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Good morning this is Keith with witness security and Tulsa Oklahoma. We are going to be talking about local security companies and how witness curity the services we provide to our community here in Tulsa Oklahoma. The local security company is there’s quite a few. A variety of local security companies here in Tulsa and in the surrounding communities, and we provide services to 30 mile radius of Tulsaso if you’re not familiar with the area, just moved into town and you’re, not exactly sure what community is that may consist of yo we’re Located on the northeast side of Tulsa, Oklahoma, 129th, East Avenue and 21st Street and basically 30 to 40 mile radius of that intersection is the area that witness security provides home security forand that would consist of Owasso Collinsville Catoosa Claremore to the east. As far as I know, Le and then you have Coweta on the other on the Southeast side of Tulsa and Angie, coming around you’d, see Glenpool and Bixby and y’all keep going around to the West. You’Ll find Sapulpa and Sand Springs and Skiatook and Sperry and then back around to Collinsville.                                                                                                                                                                Now witness Security provide services to all of these communities and we try to do it inby the 24 hour turnaround. If you ever needed any kind of a service call. We like to be able to take care of you within a 24-hour time frame. It’S really important as your you’re paying for security service. Are you like to be able to have that security alarm working 24/7, if at all possible and witness security, does our dead level best to make sure that you have the Peace of Mind, knowing that everything is taken care of we get phone calls every single night Know whether or not somebody needs help with their security code are ask people if you’re going to be going out of town now give us a phone call, and we will move the phone numbers around on the call list to make sure that your phone number is Called correctly, I had the individual call last night somehow or another, it’s a 1-800 number that comes from all six monitoring stations, a we have and evidently now that phone number got blocked on their phone. So when the monitoring station called they set their alarm off by accident and the first number on the call is didn’t get a phone call and she was calling about to the morning. Why didn’t I get a phone call or my head can get a phone call and it was pretty easy for us to determine whether or not that was done because got a 1-800 number and a lot of people don’t like to answer phone calls. They don’t know anybody’s, it’s not programmed into their phone, so we blocked the phone call, not knowing that it was the monitoring station and he was blocking so in the monitoring station called it went straight to voicemail and then the second phone number on the call list Was his wife and she answered the phone but little things like that being able to resolve those issues within a matter of moments, and she called at 2 in the morning and I’ll be glad to answer the phone it may appear as if somebody just sitting there By the phone you know all the time waiting for the phone to ring, but that’s not true, you know it’s. I have the phone set to where it somebody’s going to answer the phone. One of our technicians will answer the phone and no I happen to take the phone most of the time at night, because I’m a light sleeper for the most part, and now I’m able to pick up the phone and answer it as if I’m sitting there waiting For you to call – and I do this in my sleep literally few nights ago – I got a phone call.                   Lady was having an issue. I had to listen to the phone call cuz. All of our phone calls are recorded here, witness security and I listen to the phone call the following morning to find out what it was. I told this lady and she was having trouble with resetting your alarm system, because the alarms going off earlier that day and she couldn’t figure out how to get it set off. You know set back up again. This is a 1:30 in the morning. You know I get a lot of phone calls at this time and I answered the hatter diagnose the problem and everything she got the system armed up happy as can be, but it took me the following morning to determine what it was. I told that lady, how to resolve her issue, and it’s just a matter of having an idea in mind of taking care of people. It’S not all about your witness carity. It’S about you, the consumer, to make sure that you have the Peace of Mind. Knowing the things are taken, care of and witness curity does whatever we can to try to provide that service to you. We have plenty of employees and this very same mind that we established in there for them, even if they come on board with us and begin to install and or maybe it’s a Salesman. Maybe it’s just a people here in the office? No, it’s not about us. It’S about you, the consumer, and doing whatever we can to make sure that you were taking care taking care of, because peace of mind is much for goes much further than the equipment hanging on the wall. You know being able to operate that equipment being able to make sure that you’re using that equipment at its maximum capacity is what we’re all about local security companies. Do that, and I think I can speak for the vast majority of local security companies that are here in the Tulsa surrounding area. We want to take care of you as a consumer to try to be able to provide the best service possible to keep our family safe in the area as much as we possibly can. Local security companies will remember your name you’re, not just another number that they have.                                                                                                                                                                                             So it’s really easy. Give us a call. It’S a free consultation for witness security come out and visit with you know. One thing I haven’t mentioned: we don’t have any kind of a monitoring agreement. Witness security does not believe that you need to have a monitoring agreement for to provide a good quality service, and that’s what witness security is established upon and based upon is just providing a good quality service to our existing clients, and the clients would like to be Able to bring on board your own witness curity is: has the focus in mind to provide that service to you, whether it’s the account from the accounting on up to actually no coming out to your house and providing the system in your home? No local security companies. That’S what their focus is is to be able to have you as a consumer, no in mind to make sure that you’re taken care of what is security at six different monitoring stations located throughout the country. All six monitoring stations receive the alarm signals at the exact same time, so it’s just a matter of which one picks up. First, it is true redundant monitoring, for example, trying to put this in perspective now. This is the month of September, in the month of September of 2017, on the second week of October, on September, 8th right now, hurricane Herman is hitting the coast of Florida.  Local Security Companies are this evening, the beginnings of it is going to hit the coast of Florida. We happen to have a monitoring station in Baton Rouge Florida. Now, how does that affect our consumers? Really simple? The monitoring station there in Baton Rouge Florida, I haven’t heard they’re evacuating the area as we speak their OB operators. It will not be able to make it into the monitoring station. So, therefore, in our other monitoring stations in New Jersey, Arizona, Tennessee taxes in Maryland, know those monitoring stations are set up and establish to be able to compensate the amount of people that are going to be lost. That will not be able to come into work and Baton Rouge Florida. They will compensate the load of people in the other monitoring station so that the same number of people at any given hour, 150 plus our operators are sitting in front of monitors to be able to respond to your alarm signals you’re. On the last 12 months, the average response time is been 12.6 seconds was 12.9 seconds last month, and this month is 12.6 seconds. It’S really important to go with the monitoring company. That’S going to be able to be there for you when your alarm goes off. If the alarm goes off and you don’t get a phone call, I’d like the phone call to make sure that your system is working properly. Waiting security is located here in Tulsa Oklahoma. We are a local security company and we would like to be able to take care of you as a consumer and you can try it out with 7 free months of monitoring.

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