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Good morning this is Keith was witness security and we are going to be talking about security systems in Jenks security systems in Tulsa, when, if you’re interested in a security system and you’re not necessarily sure what company to go with, then I recommend – or I would have Asked you to to take a look at witness security. You can check us out on the web at witness and when you just browse through the website, you can you’ll discover that we do things a little bit different than most security companies in the different things. Security Systems Jenks We do that are different is where a locally-owned in locally operated, which there’s a variety of foam, locally owned and operated security companies in town Harbor. We don’t do a contract, there’s no contract whatsoever. For you to get a security system. We don’t do any kind of credit checks. So therefore, there’s no worry about whether or not your credits going to be affected, New York to get a security system, and then we also offer 7 months free monitoring, 7 months free monitoring – and that also includes not just the security system. But it also includes interactive on your phone, so you can control your security system through your phone does curity system we provide, has a home automation Hub built into it. So, therefore, if you wanted to add locks and lights and thermostats and garage door module, so you can open and close your garage door from your phone you’d be able to do so. You know there’s a variety of things that we can do that enables us to be able to provide really good quality service at a very reasonable price and no along with all of that. We provide 24/7 tech support. So I need answer if ever a time should arise that you, for whatever reason, can’t figure out why you can’t get your alarm system to work when you getting ready to leave or getting ready to to just walk out for the night and for whatever reason you Just can’t seem to get your security system to turn on. You can always give somebody a phone call here, witness security. Somebody will be available 24/7 to answer whatever question you might have and by having that very feature right there in the various companies that worked with in the past. Probably the number one service issue that would arise would be this right here and then you’re as a technician. I would arrive, because we didn’t take any calls 24/7 and majority of your security companies out there. Don’T really recommend that and then I’d rather be able to have an in-person show up to your house to be able to dress the situation, the problem that arises with that – and this would happen every single day that I worked with those companies. You know I would arrive, fix the problem within a matter of moments and now that the individuals upset, because they had to take off from work to take care of this issue. You know they drove there. They waited got there on time for the appointment and then didn’t take for a minute, or so, but there’s 15 20 minutes back to the office or whatever it is you’re working at. And so you had to take off from work to do that and which is usually sometimes could be. Lunch break might be that you just took off work in general and many times it meant being able to take the rest of the day off, because yeah, no idea how I was going to take to resolve the issue. So you just had to take the entire day off, for nothing does nothing but make people angry, Security Systems Jenks and so witness security has determined. And since I don’t sense witness Security’s been in business, we have always provided this service to people so that people can get taken care of what needs to be taken care of quickly promptly and know that your security system is up and working as frequent as possible. Now does that mean lightning doesn’t strike you? Of course, the guts does Electronics, don’t fail course I do know, but what is security can do whatever we can do to try to make sure your security systems working a hundred percent of the time, who’s in human human reason and or possibilities your own witness security? Here in Tulsa Oklahoma, now we better business for a little over 8 years. You know: we’ve grown to the point where we’re able to not just provide a great quality service, but we also have monitoring stations that are across the United States. Six of them to be exact, all 6 monitoring station through tubes alarm signals at the exact same time, so it’s just a matter of which one picks up. First, the average response time for the past 12 months has been 12.9 seconds. Security Systems Jenks I just don’t think you’re going to get any faster than that Homeland Security uses the same monitoring stations. It’S because of the consistent save how they respond to Priority alarm signals. It’S important to make sure that, when your alarm goes off that it actually goes processes. The signal to the monitoring station in the monitoring station is able to pick up for the return call to the homeowner as fast as possible. So therefore, the police can be dispatched if necessary, with this process taking place as fast as it does. It just makes it that much more. Are there reason to consider with a security to take care of your home security or small business, because witness security is gone. The extra mile to make sure they are clients are protected, had secured, with the most utmost possibilities that can be expected from any security company. What did security uses or security systems in Jenks will use two gigs quipment, which is a touch screen system that you can operate with? A smartphone can talk to you when a door opens and let you know which door open, such as the front door or the back door, the garage door, you know you’ll, know exactly which, Security Systems Jenks which door of the just opened up in your house. You know so that you’re prepared to know your own is your husband, home or your wife on them, maybe the kids. But if those people weren’t expected to be home, then here you have an opportunity to be able to grab protection and or call me call out and just make sure they that person that just came into your house knows that you’re there as well nine times out Of 10 will be nothing, but only takes one time to be having issues at you need to address your own security systems in Tulsa. We provide systems that have the ability to do a variety of things. Your most importantly, your home security, your peace of mind, your safety, Security Systems Jenks you know those things are the utmost importance and the other things that can take place are just added benefits. No, Security Systems Jenks we can security here in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Android security systems. We provide yo, make it available for homeowners and business owners alike to be able to have the best equipment available on the market today and then on top of that have the best service available. Your fart security systems here in Jenks – and you can check us out on the web, find out that we do have the most reviews of any company in town in order to be able to provide good quality service. It’S a free consultation for us to come out and visit and, if you’re interested in 7 free months of monitoring, I’d like you to give us a call thanks for your much have a good day

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