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Good morning this is Tyler and Keith, with witness security, and today we’re talking about Tulsa Security Services. A lot of opportunities that you have when it comes to security systems is there’s cameras. There’S doorbells, we’ve got security system. What you can arm and disarm from your smartphone. There’S a lot of different options that you can choose from and to cover your specific needs. Our tagline that we usually use is watching over what matters most to you. And when. It comes to the equipment that we use back to the type of equipment. I had some place I was going with this, but all yet the it it’s. What type of equipment would best fit. What you need, where they, if you’re needing just to be able to view the front yard in the backyard, make sure that the outside of your home is covered or say you’re. Wanting a security system to cover the inside of your house as in an actual monitored home security system, either one or both we can do that and it’s really not as expensive as some might think or fact. Here, in the month of September, we have started running a promotion of 7 months, free monitoring that enables you to be able to get security monitoring. And if you want to the camera system combined because camera systems and security systems work in conjunction with one another, there an added benefit on to each system. Jenks Security Services So therefore, it’s an alarm goes off. You’Re able to pick up your phone and see the activity that is going on around your property. You know right on your phone. You can arm and disarm your system from your phone you’re able to playback video on your phone. If you ever wanted to know if it’s a commercial property or small business and your alarm goes off, you able to see on your cameras whether or not you have an issue had an individual, have an alarm go off not too long ago see the notifications come Directly to your phone when the alarm goes off and you get that notification before you get the call from the monitoring station. Jenks Security Services So it’s it’s a double help to you to be able to have those notifications coming directly to your phone, and if you have camera system, you can hop onto your phone and check the cameras whether or not is activity there or not and be able to dispatch. The police, when the monitoring station calls it can all happened rather seamless, but without the camera system it kind of leaves you in coming in the dark, yeah you’re, not exactly sure. What’S going on outside. In fact, the alarm went off. You know just as much as our monitoring station at that point and you just dispatch the police bad. It’S not necessarily that I guess you could say bad of a thing. It wasn’t very long ago that the camera systems it could be provided weren’t necessarily of quality enough to be able to see really what was going on anyway, outside of just whether or not there was somebody in the property or not now they’ve gotten to be the Cost wise is come down and the quality his come up to just shy of I’d, say, Casino, quality, Casino, quality or better or the equivalent of and 12 megapixel camera. I mean you’re. Looking, Jenks Security Services I don’t think even lot of your Casino cameras are going to be at quality, but when it comes to the ability to view these on your phone and you can zoom in on your phone, you can take pictures of say someone standing at your front door And or someone backed into your driveway – and you happen to put your cameras up at the same time that they’re sitting there in your driveway, what happens? Is you could literally take a screenshot of the camera right there on your phone and or start playing video record? The video straight to your phone and then you’ve got the timestamp and the the video slide that you need to send over to the police, and these things are not that complicated to do. However, it’s really important to learn if you get a system like this. It’S no different than any anything else that you get your DVR or anything on your TV, it’s important to be able to learn the system to the point where you’re proficient of what you do. Don’T like a video game. When you get a video game, you don’t play it one time like you’re perfect at it. Just like you wouldn’t pick this DVR up and or this NVR up and the first time you play with it. You’Re perfect at it came with any tools or anything else. Here on talk to Security Services, here witness security, we provide security services that are of the utmost quality and the utmost importance to each and every homeowner Andover small business owner to make sure that now the Tulsa Security Services that we provide are going to be of Good quality and you can be on the shower without no and Trust whatever it is that we do is the best I can possibly be done, and that’s Keith and Tyler with witness security, we’re having Mouse technical difficulties here. But when it comes to home security and small business security, witness curity doesn’t have any problem taking care of the Tulsa Security Services, and the thing of it is just shy of a thousand customers were hanging in there with the big dogs, and we have no problem When it comes to like the September special 7 free months of monitoring by the equipment, and then you get to try us out for 7 months, what are the company is doing that and then, at the same time, if you are necessary satisfied with the service guess Jenks Security Services ¬†What 30-day you can give us an email 30 days later, and you are welcome to take whatever equipment you already gotten to another company and they can provide those services to you, understanding that you’re going to be signing a contract. For that event, you are equipment also with that equipment. It is the most widely used equipment on the market today, so really, in the grand scheme of things, were providing equipment for the other companies. If we were to ever tick, you is the customer off your welcome to use the exact same equipment with any other company, and they be able to serve with you. Everything is that, on the flip side are upset. They been with those companies for the past number of years and because they’re in a contractor finally done and then they give us a call yeah anything is when Jenks Security Services it comes to the equipment. It is the most user-friendly yet at the same time, the most advanced equipment on the market and all those other companies they’re using it to and and thing that’s kind of, a really important cuz calls we get in a regular basis. Is people call and have an issue and they’re having an issue they’re, not even a customer, and you know they tried calling the company that takes care of them and nobody answers the phone. So then they get on the website and start searching the web and they’re trying to figure out. If there is a company in town that takes care of the same kind of equipment they come across our website, they discovered that we do the same equipment. They give us call sure enough. We answer the phone quite frequently solve the problem. With that person and a fears later they become a customer because we answered the phone after hours, weekends or holidays. You know it’s pretty important if Jenks Security Services you’re providing any kind of Town Security Services in the area to be able to answer your phone 24/7 Security Services there. At the end, that was pretty ingenious. Talking about talk, security services give us a call, and we like to be able to come out with with a free consultation and 7 months, free monitoring and destroy what we can do for you.

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