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Good morning this is Keith with witness security and Tulsa Oklahoma. We are going to be talking about security companies in Jenks and the surrounding communities. We take care of all of the surrounding communities such as Jenks, Oklahoma, Catoosa, Oklahoma and Claremore Sand Springs, Collinsville, Owasso in Glenpool Bixby. All of these various communities near witness Security, provide services to, and it’s really important to be able to find a local security company in Jenks. In order to be able to provide you have your security systems taken care of now. There is a variety of security companies out there and majority of the security equipment that is located in homes. Today is Honeywell equipment and or ATT is one of their whitest used equipment out. There is, and it’s the largest company in the world no majority time they use Honeywell equipment or were they have in the past, been quite a few years since I worked with ATT. So I’m not exactly sure what kind of equipment there installing today. But it’s important to be able to find a company that will provide service to you and your not a number. Security Companies In Jenks you know how irritating is it when you get a hold of somebody and whatever industry you’re talking about and you’re go through the rigmarole of now calling me on the phone number. You just want a basic information and he spend 20 30 minutes on the phone going from one person to the next person to the next person, and nobody can give you a straight answer. You know if fictionally so. Consequently, nobody ever really wants to pick up the phone and really call and do anything it’s important to be able to work with a company that you can call get information within a matter of moments and be on your way doing what you want to do. So much the time when we have any cabinets you, regardless of what it might be, you know the reason why majority people don’t pick up the phone and call they think there’s going to be a long rigmarole that they’re going to sit on the phone and be Able to finally get an answer if they ever get an answer, so they just don’t want to pick up the phone and start with witness security. Give us a call answer, is resolved and usually minutes on no matter what it is and you’re going to talk to. Somebody right away, when is security is located here in Jenks Oklahoma, we’ve been serving the Jenks Oklahoma region for the past 8 plus years, and we have the very most reviews of Google reviews of any company in the city and where the surrounding communities, when is Garrity, Goes the extra mile to make sure that you as a customer are taken care of no it’s more important for us to make sure that we stand behind what we say we’re going to do, then it is for us to gain a few dollars just because it’s We’Re trying to prove a point, it’s important to be able to provide the service to you that you pay for on a regular basis, because you have paid for something you should get something for it. It’S really important to be able to provide that kind of service to you and Jenks security companies or security companies in Jenks. If you’re going with a local company and like I said before, there’s a variety of local companies here in town that would love to be able to take care of you. And it’s really important to be able to have that kind of service that you can rely upon and know that you’re going to be taken care of witness security uses Honeywell equipment when it comes to existing equipment. Security Companies In Jenks So you can go right on to our website and you can see what kind of keypad you might have hanging on your wall and compared to the keypad that the two kinds of keypads that we have on our website and determine whether or not we’d be able To take over what you have, if you already have the equipment installed and all we have to do is add – maybe a cell unit to it in order to get it working. You know you’d be surprised what it will cost you to get started and at the same time, with no contract now to be monitored with the fastest monitoring service in the country. Security Companies In Jenks No witness security has taken the extra mile to provide monitoring service to you at the highest level humanly possible know the security monitoring the witness security uses. The average response time for the past 12 months has been 12.9 seconds know you are going to get any faster of Mana green Den. That kind of monitoring witness security has made sure that whatever we do that you’re making that the security system is going to respond like it’s supposed to every time, it’s important to know that your security system is going to work when the alarm goes off. That you’re going to get a phone call when the system goes off Factor this morning, I started to let the dogs out before I came into the office and as soon as I open the door I forgot to shut the alarm off band alarm went off no Got the alarm shut off, my phone happened to be in my back pocket as I was walking back towards the back door to let the dogs out again. You know I got a phone call we’re talking seconds from the time I shut the alarm off until the time I got the phone call. You know the alarm went off. I was at the back of the house opening the door it started to go off. I ran to the keypad, so I didn’t wake anybody up. However, blaring, I sure enough, woke the entire house up got to the keypad turned it off, which that took a few seconds and as soon as I walk my last finger hit the last button on the keypad. I was started to walk back through the living room and I got a phone call. Security Companies In Jenks I don’t know how fast it was, but I know it was very, very fast, 10 12 seconds you’re not going to get any faster monitoring, then witness security monitoring, because witness curity your local security company will provide that service to you at the same cost. You pay for for any other company know because we don’t charge more for because we have the best monitor in the country. We do that because it’s required it’s a necessity to make sure Dad the alarm system responds to where it’s supposed to and with no contract to pay. For I just don’t understand where you’d want to go anywhere else. Witness security is located here in Jenks Oklahoma. We provide services to all of this around surrounding communities of Jenks, Jenks Oklahoma such as Bixby and Owosso and Catoosa Claremore. You know all of these various communities in 30, Mi radius of Jenks, witness Security, provide services to, and these Services you’re going to get are the very best Services you will ever find in the entire country. We only serve here in Jenks right now, but if you live in the Jenks surrounding community and you’re, looking for a local security company, then witness security is a company that you at least call for a free consultation and have us come out and visit with you And show you the type of equipment we provide. Your are the compassion we have to reach out to the community and provide peace of mind and one for one home at a time. Now, that’s the only way you’re going to provide real security for a community and that’s providing that security. Local Security in one home at a time and do what we can to make sure that the thieves in our communities don’t get into our homes and y’all end up causing no Strife amongst our homes and even take things that don’t belong to them. Yo Jenks provides local home security and when it’s curity provides local home security, it’s just a phone call away to be a find out. If you’d like to have us, take care of you.

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