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Hello, this is Keith with witness security. We are going to be talking about Tulsa’s, no contract home security systems, Jenks no contract home security systems. What does security is located here in Tulsa Oklahoma, and we have always provided and no contract for home security, and then neatness about that is the simple fact that you’re never bound with any kind of an agreement. No, nothing you have to necessarily sign is going to stick you for an extended period of timewitness. Security is, as always, Endeavor to make sure that our customers have the Peace of Mind. Knowing their home is secured, protected and witness curity is the company that protects. What matters most to you and it’s not just your home security, but also we don’t do any kind of a credit check. So you’re not going to have to worry about whether or not your credits going to be affected, because there is no credit check and 24 7 tech support to make sure that, if anything were to happen with your system whatsoever, Jenks No Contract Home Security you can always give somebody a phone Call and we can always help you get it taken care of, even though it could be just your don’t know what your password is, or your code to shut your alarm off or no, for whatever reason you set your alarm off, and now you can’t seem to Rearm, your system, you know, there’s a variety of little things that could take place that aren’t necessarily anything really bad, but since home security is not what you necessarily do, and that is what we do, we can help you assess what’s wrong with your system usuals in A matter of moments and your back doing what you wanted to do, because you made a phone call right away. No, do I expect you to pick up the phone every time that you ever have any kind of an issue when you don’t want to think it out figure it out for yourself no use you just read. What’S on the keypad and punch you in your forwarded code and off, if you have a Honeywell system, Tulsa No Contract Home Security if it’s a 2gig system, then you just reads on the keypad and punch whatever tells you, but if you don’t feel comfortable doing that, you can pick up the Phone would be glad to help you walk you through it. It’S not that big a deal yo I was at church yesterday got to call in this morning got to call in the evening. You know it didn’t take, but a couple moments to be able to address out, and everybody was on their way doing the things that they want to do. That is what witness security would like to be able to provide to you. That’S part of our service to make sure the people are taking care of that piece of mind. That goes Way Beyond just the equipment, the Peace of Mind, of knowing that somebody is going to help you if need be yeah we just curity, tries to do whatever we can to help you. It could be that you just need to get a new toxicity permit. He didn’t know exactly how to go about doing that. Give us a phone call will be there to take care of you. It could be either your son or daughter went out the back door to let the dog out and the alarm went off and you didn’t get a chance to reset. It didn’t know exactly how to reset it. So you give us, give us a call and were there to take care of you know these Minor Details are, though they may be simple and though they may be, just a simple phone call. That’S part of what our service includes. So that do you know – and we know that you’re going to be taken care of the basics of security systems are fairly simple. No, you don’t necessarily have to go into a huge Mana detail with it. You know if you just simply make sure that, when it comes to securing your home, make sure that you have a good locks on your house. If you move into a house and you’re not exactly sure whether or not those locks are tender, the keys are attained by anybody else. And maybe it’s a brand new house and it’s builder-grade home builder grade locks and when I mean by builder-grade locks everything on a lot of these track. Homes are built. Those are good homes. Your own they’re, using equipment that is lack of a better term, is cheap. So therefore go out and purchase a few pay, a few extra dollars for a Kwikset lock that cannot be picked and make sure you have that on your front door, at least rather than the other locks. Now the thing about Kwikset lock, you able to rekey your locks yourself, so that you’re using the same key for all of them, know these things, though they may not necessarily be super expensive with the Securities able to provide those locks to you as well. We carry our Kwikset locks as well, and also lighting around your home make sure it’s at the lighting around your home is bright. Enough, has motion lights even and make sure to come on. Jenks No Contract Home Security There’S a lot of people out there that don’t have any lighting at all around their house. You know that makes you a target for somebody considering coming into your home that night, because thieves don’t like light. So if you’re, if you take care of the lighting around your house, then without saying you are probably taking care of anybody walking Brown Street considering breaking into homes, you are probably taking care of the details of making sure that they don’t yeah the security sign. That’S in the yard, when you think of Jenks no contract security like to be able to make sure that you have an actual security sign in your yard that secures the fact that you know you’re there I mean the security system is taking going to take care Of you, these things are really important. You know that sign in your yard is 75 % of your returns to make sure that as people are out at the street and they’re, not necessarily sure whether or not they’re going to break into a home or not. One of the major deterrents for thieves is that security sign. It’S in your yard, your that is 75 % of your returns, because if anybody, if nobody’s actually been in your home before – and they don’t know what kind of what you have in your home, that sign makes them stop and think do I need to work for This or not, now the thieves are out there part of the reason why they are thieves, his cuz. They don’t want to work, it’s just. They don’t want to work consistently so that the grind is going to work like you go to work, that’s not something they do so it’s totally against the grain of their life in order to have to work for what they’re going to do so if they see That sign it’s in your yard, they’re going to say who that means I’m going to have to hurry, which that means. I can’t do that because I don’t want to work. I can’t stay and get everything them and everything I wanted want to. I’M going to have to get one of me. Jenks No Contract Home Security I have to get and go this one across the street, this house across the street. It doesn’t have security system. I think I’ll go over there. Instead, no that’s the mentality of your standard Thief. So do what you have to do in order to make sure that you have a Tulsa, no contract home security system. Witness security is the company that you can contact to make sure that you can have a no contract home security system installed and your monthly rate is as reasonable as you can possibly imagine. We have the very best monitoring in the country with 6 different monitoring stations located throughout the United States. All six stations receive the signals at the same time, so it’s just a matter of which one Pixar first, Jenks No Contract Home Security the average response time has been 12.9 seconds over the last 12 months. You aren’t going to get any faster than that. What it security make sure that we have things in place to make sure that you have the very best Tulsa home security system you can possibly have, and you can have that with no contract. Just give us a call and we like to be able to help you out and or you can, Google searches Jenks no contract home security system. Thank you.

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