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Second Circuit so funny how the guys figure you can get a girl that.
Makes you uncomfortable when you’re talking to her. Jenks Oklahoma Home Security.
This morning we were doing F-F are doing the cameras.
Yes. For Jenks Oklahoma security.
When we were doing that this was Amelie’s wife walks in and I didn’t know this till we went to this thing but we’re we’re we’re standing there and Cody or are you.
Hey how’s it going.
And he said good. He could not get good out. Of.
It and he does she looked right.
He looks at me he’s like I don’t know what happened there.
The thing is I mean you know that young lady that is just bubbly and beautiful at the same time and she is it just makes it that it makes any woman when they’re bubbly it makes any woman attractive. Who it is. Yeah that matter what they look like if they’re a bubbly character. Yeah.
That was best by getting these dropped from the TV. And there wasn’t anything that that girl would have been bothered by it seemed. I explained the headset thing tear and she just. OK looks. Yeah. You just go in the store pick that thing. OK. That was easy. I handed her the TV and she takes it out of the box checks it over. She sticks it all back in a box. Here’s her seat. She punches it and she know I didn’t have a receipt. I just looked at your name and she looked up your name and then a couple minutes later. Oh this was purchased the other day. Yeah. We didn’t need it for the job that we thought we were going to need. Jenks Oklahoma Home Security.
And so she just took it all back without any questions and it was all going lickety split just boom boom boom and just bubbly the whole time as she had more of a pizza face.
And at the same time I said Go on. Just get ready.
That’s what I’m telling you.
When somebody is going to matter whether it’s man or man or woman you know if you’re working with.
I mean I’m not going to be you know another woman looking at me.
You get their personality is they’re just happy happy and that’s all it matters. You know it makes all the difference to people.
Jenks Oklahoma it’s pretty important to make sure that you know you have things set in order to be able to take care of your home.
Being happy is one of them.
Especially when you’re doing security for Jenks Oklahoma.
So security systems and gangs and all that kind of get off the beaten path there. But.
If you take in consideration the things that you would need for a home security system a basic package of a home security system that you know what most companies would term as a basic package is two doors the most to keep. That’s what most companies are going to term is it as a whole can they turn that whenever. Most
homes have at least three doors years ago.
I mean years ago about the time I was starting to close to 40 50 years ago the vast majority of homes time you’re 40 50 years doing what was out was just starting to grow up and say Not when you’re getting in the industry now. A lot of your standard homes only have a front in the back door. Some of them didn’t even have it in their garage or they didn’t have garage door.
You know here in Oklahoma especially that’s more of this shutdown type homes.
Exactly. If you drive and look at some of the older homes that were built in the 1930s and 1940s even the 50s so many of the basic homes that were out there you know because it’s not a really cold state here. Oklahoma is not very cold all the time. A lot of them didn’t even have. Garages. You know a good many of them.
Only if they had anything with the carport just to cover the car from hail there you know rain in general.
I bet there was no garage. Jenks Oklahoma Home Security.
It wasn’t till probably the last 30 you know global warming happened.
Yeah I was probably at last 30 years when it became somewhat of a status symbol to be able to have a garage. Then that’s when garages were starting to be built as a standard.
Part of the house. And. You know even watching TV last night I noticed you know the commercials for school it’s all about me.
You know my style you know my look my this Everything’s all about your status. You know that you know to talk about the teeth whitening strips you know. You know what you where you want to get rid of that picture. All my teeth were white My teeth were white. You know you need to do this I mean I couldn’t I don’t know how many commercials I saw about teeth whitening you know. Yes that may be important I suppose but breaks your teeth in will be fine.
And pretty much it’s not a matter of your status and what you’re all about your appearance. It’s crazy. And the thing that is you know Janks Oklahoma you just put in a standard nonsecurity sign in your yard and you will more than likely deter most of the thieves and burglars are going to be coming to your house because you know they’re looking around and they see the sign in the yard that you probably are going to be one. Jenks Oklahoma Home Security.
If you had 10 homes in your house on your street there might be three on the house on the street that might have side three.
It’s less than 50 percent. Jenks Oklahoma Home Security
And so essentially across the nation from what. There’s a statistic it’s like 14 percent of actual homes have a security system. So that’s a huge market for thieves.
That’s a bigger market than it is for us for in general for us. You know you would think that the same market that they do we are the same or as you’re right. And but at the same time you have to spend the money. You know we have to go to the people to make them spend the money. Oh you do it. They’re going to their homes to take the money and eventually make them spend the money.
It’s crazy. Jenks Oklahoma Home Security.
Yet at the same time you know I think as a local locally owned locally operated security company and Jenks Oklahoma actually witnessed curity is located in Tulsa Oklahoma. But we take care of the surrounding communities of Tulsa and Jencks happens to be one of them. And James being one of the fastest growing communities in you know the Oklahoma region in Tulsa. You know it’s important to be able to take the time and effort to do your due diligence to find a home security system and Janks or a home security company in Janks that’s going to be able to take care you. Know we use the monitoring stations that we use. Have six different stations located throughout the country or six days and.
See the signals at the exact same time. So it’s just a matter which one picks up first. The average response time for the past 12 months has been twelve points nine seconds and that is impressive. You know it’s the same monitoring stations that Homeland Security uses. And though the monitoring stations them. Are the cheapest in the country they are the best in the country by. I’ve had so many awards awarding them because of their due diligence that they’ve done to make sure that their response times are the best. And not only are they the fastest response times but our operators speak English. You can understand them. I know that maybe sound important. May sound like I’m being a bigot of some sort but seeing how we live in the United States of America and we happen to be an English speaking country. Jenks Oklahoma Home Security.It’s kind of important to make sure that we can be under that. The people you’re talking to most of the people can understand what you’re saying. Clearly, that’s important. And so, therefore, this is Keith and Tyler with witness security and Jenks Oklahoma. And. If you’re looking for a home security system give us a call. Or look it up on the web. Witness home security. Thank you very much. Have a good day.

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