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This is Tyler and Keith with Witness Security today.
Wasow and we’re talking about not just home security and how to secure the title today is how to catch the bad guys. A lot of times like a friend of ours. This past weekend I actually got mugged. If you are. Just out and about. Keep your head on a swivel. That’s the number one way to catch the bad guys. Pay attention to where your all of your surroundings. Owasso Security
You see people that are kind of being picky. They walk a little bit closer to you. It’s not that you’re paranoid it’s just the simple fact that you’re just paying attention to what’s going on around you. Owasso Security
Oh yeah. Like in his case our friend he. Happened to be waiting on a phone call and he was in a parking lot at a quick trip gas station and a guy walks up and asks him for a cigarette. Well he doesn’t smoke. So he just politely It was like oh he’s a 75 year old man. No I don’t smoke. Sorry. Well as soon as he opened his door to. Give him that answer guy number two comes around and you start wailing on him. Now he had been a little bit more aware of his surroundings and probably been better to roll the window down versus open the door and that could have been a lot less of a problem.
Yes. Because I mean you just in many cases you just don’t suspect it. And they. They know you don’t expect it and they take advantage of the surprise. And when I say surprise. Keep in mind this isn’t war. Owasso Security. We’re. In his case just sitting there waiting on a phone call. You know. Him.
Perhaps maybe enjoying a little bit of the you know as the temperature is starting to decrease a little bit in the evening.
I mean it’s just kind of watching the car go bar. I mean not really. Nothing to worry about away from the rest of the puti you no interaction. It’s just I mean I just don’t understand how. There has to be this continuing flow of people who just got Garner. Create Mr.. I mean a 75 year old man can not handle being. Pummeled. Yeah. I mean I’m like an extra redate it makes me so angry about the whole thing is you know I can’t I’m 50 I can’t I couldn’t handle being at 50 and these idiots that want to. You know probably 30 years old. Owasso Security
You know take advantage of the 75 year old man just for a set of keys and a cell phone is downright stupid.
And the thing is it’s also part of our. And this is more of a political rant but our welfare system going ahead and paying for them to not go out and get a job. Yeah. I mean if I was getting paid to sit at home and watch TV and the only thing I have to do is go out and pummel people just for the fun of it because I need my grins and giggles every so often then yeah I could see myself doing that too. Owasso Security
I don’t care I can’t see myself. No I’m saying if I were in that mindset where I just don’t have anything else to do and I play Grand Theft Auto all the time and I just waste away my day. Then I could see myself getting out. And you know I need some grins and giggles now let’s go pummel some people. Yeah I can see how that could get from point A to Point B. But anyways. We’re talking about keeping your head on a swivel to pay attention pay attention to what your surroundings are. A lot of times if you’re not paying attention. If you’re. Oh look at my house. I’ve got the what’s it called the holly bushes. If someone were to be pimpin around my house. They’re not going to be having a comfortable time poking around and poking their head in the windows. Only reason I don’t like holly stick stick or bushes that kind of hurt.
Yeah. And and the thing is just to walk to Oklahoma and if you’re not exactly aware of where Oklahoma is it’s just north of Tulsa or from 169. And you know there’s quite a few home home there being built in the new subdivision on the thing left the 169 off the street north and 76. And. Also you know if you’re happen to be driving through the neighborhoods you pay attention to what you or your house could be. Actually a resident in Oklahoma and despair attention. Here around you at your house. You know when the trash gets picked up. When you come in from work put the trash can back in. I didn’t take that much extra effort you know. But it does say that you’re home if you happen to come in throughout the day. Take the extra effort to bring the trash can in your own in a morning or an afternoon or whenever you come home. And it may be like our trash gets picked up close to around. 8:00 o’clock in the morning. You know when my wife heads off to work she brings the trash can of the trash can. It’s kind of important. You know it says you’re home because everybody everybody else’s trash cans are current. So take a few extra effort and at moments you want to just do something that are just resonate the idea to anybody driving by that you’re home. Owasso Security
You know the simple things at night are getting some lights and you know if you’re like a lot of people you forget to turn the lights on and off you know at night you get a dusk to dawn light. So it comes on at dusk and goes off at dawn. So it resonates the idea that you’re at home.
Well like also we don’t install holly bushes but haven’t just the Hollywood she is a good thing happen. Like you said the dusk to dawn lights. Good thing having. Even though I mean this is not something that we do. But one of those. Those outlined things you put in and the lamp follows a certain timer but it clicks and clicks on and off letting it make or making it look as though someone’s there correct. Now you could put it to where it turns on during the day just randomly.
Yeah because quite frequently like the lights on in the house couldn’t tell you how many homes I get up to when I arrive for an appointment.
And you step up to the door and the small window of the door maybe or window you can see through the shades that there is a light on in the living room. You know a lot of people say well why do you have a light on live here. Because I can’t see. You know it’s shaded to where you need to be able to see what you’re doing. And so you turn the light on so little things like that that people may be doorknock and they come up to the door if the lights are on and you may not be home. That still tells them that there’s somebody yeah. I mean simple Better yet at the same time. Owasso Security.
It’s necessary in order to be able to make it to where anybody just randomly moving around will think you’re home.
Anything that you can do to make yourself less vulnerable to the thieving mindset. Look every time we install a security system we hand the code or we put in in the front yard a sign and we hand the customer for window stickers. Why do we do that. That’s 75 percent of your deterrence. So having the security system and the signs are signs and stickers all of them work together though really the the highest portion of the security is the sign the stickers because one were a newer company Valma only been around since February of actually December of 0 8. So being that we’re a newer company most of the systems that are in place are going to be active.
Exactly. And the thing is we’re going to get a lot of phone calls with people that have called because they found us on Google and that’s where I recommend people as there is you’re doing a little bit of research on various security companies you know on Google you know just toss the home security or Tulsa’s security here because Tulsa is the largest community in the area. That would be your FIRST PLACE TO looking. In this case a lot of home security. Just find out whether or not what companies are out there that can take care of you and your own good friend of ours. Yesterday no one signed up for a security system and then got to talking to us and let us know that their son signed up for a security system with a big name company in town and couldn’t understand why he was going to pay double what he was going to pay with us and be lock into a five year contract. You know that’s one thing with Witness Security we don’t do monitoring agreements. It’s month to month right out the gate. You buy your equipment. We start monitoring you with the best monitoring in the country. That’s Witness Security you know Wassa Oklahoma and you can find it on the web that witness security Tulsa dot com.

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