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Hello this is Keith with security in Jenks Oklahoma. We are going to be discussing security alarms in Jenks Oklahoma and the benefits of a security system.
You know the pros and cons of a security system if you’re not exactly sure who witness security is Witness Security is a local security company here located here in Tulsa Oklahoma and we are based out of Oklahoma near 120 northeast Avenue and 21st. Jenks Security Alarms.
So if you’re not exactly sure where our office here been here for fairly close to at this location for a little over six years and we’ve been in Tulsa for a little over 8 you know the thing about Witness Security is we are locally owned and look we operated security company located here in Tulsa and we branch out in a surrounding communities is Janks Oklahoma in Bixby Oklahoma. Glen Poole Oklahoma. You know the surrounding community is of Tulsa relatively close to a 30 mile radius outside of Tulsa. And you know we’re going to be talking about more so today is Janks for the sole purpose there’s a lot of homes that are being built in Janks in and around that community and near Ellwood Avenue and Elm.
And the thing of it is that it is necessary and pertinent information is a simple fact that these tend to like to newer homes. And also as thieves are breaking into newer homes in newer subdivisions partially because the. You know the home are being built are not necessarily occupied at the time so therefore there is an opportunity for them to be able to get in without being seen. So with that being said you know there’s kind of important things that we need to pay attention to when it comes to a home security system. We need to if you’re a new homeowner in Jenks Oklahoma or if you’re better Jencks for most of your life there are some things that we can do if you have never considered a security system before. Jenks Security Alarms.
There are some things that would be helpful for you to do and maybe you’ve already done them. You know the basics what we call layered security you know if you’re take the trash out in the morning and as far as the trash being picked up at your house and you bring the trash can out to the curb and say the trash man comes by at around 10:00 or 11:00 o’clock you know there’s a possibility on that particular day you could swing back home and. Pull that trash can up to the. Up to the house so that it appears as if somebody came home and you know with that home and pulled the trash going up to the house where the vast majority of people up and down your street the trash cans are going to be out at the curb the same as everybody else’s. And yours would not be you know that’s an indication that you’re probably at home and they’re not. Jenks Security Alarms.
Now the thing it is helpful to do is you know lawn maintenance is something that you know some people say it’s just for beautification of the home itself.
But you know think about it if it’s a lawn mowed and kept him kept up it’s manicured and correctly incorrectly is kind of a broad term for the sole purpose. What is correct to me may not be necessary or correct to you but if it’s neat and tidy that indicates that you take care of business and therefore more likely you have things in place to be able to protect your home.
If you’re in a brand new home and you’ve just purchased a home you know it’s not a bad idea to take the builder grade locks off your doors and install new locks on your doors for the sole purpose to build a grid locks that are installed in most homes are not necessarily good quality locks they do keep the bad guys out and keep people honest bad.
They can’t be tampered with and they can be manipulated so that the doors can be unlocked without break the door down. And so you’d like to make sure that those sort of things are taking place. The door hinges themselves are not hinges but the. Door jams themselves. Not a bad idea to take a few. Longer screws and run them into the door jamb where the lock is located providing that a little bit more stability for that thing to not break as fast as the little part of the wood where the deadbolt is located. It’s just a thin piece of wood. Not a bad idea to take a little bit of sheet metal and you can buy those. Jenks Security Alarms.
No wonder they call it braces so that you know the door is not going to just get kicked open real fast. It’s not.
These aren’t necessarily super expensive devices in order to be able to get to your home that much more. You know but they are something you could implement on a little on a regular basis to make sure that you’re taking care of your home as best as possible as frequently as possible. Same as when you’re trying to save up in your bank account. It’s not going to happen all at once. But if you whittle away at it little by little it’ll make a great big difference in the long run and makes your home that much more secure your home that much more of a better piece of mind to be able to come home to and make sure that the things you work hard for are still there. When you when you left you know one thing that is really frustrating to me with these is they break into homes and end up. Jenks Security Alarms.
Damaging and or taking the things that you know you’ve kind of wanted for a long long time.
You ended up buying something and then you get some thief that decides he wants it more than you do. And breaking into your home and getting it and that’s frustrating to me. I hear this story on a regular basis from people that I go out in homes and appointments and it’s really disheartening to be able to talk to somebody and you know discovered that they’d been working hard and it’s something that they really wanted for a long time and they finally saved that they got it. And then all of a sudden after a short period time it’s gone because somebody. Decided they wanted it more.
You did.
And so there’s some things that I think are important besides just a home security system home security systems are very important. I think it’s another added layer of security that is plays a huge a much larger role in the situation for this over purpose a home security system where if it is armed give you notification on your phone if it’s disarmed it can give you notification on your phone that you’ve come and gone like.
You or you you’re already determined the system like it should if the alarm goes off you get a notification on your phone. If the door is left open for any length of time if your kids come home from school and they forgot to shut the front door because they’re running to the refrigerator to get something to eat then it’ll notify you on your phone while you’re at work.
Did you know the front door not only was the system disarm but you know the front door was left open for X number of time. You
know these things are can be a really really important if you’re having your children come home on their own from school and you’ll be home shortly thereafter. You know that period of time that the children are home by themselves. Jenks Security Alarms.
You want to make sure that these things are taken care of so that the kids are safe for when you get home security systems are something that I think are of that most importance with the idea in mind when a thief is out at the street. He’s driving up and down the street he’s looking from one direction to the next and the homes and the first thing he’s looking for is if there is a sign in the yard the sign is going to indicate whether or not you had have or have they had had a home security system and depending on how new that sign may look will also indicate whether or not it on out the street whether or not it’s monitored or not. Jenks Security Alarms.
So you know the home security systems that Witness Security provides we provide a little bit extra quality into the sign to make that sign look as new as possible all the time.
You know I’ve been in our homes system been in place for pretty close to five and six years. You know the sign is still looking good because of the way and the quality of the site have made is that much better than some of these large companies that are just trying to put something in the ground so that they can say that they put in a sign in the ground but they haven’t taken any extra effort to make sure that that sign and money to make sure that sign is going to stay good. So these little tiny details or my opinion are really important.
And as far as when you can think of home security systems and security alarms in Oklahoma if there are details that need to be addressed and you know the lack of a better term stake into the ground to determine you have a home security system have them go on their way to another home.
We’re talking about home security alarms and Jenks Oklahoma. If you’re not sure who witness security is Doolittle been searching on the web. Just type in Jenks home security or even talk to home security and you’ll find that witness security has the most and the best reviews of any company in town. Thank you for listening.

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