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Good morning this is Keith was with a security here in Jenks Oklahoma, we’re going to be talking about Jenks Security Services this morning, Jenks Security Services, when you take care of your home security and the Jenks Security Services that are available to everybody here in the Tulsa Surrounding area, you know, I would think you do a little bit of research and Google just talked to Security Services, to determine what companies are available now to be able to provide services to you when it comes to Security Services. Where is gerrity’s been in business? For a little over 8 years been serving the Tulsa surrounding area for that long, and you know the employees up witness security of been in business for in the industry for a little over 20 years. Jenks Security Services So when it comes to knowing about to talk to Security Services that are available and witness security, is a company that has been around for a little while to understand was necessary when it comes to providing the services and Security Services to homeowners and or small business Owners, Witness curity, provide the service that is mainly just to homeowners and small business owners. We are, our main focus is to provide home security and for your, I can’t say, the middle class for Save Our focus. Our pricing everything is designed and set up for the the average person you know to be able to provide services to as many people as possible, because the vast majority of the populace in the Tulsa surrounding area is young people of hay on the working middle class. That we’ve attempted to try to make all of our services reasonable when it comes to talk. You know that I like, for example, this month and September, we’re running a special of seven months, free monitoring. You know you can very easily find out about that is by giving us a call and or Finance on the web and sending us a contact there on the web sites, no witness
Now it’s really easy to be able to do a little bit of research. Just by typing, in Security Services, Tulsa and you’ll find the witness curity shows up with the best of using and the most of the reviews of any company in town. You know there is a few things that we do, that we try to make our our service a little bit different than most. You know, you’re, not just a number when you come on with witness security, where did security? Usually we remember people’s names. We remember who you are remember the various different things that make you need unique is a person now and when it comes to Security Services, everybody and every business and every home has certain things that you’d like to be a Lac Du and we can security, would Like to be able to provide those services to you number one, we don’t do any kind of monitoring agreements, Jenks Security Services it’s a no contract right out the gate. Not only were you locally owned and look, we operated, we don’t do any credit checks, but we don’t do any contracts at all. It’S kind of important to us here: witness security to not create any kind of a burden to our clients and when you end up coming on with witness security and that’s a piece of mind, that’s necessary to be able to provide services to people. It’S really important to be able to provide those services without placing anybody under any kind of a heavy burden. Unlike the vast majority of the companies in the industry that has been their Focus four years is to get the contract. In order to be able to. I guess you could say, provide the services to people. You know it’s pretty important for witness security to be able to provide our services. You know it’s not impossible. You know somebody has something come up, but maybe your for whatever reason you get services with one company out of town and you’d like to have Services Under the same company, because they’re a big-name company and they can do all over the country or all over the State or whatever you know, what is curity provides our services to the Tulsa surrounding area. That’S the people. We provide services to your own, it’s more important, to make sure that our clients are protected and covered, rather than getting as many as we can possible and then not necessarily provide the best service possible to those people that are in the housing communities. No, it’s very important to make sure the people are taken care of and we fat people cancelled because they wanted to know as to provide services and McAllister. And we don’t go to McAlester. Jenks Security Services It takes out of a good part of a day in order to be able to drive all the way down there and take care of a brief service call and then come all the way back.
You know that takes up one technician, almost the entire day. To do so, and so therefore you’re making sure that there’s other clients that are not going to get taken care of because you’re driving that far and I think it I don’t think it’s being wise our time to be able to provide those kind of services young To people you know there is a huge amount of populists here in the Tulsa surrounding area that need our services just as much as anybody else, but if that’s the kind of service that you are looking for, witness curity is probably not the company that you like To be able to deal with, and again it’s just a matter of communication, you know we’re headed individual credits this past week that that’s what they wanted. They wanted us to be able to take care of some place down in McAlester, along with her house here in Tulsa and then without the communication. I just didn’t even communicate with us. Does that mean we don’t have people in the outlying communities? Yes, we do but we’re very careful about the people we do choose to take care of in those outlying communities for the sole purpose. You know our main focus and as long as you understand that our main focus is those people better within a 30 mile radius of Tulsa to ensure that you’re taken care of when you call what is security is located here in Tulsa, Oklahoma and the Tulsa, and The security services we provide, like I mentioned before, there’s no contract, no 24 7 tech support. In the event you ever had any kind of a question whatsoever you are monitoring is the best monitoring in the country with 6 different monitoring stations located throughout the United States, where we have a built-in algorithm. For example, we have a hurricane hitting in the South part of the United States near Baton, Rouge Florida and how this will take a fact is all of other stations in Texas and Arizona and Tennessee Maryland New Jersey. Jenks Security Services You know all these other stations will bring an additional people to compensate the potential of people that may not be coming into work due to the hurricane and allows us to be able to compensate the amount of people that maybe not coming into work. It’S really important to be able to have services available to everybody else, even though there may be catastrophic events taking place throughout the United States and parts of the United States, not to mention that we also the monitoring stations we have or all you listed monitoring stations. Five star Diamond monitoring stations each operator has to have 168 hours of training before they’re even sit in front of the computer. Now it’s important for the people in the monitoring centers that they can communicate in English.
I’m not being sarcastic here, but you have to be able to communicate to people quickly and efficiently, no in English, without any heavy accidents where people have a difficult time understanding what You’Re trying to say when is Garrity does her best to try to take care of these people and so that when you have a false alarm or or natural alarm that you’ll be able to communicate effectively with our operators and if you’re interested in Security Services. You know where the security is a company that would like to be able to provide services to you.

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