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This morning this is Keith with little security and a Wasow Oklahoma we’re going to be talking about as I wasso home security services this morning lots of home security services. Owasso Home Security Services.
Home security is. It’s gotten to the point where it’s not just home security anymore and it’s actually gotten to the point where you have home security and home automation. It’s kind of built into it. Technology has gotten to the point where we’re able to do far more than what we had ever imagined that you could ever do with home security systems home security systems are in Watts Oklahoma. Owasso Home Security Services.
Have best get a ride to a different level you’re able to provide much more home security availability services than what you ever could before.
Thing of it is that we’re able to do now is just simply be able to you know it’s when I think of home security.
When I first started in the industry 20 years ago it was an absolute luxury product.
You know people it had home security systems you know were for the most part wealthy people.
They could be. They were the only ones who could necessarily afford it. And as you know our society has gone to for the most part it’s just gotten to the point where home security systems are for everybody for the sole purpose the crime has gotten to the point we’re just doing anything if it isn’t bolted down and the activities and things and when I was growing up quite frequently people left their doors unlocked a door or shut door was you know kept honest people honest you just didn’t go into people’s homes if you weren’t invited or you didn’t know them or whatever. Owasso Home Security Services.
Now it’s gotten to the point where you know even a locked door doesn’t necessarily don’t keep honest people honest and it’s gotten to be a trend. You know when I first started in the industry quite a few years ago I was told why are you getting into home security.
I mean that’s that’s only I mean it’s a luxury product. Owasso Home Security Services
So, therefore, you know why would you necessarily even want to get into that.
And as I read through my Bible I discovered that you know the very reason things that you know crime just doesn’t.
Just going get worse. Know our society is going to get worse and worse and worse all the time. And so therefore you know home security will become a you know type of product just like you have telephones you know home security basic services you know have always been you know cover the doors in the motion and windows and you know quite frequently you have. Individuals talk about home security systems or companies that talk about home security systems and a basic package consist of you know three doors of mostly Techron to keep and that’s a basic package for Witness Security and Watts Oklahoma three doors and most infector the keypad and the keypad is a color touch screen system that you can operate with your smartphone. And that’s a basic package for Witness Security. Now most of your companies will use the exact same terminology but a basic package to them is two doors. A motion detector and keypad. Why do I emphasize the third door it’s very simple. The average home today has three doors. Your front door your back door and your garage into your garage door. Yes your ear into your garage door is a perimeter door.
If you end up coming in you know especially the kids they would ride your bicycles and leave the exterior garage door standing wide open. You know the overhead door. And then if you didn’t contact into your garage door if the kids came home and you didn’t happen to open up the door to check and make sure that the door was closed then you got a free entry right into your home. And so therefore the garage door is a perimeter door and witness security is always included a third door as part of the basic package.
You know if you can center a home security system in the past used to be to what it is today. The keypad is a home automation clock platform that you can add locks to the system lights thermostats overhead garage doors you can open close overhead garage doors you can provide the ability to do all kinds of various things appliance modules you know the way that light switches you know so many do everything you can add to your system to make your system that makes more functional.
And it’s important to be able to do so. You know just to be able to provide the layers of security that you would need for your home. And you know that much more than you can provide for your system is that much more. You know that you can actually you know provide a service to. And what is security. You know why so glum.
I’m not you know there so many different home subdivisions being built in Watts Oklahoma to provide the influx of a large growing community that you know these services need to be available for so purposes these you know they’re breaking into people’s homes in south Tulsa and so on and so forth. You know it’s just important to be able to provide layers of security that you need for your home so that you know your family can be kept safe. Owasso Home Security Services.
And we were thinking of home security you know so much of the time people would think of you know the old traditional security systems that you know what’s going on and you keep hammering. Used to be that used to be like a key put by the front door and you just locked that key as you left.
And that arm your system. And it’s called the latch key system and they were they were good. I mean for that era if everything was you know back then but now it’s just gotten to the point where home security systems are have become a necessity for the average person to be able to arm and disarm the system before they leave or when they go to bed. And I know having a system armed at night is still quite frequently people say well I don’t Arment when I’m at home. That’s again our society has gotten to the point where it’s kind of an important aspect. Home
invasions have increased to the point where it happens more often than we can ever even imagine. A good friend of mine just the other night was mugged and you know beaten up fairly good air. I can’t say very good beaten up quite a bit. And again it’s just amazing to me to think that you know people will actually beat somebody up just for the sole purpose of beating somebody up. I just don’t understand the mentality behind it. And I’m thankful that I can be poised in a position to be able to provide the services to make people feel safe in their own homes. You know this is Keith and witness security and we provide a home security service.
It was Oklahoma. You know if you’re interacting you’re not really sure what a home security systems are in. Good luck to you. Just give us a call we can discuss with you the very things that we can do to provide services to you. Owasso Home Security Services.
And all we really have to do is just be able to it’s a free consultation. Just give us a call. You can look us up on the way that witness security Tulsa dot com. That’s Witness Security Tulsa dot com. And to require reviews that we have online and you know give us a call and schedule a free consultation. Thank you.

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