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Go this is Keith and Tyler was Witness Security in Oklahoma. We are going to be talking about it today with the young uns forgot where we’re at today and the simple fact of that matter is we are sitting in Tulsa. Our office is located in Tulsa Oklahoma.
However we are recording projects right now. Jenks Oklahoma Home Security.
And that’s what it is. Now it won’t be very long and we’ll be recording for Bixby and you know.
So it’s just a matter of time and we’ll be recording for springs and maybe even broken air. So I don’t know. What about Scott toucans buried in one of these days where more than Catoosa coal we have all of those cities in Oklahoma that surround Tulsa and relatively close to a 30 mile radius.
Witness Security is going to provide the security that is going to provide a piece of mind one home at a time. And security has taken the extra steps to make sure that the people so so that we can watch over what matters most to you.
Yes. Watching over what matters most to you which also means it could mean a variety of things some people in my opinion the what’s most important to me is my family you know making sure that my family is safe and secure. Talking to him last night. He’s going to start doing a lot of traveling. He never had the security system in his life and at first he was wanting to make sure that the windows were all scared. I had Glasberg detectors and sure I could I told him I would not have a problem selling all my stuff to you. But you said earlier that you had never had a security system before in your life. Jenks Oklahoma Home Security.
And I asked him how old was he when he was 28. They made it you I think. And 28 29 years old. And for the most part Larry started out in Texas with the company that had a larger distribution company in the area.
Or was in the area. Jenks Oklahoma Home Security.
I think it might be the same company that Brian Hamilton worked for before they closed the doors and everything and this company bought them out. And now they moved their offices to a Wasow area. And you know they’ve spread throughout the entire country.
And just so happens that this is not toot my own horn or anything but you know when I started with the industry. I’ve given my all to do everything I should do. And within a few short years I know one of the junior vice exec you know executives and when you get that promotion they do it once a year. They provide somebody with that promotion. And when you get that promotion.
They send you to a troubled area that needs to be picked up. So you know he got that position got a promotion got moved here to. The Wasow area and. Jencks area. And.
He’s here to be able to try to pick that company up. But because of that he just moved his wife here last week wife and kid and he travels a lot. So therefore he realized that in order to provide peace of mind that they need that he needs a home security system.
Right. Jenks Oklahoma Home Security.
And it’s important to be able to use his mind heat or in his mind. So what he’s doing is being preventative rather than reactive.
Yeah. And that’s the thing about the majority of people. I mean he was kind of bothered about the fact that ADT came and that’s you know because he didn’t buy right away.
The guy got it right in his face and told him Now you keep in mind he’s going to be sorry about this decision that you made. I mean very forceful about it.
You know people buy a security system either on I first move in the home or after they’ve been broken into them and violated. Which one are you on. And he’s like I don’t want you. And.
The same guy because he brought somebody with him when he came here to take another position. And he bought a house and the same ADT guy came and did the exact same thing with him and he was so irritated with you know he was just pushing you know a scare tactic onto him and he finds out you I don’t just get out of here I don’t want to deal with you period. Get out and go.
One of the guys in the class that I went to he’s formally military and he was. Every time he said what he said period just done period instead of say Just period it was this is how the camera works. This is what it does. Period dot you did that probably 30 times the US to say that. And it was period. Does this Andersens period dot so much emphasis and so on. But this the same way.
What do they call it when you see there is no other term for it. The thing is when you’re looking into a home security system and you want to provide the peace of mind for your family and just makes. Then get a hold of Witness Security and we can come out provide a free consultation that’s not going to be any pressure whatsoever. Why is it no pressure. We are locally owned it locally operated. We do not provide any monitoring agreement. There is no monitoring agreement you’re going to sign when it comes to month to month right out the gate.
Well there’s a month during that agreement which is not the month yeah but it’s not a dream agreement that you’re going to be locked into for a long period of time. Some companies do five years or a three year contract. Everybody’s pretty much switched to a five year contract. Jenks Oklahoma Home Security.
And the thing that is why that is why is that significant. You know it’s really simple. In order for us to be able to survive you know we have to have the account for more than six eight months before we break even on the account. So yes you’re going to pay some money upfront for that security system but that doesn’t mean we’re talking to a bunch of money. That means we still have to pay for the installation. We still have to pay for the equipment. Gas is not free and neither is insurance for the vehicles as well as a company. And you know again your guess is it is not free. The workman’s comp that we pay is not free and the company insurance is not free. And in my office staff is not free.
I’m pretty sure a third of my change a bunch of people they think me. Jenks Oklahoma Home Security.
Oh yes I know and it’s frustrating but yet at the same time you know when we bring an account on we have to make sure that we’re going to keep that customer and we keep that customer by providing the best quality of service you could possibly have. And so when somebody comes on they may think they’re paying a whole lot of money upfront but I don’t think they take the same amount when they walk in to Wal-Mart and they buy a $2000 TV. You know when you walk in. To you think of a security system here in. Tulsa Oklahoma and the surrounding area you’ll find that witness security has the best reviews and the most reviews of any company in town bar none. There’s not another company another security company in the Tulsa area that has as many reviews as we do and has the opportunity for you to be able to find out you know whether or not we actually do what we say we do. It’s important for every one of our customers that we know their name and we know what we can do to help them. You know providing home security for from security and Jenks Oklahoma is a way of life for us. This is what we do. You know providing that peace of mind one family one business at a time makes it to where you know we’re doing what we can to for our community to make sure that our communities are as safe as they possibly can at least the people that we take care. Can know that they’re safe as humanly possible can be done. Jenks Oklahoma Home Security.
So give us a call that witness security you can do a little bit of research. Just type in Janks Oklahoma or home security or home security and Janks and any of the other surrounding communities. Just Tulsa Oklahoma Tulsa home security all of these various key words you can type in on Google you you’ll find that witness security has the most reviews the best reviews of any company in town and have this come out will give you a free consultation and you’ll be able to make a informed decision before you purchase your first home security system. Thank you very much Allison.

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