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Hello, this is Keith was winning security. We are going to be talking about or Owasso home security advice, Owasso, home security advice way too. Owasso Home Security Scary is located in Tulsa Oklahoma at the corner of 129th East Avenue and 21st Street we’ve been in business for a little over. Eight years and we provide home security advice to all of the surrounding communities of Tulsa, Oklahoma and Owasso. Oklahoma is just North of Tulsa in the 30 mile radius that we serve the communities around Tulsa, Oklahoma, Owasso home security device. We’Re just talking about some basic security. Advise that you would need or home security device you need as you either. Maybe you purchased a home. Maybe you’ve lived in your home for quite a few years and now it’s time for you to be able to look into getting home security for your home. Witness security has like a sad we’ve been in business, for a little over eight years, were a locally owned and locally operated company, and in doing so we provide our services with no contract, in other words, there’s no contract for you to sign for long-term agreement. For you to sign for the services that we provide, witness curity believes that a good quality service can be provided without a long-term contract. So therefore, yes, it cost a little bit of money up front to be able to get established and set up, but your monthly monitoring is going to be sometimes less than most of your of our competitors. And again we don’t have a contract when it comes to having or no contract. We also provide 24/7 tech support. So any event you ever have a question ever have something happened that you’re not necessarily sure, maybe there’s something he’s not sure about in your security system. Maybe it’s you, don’t can’t remember the passcode for your security system when the monitoring station calls. You know this is important. Owasso Home Security You know we can. Security has taken measures when the monitoring station calls that you have to know your code in order to talk to the monitoring station, and if you don’t know your code, you need you’re going to be. The police are going to get me dispatched on you, y’all. Some people say: well, I don’t want to be bother them with that. That’S important, because the monitoring stations themselves across the board when it cross the country that provide monitoring services to homeowners with most of your security companies, The Operators can see your passcode. So, therefore, if you happen to have a son or daughter or husband or wife to maybe in a discard Old Situation and they come into the home or when you’re not there and they’re not supposed to be home, then quite frequently they’re going to be able to Remember and or know if their coats on what decode might beat. So if this happens a lot where the homeowner has a problem with their family and they’re not allowed in the home for a period of time, they will call and it will change the passcode for the Monitoring Center. And if the operators have the ability to be able to see what that passcode is then quite frequently if they, it sounds as if that person that they’re talking to on the other end of the phone is legitimate, then they can coax them into saying the correct. Passcode and witness Security doesn’t provide any availability for our operators to be able to do that. You either know the code and prevent the monitoring station from dispatch and the police, or you don’t know the code and the police will be dispatched know. These things are very important in their features and weighs the I have set in place or witness Security is set in place when it comes to home security and vice to be able to make sure that you can remember that code when that time arises and if you did so decided to change that code, you can do so with the Peace of Mind of Knowing that that future person, whoever that might be, is not going to have any impact or be able to know what it is, so the police will be dispatched you’ll be able to protect whatever it is that you’re wanting to make sure it’s protected and have that Piece of Mind of knowing that everything is secured now also say friend, since when something like that happens, Because, unfortunately, that event takes place quite frequently just about every week. It’S just because that’s the way Society is not to say that anything, any any one person or family is worse than the other. It is just the way people are so witness. Security provides the home security advice necessary for each and every individual home and their various particular circumstances, so that you can have the Peace of Mind of knowing that, when its Security ┬áis watching over what matters most to you, it’s more important to make sure that you Are home security system is functioning at its maximum level or Optimum level or ultimate or whatever? You want to call that for you and your family so that you know that things are functioning correctly. For example, in the past security systems that were in place when you walk in the door, the security system would start beeping to remind you to shut the alarm off. Just a helpful reminder for you to go over to the keypad punch you in your code and turn the system off. That is when it’s still the way things can be done, Owasso Home Security but because of technology and because of the way the things are change and with technology. You are now able to operate your security system with your smartphone and witness Security in the month of September. Here is offering a seven free months of monitoring that enables you to be able to operate your security system with your smartphone you’re able to get a notification every time the system is armed and disarmed, it’s not something you have to have, Owasso Home Security but it is something you Can set up your able to be get a reminder if you walk out of the house, and you drive away from the house up words to a mile away from your home. You can get a reminder on your phone to arm your security system. Is that an aggravation prasanna might be some people, don’t want any additional text or emails to come to their phone anymore than two a day and or never at all. You know whatever your situation is whatever your preference is. Our witness security is able to provide those features to you at whatever level you like them to come to. You know when it’s curity in Owasso Oklahoma, provide security advice, home security device so that you, the homeowner, can use your system and know what is happening around your house 24/7. Owasso Home Security That takes me to the next new topic or item or whatever you want to talk about. When you’re talking about home security Vice and that is being able to make sure that locks you have in your house are secure cuz if you’re just buying a house, you may not necessarily know whether or not House was built a long time ago or if the Previous owner still has locks for that house or keys to that house. You know it’s advisable to be able to switch out some of those locks that will make your house more secure here, it’s very simple to do, or you can buy the Kwikset locks or located at all of your box stores, your major box stores to be able To buy those locks, you can take one lock off put it back in put the new lock back up exactly just like the old one came off your may. Take you a few extra minutes. If you have never done those things, that figure basis, but it’s not a long-term process, but it can make your home more secure. So it’s a good idea to be able to have equipment that is going to function without being able to tamper with it and be able to open the door here are their traditional builder-grade locks can very easily be tampered with and unlocked. If somebody has any inkling of an idea of how to do that – and it doesn’t take – hardly any effort whatsoever so keep in mind get some good Lots near your home security system, make sure you’re with a company that provides a no-contract, make sure you’re with a Company that provides you, 24/7 tech support, make sure you’re with the home security company. That has the ability to provide you, your services and the most for your money, the biggest bang-for-your-buck, the home security companies that are out there. You know when it comes to Owasso or Tulsa, be able to go with a local company that can do those services for you and witness security is one of those local companies that has your back to make sure that your security system, it works and functions at The best level possible young witness curity is a home security company and we are providing home security advice in the city of Owasso. However, we are located did in Tulsa, Oklahoma are at the corner of 129th East Avenue and 21st Street, and you can swing by and visit with us we’re open from 5 until 8 until 5, every Monday through Friday and our phones are always turned on for you To be able to give us a call, give us a call set up a free consultation, 7 free months of monitoring that we can provide to you and find out the kind of service. The witness security provides there’s a reason why we have the most and the best reviews of any company in the surrounding area. Thank you very much.

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