work, how that security system is going to function at its best level does DIY. They I mean you and I we do DIY stuff all the time we got projects going on at our house is all the time, and so I’m not down and on the DIY errs as much as I am the companies that are providing the DIY product. They don’t do their homework when it comes to actually the installation of the equipment itself. How it is installed is so simple that the equipments going to fall and fail your old, the equipment itself needs to be tampered. That’S the one thing about the do-it-yourself equipment. It’S cheap so therefore it doesn’t meet the you all lifted. Standards of how quipment is supposed to know security. Alarm equipment is supposed to function. So therefore, your own, when you have a problem with the door contact the door contact, falls off and falls apart. So, as soon as it hits the floor, it’s going to fall apart, my not shatter, but it’s it’s going to fall apart enough to where you got to put it back together and when it does a lot of times there might be a tamper, that’s built into Those and when it falls apart, you can’t get it exact yeah when it comes to the security systems. A lot of them do not have the tampers for, like one of ours, were to be set up same way, and if it were to fall off, then you’re going to have a problem, because that door contact is tampered. And if you don’t have the cover on that on that door, contact or transmitter, then it’s not going to work. I’Ve been in homes where the covers were off of those transmitters and the system still work. I’Ve been in homes where that Not only was the cover off, but the door transmitter itself was in the drawer and the entire system work just fine and yet, at the same time, if you’re, depending on your home security system, just because it’s simple doesn’t necessarily Sara Lee mean that it works in Tulsa. Oklahoma wants to make sure that not only is your does your security system work work that it functions simple to use, but it’s not just simple to install witness. Security has taken after measures to make sure that your home security system not only just functions simple, but it also works to the point where you’re not going to have any issues with it, he’ll fall. You should delete really. Importantly, it’s Advanced enough that it actually works. Every time like yesterday, I was out of the customer that he he got a notification that a sensor was offline. Now the reason it was offline is the wireless transmitter was too far from the wireless receiver, and so I had to bring that transmitter Closer by running a wire, and now I got a feeling he’s not going to have any more problems with that specific door. Wireless home security, the gift – because it’s simple, doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to have to work through some bugs, such as metal buildings and distance. Wireless security systems are going to have some issues when it comes to distance and it’s going to have they’re going to have some issues when you’re dealing with a lot of metal and we’re concrete. So if you don’t know how to deal with those situations to make sure that, and if it’s set up to where it’s a ul-listed system, then it’s going to communicate on a regular basis and be able to let you know whether or not the system is online And if it stays online, then you’re going to be able to function security system like this supposed to, and it’s simple to you you know, but your ears in that same term, simple, doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re just working your security system only because it’s simple kids From the mindset behind the company that uses simple in their name is built so that it’s cheaper for them to operate yet at the same time they can ship the system to you. Simple Home Security They don’t have any professional installers. They drop ship it to you. You pick it up off of your doorstep. You slap it in and 30-45 minutes later you can say yay. I got a security system and that it’s a false peace wear with witness security when we throw an assistant will, when we install a system, say throw in a system because the system would we do yes, it can be done in 45 minutes to an hour, but The reason being is we do this for a living versus the other company. Simple Home Security They drop ship it to you and that false sense of security is all that it is it’s a false since you’re not actually going to have that piece of mind in in the true sense, I have read thousands of reviews from the other company, the dropships, your System and it’s not that’s mostly what you read a false sense of security and so they’re, making lots of money which kudos to them. They figured out a way to make money, but Home Security provide security systems designed to do home security systems. Design. To prepare to be able to keep the themes out and yes, the alarm will go off when it’s trigger, but with witness Security in Tulsa Oklahoma. We set up our security systems to where you’re not going to have the false alarms that you’re going to have an in the event that you’re ever is a situation. You always have somebody available 24/7 here in Tulsa Oklahoma, to provide that simple, no solution to whatever the problem. Maybe usually it’s customer air now I’ll, keep in mind if there’s a customer error with our systems and we install the systems and we have somebody available to be able to answer those questions. What do you think you’re going to have when you, as whatever industry, you’re in decide, you’re going to install your security system? Who you going to call when you got a problem? Ghostbusters isn’t going to answer. I promise there is no one to call so. Therefore, at again they’re, not a security company, so they’re just a Distribution Company like Wal-Mart, so you can go ahead and give him a call at 2 in the morning when you got a problem, but it’s just going to go to voicemail and you’re still going to Have the problem until the next day and if the answer your phone, because again their Distribution Company they’re, not a security company, they will be available when it’s convenient for them. And if that’s what kind of security you want, then it may be simple. But that doesn’t mean it’s going to work. It may be simple, but it’s not going to be secure. Thank you.

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