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This is Keith with Witness Security. We are talking about home security services and a lot of Oklahoma some security services and a waffle Oklahoma. What does it necessarily mean to be have some security services. Home Security is a aspect of your home that you really can’t go without home security systems are something that every home should have for the sole purpose of criminal behavior or criminal mischief and home invasions and activity. You know our activities are happening more and more every day more than we would ever even imagine most of which are not even reported and the activities that take place around your home not necessarily in your house but outside of your house can very easily be detected and be able to see what’s going on by using the camera system outside your home over your driveway from front of your house to back door. Owasso Security Services
You know the cameras themselves that they have today are cameras that you can actually identify somebody that’s coming up to your door knowing whether or not it’s a just a solicitor which it’s getting summertime so therefore it is going to be a lot more door to door you know security salesmen you know coming out there’s quite a few different companies that do that that are increase the number of door to door salesman and aggressive sales people that you have and if there’s anybody out selling door to door now they’re aggressive you know it’s just the way it is and they’ll take no for an answer. Owasso Security Services
So therefore need to be prepared if you’re going to answer the door to be able to hear what they’re trying to sell and be able to apply it to you know some good serious thought. You know when you think of home security systems and it was Oklahoma. Owasso Security Services
You know people are knocking on your door and they’re selling it on the security system you know keep in mind if it’s free it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the cheapest system you’re going to have. You know if people are trying to sell you something that’s free. It’s pretty obvious that it’s probably not free and it’s pretty obvious that you know they’re going to be making some money somewhere. And in many cases they’re going to make more money via being free and a higher monthly rate. And a long term contract than you would ever even imagine if you were to get pay for the equipment upfront and then just pay for your monitoring. You know this tactic you see from door to door sales on a regular basis to just giving the system away. Then beware of the simple fact that your monthly rate is going to be much higher than what you would would expect. You know if your have somebody come to the door and they are with a security company they need to have a license to do what they’re doing. So ask them for their security license. Do they have a do they actually have a license to do work in the industry. You know in Oklahoma you have to have a light security license in order to sell. So it’s really important to just ask them if they happen to have a Oklahoma security license to sell for a security system.
You know this may be kind of petty but quite frankly these companies come in from other parts of the country. You know Utah in particular the company that does this mostly is they do it and they go to door to door. They fly a bunch of people in here from Utah or wherever it’s located and they just hit the streets and door to door just start banging on the doors. And once they get somebody to come to the door they don’t take no for an answer. Aggressive is you know just what they do and they’re in their mind they’re doing a good deed. They’re providing security for people. However you know when you’re stuck in a situation where they’re forcing you to make a decision you need to stop and think about all that being said you know the home security systems should be able to make a decision on your home.
You know just be by being able to surf the web on your own to be able to find a good company that you can do business with. And you know I have this one company as they go to door to door. They’ll just say that the company that they’re with. Owasso Security Services
You know they’re no longer in business. You know this happens I get messages from my customers telling me that. So just came to the door and they just said that we were no longer in business which is I just don’t understand if you have to do business. Why do you have to slam another company and try to tell them that they’re you know the company that they’re taking care of him. It’s no longer in business.
You know it’s just a bad tactic. Owasso Security Services
And so if you’re if you have somebody come knock on your door asking if they have their own security license and if they don’t have that license then don’t do business with them you know Also as far as I mentioned before if there’s someone for freight it’s probably a.
And you’re going to get licked you paid for it.
So take this in consideration and find out whether or not where the company is located as their door knocking on the house you know they should have a physical address here in Oklahoma. Do they have a physical address in Oklahoma. Some of these companies they don’t have a physical address in Oklahoma. So if you don’t have a physical address in Oklahoma then are you going to be are you just a fly by night company. No. Are you just going to take a quick and then be on our way and when there’s ever a problem are you going to be able to take care of it without having an office in Oklahoma. Again that’s just not right. If you’re going to do business you got to have an office. It’s just plain and simple. If you take the can take in consideration that homeowners today you know just need to stop for a few minutes and just ask a few basic questions to prevent being scammed by some daughter or tell them you know the better business bureau is another way you could check in on a company and find out whether or not they’re a reputable company to work with you know home security systems in Watts Oklahoma have gotten to the point where they’re pretty important to have. So if in doing so it’s just like anything else. Witness Security does not provide any kind of a contract to the consumer. So you don’t have to worry about being bound by any agreement. Owasso Security Services
You know if you’re not happy with the service do you get any other company that you do business with they’re going to bind you on an agreement and whether you’re happy or not. You’ve got to stick with it until the agreement is done. So Witness Security doesn’t provide that kind of a service you know when the security was Oklahoma provides home security without any agreement low monthly payment. So therefore it’s affordable. But what you can also get is the ability to operate your security system with your smartphone at a much lower price than what most companies would ever even consider. You know the home security systems themselves it doesn’t necessarily cost very much to provide that service to you. Owasso Security Services
So there’s no point in even charging the additional cost that it takes to operate your system via your smartphone. That’s part of the service to know that we take care of immediately for everybody. It’s more important to go beyond the necessary need for one. Some people say don’t even bother you even if you’re not part of the system. Well they may not necessarily now but there is a strong possibility that will in the future so provide that ability so that they can and when the time arises that they would like to be able to activate that service or a service then they can at no additional cost. You know Witness Security is located just north of the south of Wasow in Tulsa Oklahoma. And we’re here to take care of you one customer at a time if you’re not exactly sure where that’s located just google witness security at Tulsa and you can read the reviews that we have on the line and see where we’re located. See what kind of reputation we have and we’d like to be able to provide a free consultation to you and the services that we provide and are second to none. Thank you.

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