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Morning this is Tyler with witness security. Today we’re talking about Jenks Oklahoma and the just home security in general when it comes to what you may need or may want when it comes to security.
Basically the idea behind security is the fact that once you’ve been broken into you feel violated. Once you’ve been broken into you a lot of times may not know where to go from. Your first dealings with somebody breaking into your home and that’s where witness security steps in and we’ll try and help you get that piece of mind. Jenks Oklahoma Home Security. Normally you don’t get a security system until you’ve been broken into or you may not. There are some people that will get a security system before they have something happen and that would be more of a preventative system where there’s other people that they’ll wait till something actually happens and then it’s reactive. Now I know myself and I know Keith we’re not the reactive type for the sole purpose that if something like that were to happen we don’t have a whole lot of valuable things. But at the same time our families are probably our most valuable thing when it comes to what you could call things. And I just know myself I wouldn’t have or wouldn’t want to have to react to something in the sense of oh no what just happened. How do I fix this. I’d rather be more of the preventative.
Now inside get video or. Oh hopefully someone caught that and move forward that way. But when it comes to home security this that’s what we do we get up in the morning. We were just trying to take care of people all day long to make sure that they are happy and at the same time that they are safe. Jenks Oklahoma Home Security. ¬†They have that peace of mind. A lot of times when someone’s been broken into the peace of mind is gone. They are getting this system installed whether it be cameras or security there. As we’re getting close to the end they say men having this piece of mind is just going to be that much better. And that’s I’d say what Keith and I live for is the fact that other people have that peace of mind when they can go to bed and not be worried that something may happen throughout the night. Again this is Tyler with Witness Security talking about Jenks Oklahoma home security.
I don’t know how many people have our camera systems out there but when it comes to recording video drive like this the information is more numerous.
But when it comes to recording video the camera systems that we have you can get three days all the way up to.
Well now they have a six terabyte hard drive that you can put in place. And you can get. I heard Sean say something about it. You can get to six terabyte hard drives. It’s 12 terabyte.
Yeah you like doing it all year. Yeah.
You could easily get eight years worth of recording. That’s that’s with the eight channel system you get a year 16 channel camera system and you’d probably get close to six months.
And course you are. What do you call it motion. Yeah. Motion detection and experiment. But when it comes to recording it’s all it comes down to what the customer wants when it comes to being preventative preventative. I don’t want this to happen again or it is due to. I never want this to happen. Period. Exactly. So I mean there are some people that they’ll wait to. And Keith is joining us as well right now. Hi how are you. Just They are several levels of preventative that you can take. You can take the preventative. Well this may happen again. Hopefully it doesn’t. And be reactive whenever it does. Or you can be like some people that they they go all out and they just they do everything that they possibly can to make sure that nothing ever happens to them ever again. I’d say I’m probably middle of the road. What would you say little.
Man. It’s the thing in my opinion there’s a lot of things you can do. You can go all out and you can make sure that it never happens again. But you know if you went from one perspective or one spectrum to the next. And this happens because once you get broken into. I’ve encountered with a lot of people once they get broken into They’ll go from one spectrum to the next. From gay iron gates and making sure they spend thousands and thousands dollars on lighten up their whole entire yard making sure that you know full blown camera systems alarm system to the hilt. It’s amazing what people will do when something happens like this.
Yeah you have 19 glass breaks in the house to cover every single window and are going to have sensors on each window. Yeah I was at a house the other day at bars over the windows.
When do the scourge that you couldn’t you couldn’t get into this house. But yet he wanted to contact the windows which. I don’t know why you’d want to contact windows when you can’t open. Morning. Glass breaks are all on every single window. And it was just total redundancy. Jenks Oklahoma Home Security The thing that is when somebody gets broken into and Jenks Oklahoma. It’s amazing. They go from one spectrum to I don’t want to spend anything too I don’t care what the price is just get it done. And that’s we’re a witness security comes in place. We’ll try to use some gravity and help you understand that you went from one spectrum to the next. Now hold on a minute. You know I. Yes do I want to make a living. Of course I do. But do I want to take advantage of the fact that you you’ve had a situation and now you’re not thinking rationally.
And that’s the way a lot of other security citizens think and they are only thinking about oh wow this guy wants 19 windows. You bet man.
I’ll just go ahead and write that up. And how many glass breaks. That was 10. Yes. OK.
I see it on a regular basis. And and so much of the time what I’ve found is once you actually get done and do the installation and it’s been maybe a day or two since that it’s happened now they’re starting to realize how irrational they were. And then once we put the alarm in there about thankful that you can be at first they’re kind of irritated at the fact that we weren’t just willing to just give it all to him sell it all and then he realized after that fact when you arrive and do the installation it’s like man it’s such a great piece of mind and it is. I agree. Every night I go to bed. There’s not hardly a night goes by that we don’t turn the alarm on. Had the individual last night asked me do you arm the system every time he ground a Wal-Mart tractor because unfortunately the vast majority of break ins take place when you’re just running to the store. That’s when the vast majority break ins take place. They see you pull out of your garage or as you’re driving down the road they see you pull out of the garage and as soon as you drive down the street and go around the corner boom there inside.
You know all it takes them a couple of minutes to do the whole thing that they need to do inside that house and that’s what a lot of people who have not really realized is see when they’re in somebody’s house they’ve got a certain amount of time. They know they have especially if they know that you got a security system.
But I really. Not like when you’re at home in your home. You walk through your home. These people are running through your home because they know I’ve got this amount of time.
And usually it’s under five minutes.¬†Jenks Oklahoma Home Security.
Quickly moving through the house. I mean we’ve seen video of break ins that take place they’re not casually saunter into the house. They got a mission and they have something that they want. They’re usually trying to fulfill a shopping list. We’ll take that up in the next segment. But if you’re looking for a home security system in Janks Oklahoma did a little research. You know look for a local security company that’s going to provide security monitoring without a contract. And what security would love to be able to give you that free consultation Jenks Oklahoma Home security.

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