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Do So you just really want to Cantu’s systems in Jenks. How did your yoga pretty good.
The main thing that I think we got to talk about this morning is just security learns in Jenkins General and just the idea in mind and how to be able to establish the idea.
I don’t know if that theory would be an idea.
I don’t know.
I don’t know where we’re going to meet it.
But I was really just going to talk and then we throw in home security systems and general.
Actually, I found the one that we kind of did that with that came up on the web it was on their page and I clicked on it and read it and man it didn’t make it like it’s there.
You That. Oh sure it. Jenks Security Alarm Systems.
I thought these things weren’t going to be able to be found. And it came right up on top of the third base. I clicked on it God made with this could be like well it makes it to the reader.
So it doesn’t it doesn’t matter then.
Yeah I read it and it didn’t make any sense.
And the kids went off on me too. Even if it is going to be dry I need to make sure that it doesn’t make sense.
Yeah I was I was just clicking through and it came up three times on the third page.
Bing bing bing.
That’s cool. Know what it is.
Click on it and it was a podcast. You know it’s really what it looks like.
Oh golly. I mean it was atrocious. This isn’t going to work.
Yeah. When it comes to home security Keith and I are all about one just trying. The reason we do these things is so that we can rank higher on Google. And so a lot of times. We were told that it doesn’t really have to make any sense you just throw in the words home security systems and you’ll go to the top. And that’s what we’re talking about right now. But anyways when it comes to home security. Jenks Security Alarm Systems.
Keith and I are all about trying to make sure that our customers know that when they call in with whether it be because they need to change your password or they need to change their four digit code on their security system or whatever it may be whatever the question is we’re here to answer your questions 24 hours a day seven days a week. Now do we hang out in the office 24 hours a day seven days a week. Is there someone in the office all the time.
No but they are we are here between 8:00 o’clock in the morning till 5 o’clock in the afternoon too and we have staff located in the office to be able to obviously take care of all of the other clerical things that need to be done when it comes to security and Jay.
But yeah Keith and I answer our phones 24 hours a day seven days a week. We get calls during at. I don’t. I’m not sure what time the phone rang last night or if it did but.
My phone didn’t ring at all this past weekend probably because Keith answered most is I got approximately eight calls this past weekend and four of which I had to address.
Would it be making other phone calls to other people or finding out from the monitoring station about various signals that took place you know from actually answering questions about a sales call. Sure. Some of which were service some of which were sales some of which were got change password security system. A lot of people when they start a business they want to be.
The go to a company that people would use for whatever it is that in that industry that they do.
Yeah. Jenks Security Alarm Systems.
We want to be the same but we don’t want to be the just the go to.
We want to be the best of the best in local businesses that take care of home security and small business.
There are other companies here in town that their small business is local.
But when it comes to customers they may have 500 customers and they’re happy they’re happy to say that 500.
And in the Tulsa’s surrounding areas that are approximate, I would say close to 25 local security companies in town which kind of surprises me.
You hardly ever hear most of them.
I had it. I got it appointment the other day. Dave had another company here in town for forever.
And had never heard of him you know never heard of them.
And they’ve been in business for 30 years and never heard of him. When it comes to when. When you pass that on what not to happen when you when you passed. And the suppliers and. Everybody they’re going to know that Keith passed because we’ve built a name and he’s been intertwined into Witness Security so much that when he passes is everybody’s going to know versus.
The other companies.
And if we were to rattle them off I don’t really want to give them any credit in our podcast but if we were to rattle them off you probably wouldn’t know.
And that’s the problem too that I ran across this past week. I have never heard of either one of them ever. And I’ve been taught that Tulsa area for fairly close to 14 years. Are No Longer that I came in 2000. Jenks Security Alarm Systems.
So I’ve been in the area for quite some time and never heard of either of them just kind of shocked me. And you know a great many of the alarm companies here in town. Once you reach about 400 accounts you know that’s when the job gets to be. Starting to get overwhelming you have more customers you have to take care of you have to then start bringing on a staff. You have to start being able to respond you know quickly enough to be able to address. Various situations.
I mean things start getting difficult to 400 accounts and that’s where most of your companies don’t cross over. Right.
with home security when it comes to the reason we do these podcasts who want to be the best of the best and you can’t be the best of the best and just live on your laurels of your past systems that you’ve done.
I could and read about 400 accounts you’re now starting to create it fairly OK income for one person operating out of their house.
That’s a pretty good income operating out of your house for one for one person and for a thousand that’s a good thing.
I mean nothing wrong about that. But if you want to grow you have to go beyond that. Jenks Security Alarm Systems.
Exactly. And when we’re talking about home security and or small business security systems. You just you have to.
You have to be the best of the best to take care of business. You can’t just live on your laurels from the past.
I don’t think so. I mean if you’re going to do something you do it you do it at your best of your ability and you do it.
I mean the people that are actually being taken care of by those type companies they probably when it comes to being taken care of they may seem to think you know I don’t really know what’s going on. I don’t they probably have really old systems. Jenks Security Alarm Systems.
And when it comes to and they don’t ever come out and do you do anything. I’ve been paying for it for years.
And that’s what Keith and I are all about when it comes to witness security.
In Jenks Oklahoma and or Jenks Security Systems. Thank you.

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