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One and this is Tyler with Witness Security and we’re in Jenks today and just talking about Jenks security Alarms mainly what that means is if you were to need a security system and or a security lock so. Jenks Security Alarms.
You get it or get home from work one day and you happen to notice that your front door is standing open.
The first thing they’re going to type into your browser is are actually first thing you to do is call Nine one one and try and get that figured out as to what what’s the next step.
Well after you get that all squared away with the police department you’ll then type into your browser security systems you’ll probably type in security alarm. You’ll prob you can possibly type in home security. All of those things will get you a company that should be somewhat reputable to come out and put in a security system with us. We
have no contract. 24 hours a day seven days a week someone will answer the phone and get you taken care of when it comes to service. So if there’s ever a problem in the middle of the night we can take care of you after the 24 hours and seven days a week. Also there is someone that’s actually at the monitoring center for if the system were to ever go off you get 23 to 30 seconds on average that you will be waiting from the time that the siren goes off to the time that you’re going to be picking up your phone. That’s how long it takes for our monitoring center. Jenks Security Alarms.
Now most monitoring centers if you are to be have your front door kicked in or whatever it’s going to be between 30 seconds to a minute on a good day. And and that’s that some companies most companies are going to be actually between a minute and five minutes for their response time.
Now being that it could be a minute and five minutes if you really think about that most thieves in and out in under five minutes.
So when they’re renting your TV off the wall or they’re going through your jewelry box they’re in and out under five minutes. They’re not wasting any time. Now the police department they would be called. So it’s another three to five minutes by the time that they’re hopping in the car and headed toward your house whatever it’s going to be about a total of 10 minutes for the whole situation to take place with witness security being the fact that it is now an average of 23 to 30 seconds. You can answer the call and say Yes that’s a problem. No that’s not a problem. If it’s yes that’s a problem then you say yes go ahead and dispatch and then the cops are on the way.
And then add Keith into the conversation here. And we’re off. And so we’re back to the know how I got there.
So when it comes to Janks security it’s an average of 23 to 30 seconds.
Yes. And one thing that’s kind of beneficial when it comes to home security systems and what you want to really consider is the main fact that if the alarm does go off you want the police to be able to be dispatched as fast as possible and as it set up with Witness Security you know the average response time and time is already mentioned 20 to 30 seconds but the response time for our monitoring stations for the past 12 months has been twelve point nine seconds. You’re just not going to get any faster here in the United States. With the number of monitoring stations we have on onboard with 60 for monitoring stations spread throughout the country all six stations receive the signals at the exact same time.
It’s really just a matter of which one picks up first and when it comes to home security and Jenks. I mean there’s a lot of higher end homes out there. Yes. I mean in that case you’re probably going to have a lot of higher end things. Jenks Security Alarms.
In those homes. I mean a common sense if you’re driving up to a house it’s 250 to 300 hundred and maybe plus they didn’t just build the house with the structure outside of it. There are other things inside as well. Exactly. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that. You know if they get it if things were to get into the homes then they have a higher probability of getting the things that are inside them are inside. It’s it’s common sense yeah. And so with what we do is home security and small business security we’re just trying to help you as the consumer make sure that those.
Items that are being consumed are secure and your families are secure. Jenks Security Alarms.
We can’t get one of our taglines is watching over what matters most to you.
And the reason for that even though that an individual tagline is really simple. You know every one of us had worked hard for the things that we have and you know when you work hard for something you buy something and or purchase something and you have the opportunity to be able to enjoy that and that whatever it is.
And you come home from work sit at the TV. You come home from work you been working all day long. Sit down have dinner and go on living room sit down and watch program you know that maybe he’s not there anymore.
Some people that are watching over what matters most to you would be their family. Exactly. Some people their family is Fido because they can’t have kids.
Whatever that is that most to you portion is. You want to make sure it’s still there whenever you get home. And you can only work so many hours in the day that to provide the things that matter most to you.
And if it’s still there when you come home and the peace of mind that comes with that is just you can’t put a price tag on it.
We do we do every day but most people can’t put a price tag on it.
I mean yeah it is a lot of cost to be put in it. I mean to lose that are the most important things to use your family your kids or whatever.
And when I say lose that doesn’t mean they were taking that means that the kiddos could be a little bit freaked out violated. Yeah. I mean every time especially women when they’ve been broken into They’re just the way they put it almost every time.
I just feel violated. I just don’t know what to think. Well just if if I were to be broken into and I have never been in my house been broken into as far as I know I had that one door fly open and the whole might. I did not sleep because what was that. Was it just the wind blowing it. Was it somebody trying the door and it just so happened came open. I don’t know. Jenks Security Alarms.
It’s those things that have you know a lot of people I guess that could be labeled is nasty to say just women. But I would say in many cases it’s more than just women it’s just about everybody.
When you’ve been with somebody who’s been in your that didn’t belong in your home you did not invite in your home. You’re right. Even if they didn’t do anything you’re surviving. Jenks Security Alarms.
So yeah I definitely agree. I’m not trying to be chauvinist but for most most of the the women that I’ve dealt with when I’m in a home installing a system they take it a little bit harder than the men do. It’s a little bit more personal. Yeah. Yeah. I agree. So when it when it comes to home security we want to make sure that they’re. That peace of mind is there. Right. The commercial that mom and daughter walking on the burglars he’s in the house and everything. She the little girl then has nightmares.
I believe I could see very many home after the fact when they actually said that. Now their children can’t sleep in the same room by themselves anymore.
It may freak them out. Exactly. So when it comes to you home security in Jax you can’t really put a price tag on that piece of mind.
Yes. And Kate and Tiger with witness security and Jenks Oklahoma. If you’re not aren’t familiar with Witness Security it’s very easy to research this through the web witness security Thompsett dot com. Actually no witness. Witness some security dotcom and and or Tulsa home security dot com because we are actually located in Tulsa Oklahoma. And are you really have to do just do a little bit of research.
Could we work a 30 mile radius outside of Tulsa and we’re cutting this but the last 45 seconds because you totally annihilated those you are as athletic.
There there. That mayor in Tulsa home security is not. Jenks Security Alarms.

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