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Good morning this is Tyler and Keith was witness security, and today we’re talking about Tulsa, Metro, Home Security by that line. What were so you’re talking about any home in the Jenks metro area in the Tulsa surrounding area is looking for a home security system, and so when it comes to the Tulsa metro area, no witness Security provide services to your own. Every Community. Now, in the Jenks metro area, I don’t know how many times we’ve had people call in and yeah current so back to our recording. It started time. It happened to it and that’s kind of one of the things that we take care when it comes to home security in the Tulsa metro area a lot of times. People will call us and do you come to Owasso while yeah. It’S only 5 minutes up the road. Do you come to Broken Arrow? The reason why they’re asking that is many of the local security companies. If they do not go to the various communities, they just stay in a local area and so which is kind of true for us as well. However, we do take care of the Jenks metro area and for your home security. Jenks Metro Home Security So I care what a 45 mile radius is about the typical range it will go and less there’s a customer that already is in the area. Did we take care of, and then they have a home outside of the Jenks metro area, then we’ll go to that as well. So when it comes to home security and the Jenks metro area, we don’t narrow it down to just Tulsa or just Broken Arrow. We we actually take care of all of the Tulsa metro area by to Turley. Most people don’t even know Turley you’re. So yes, it’s like a small little town inside of Tulsa. I found that out not too long ago and set their alarm off, but when it comes to the Jenks metro area, we take care of all of these customers all these people, these areas and really don’t bat, an eye. It’S just it’s on to take care of you and your family are tagline. Is witness security watching over what matters most to you? Well, what is that mean to you Keith when you’re talking about what matters most to you? There could be another middle value of things that are in your side, your home. You know as far as items that you may have gotten from grandparents, or even parents Years Gone by and or could be, I think, is most important to us as you’re my family. Jenks Metro Home Security My children and grandkids would have you, and we have people over our house at now that most of my all of my kids are growing up and out of the home. We have our grandkids at the house quite frequently, and you like to be able to make sure that they’re taken care of and protected so that if they ever step out the back door or out the front door cuz, the kids are now getting to the age. Where they can open doors by themselves and kind of trips on down the road, the way that you know kids like to venture out and do things that kids like to do you want to make sure that you know what’s going on around your home, I get A lot of people in the Jenks metro area that they have a pool in the backyard and they want to make sure that they know when you know the kids go out the back door. Young heaven forbid something like that would happen. But it happens because kids are curious, Anna’s kids go out the back door, they might see a toy floating in the water and trying to lean over and try to reach for the toy that may be floating in the water could be the item that people have In their pool that disinfects the pool vacuum thing or the floaty thing yeah, so it often times they look like a little toy to a kid. So as they leaned over trying to reach for that toy, then they could fall fall in inadvertently and because the baby doesn’t necessarily know how to swim. Those things happen with some Marjorie she’s. What, if you met her if you want to just under two she’s, not too far from being to the point where she can get out and she’s, always she’s, very smart. I’Ve noticed where she just so climb up on things and to try to reach the door. Knobs and stuff: oh yeah, it’s not going to be long and she will be trying to get out doors Terraria. It’S really important to be able to provide the peace of mind that every family member needs to have and watching over will matters most to you is being able to take care of those details. Just the fact of the matter like I was saying about Marjorie. She is not too far from being able to get out and, like you were saying about the pool, I don’t have a pool in my backyard, but I got a street in front of my house, and most people do especially in front of your house, and I Don’T know what it is about: little kids and streets, but it’s fascinating to them, but I’m outside and what? For whatever reason? Kids, when they’re playing with her toys and things quite frequently the balls roll out in the street, because they roll down the driveway and so they’re just chasing the ball.Jenks Metro Home Security ¬†And then the next thing. You know Splat. And if I was until a few days ago that I actually noticed it, because Marjorie was not to the walking stage of hey, I’m just going to title out here into the street. But when she walked out the garage that got herself out of the laundry room and into the garage by herself that all the sudden was hate, this could be a problem. So the Alarm Systems we have, it tells you, you know, front door, garage door back door. It talks to you so they for you know what door just opened up. If you happen to be folding laundry in the bedroom and all the sudden, the keypad says you know garage door, your own, you know the garage door just opened and if your husband or wife is not at home and you’re taking care of the kids and it Stands to reason what just happened and or its say, Jenks Metro Home Security you’re in the in the back of the house: cleaning. Not it’s not got anything to do with kids, but say that front door opens and all the sudden you weren’t expecting anybody to come home or be there and all the sudden that door opens the front door opens or the back door opens and you’re in a Different part of the house, all the sudden, you here front door where second myself. At that point, you can then no to be looking for somebody in your house or tempted to protect yourself and then also say your husband does come home and he is. The person came through that specific door. You can know that he just came home because a lot of times people when they get home, they say I’m home or something. But if that isn’t followed up or the front door thing isn’t followed up by hey, I’m home, then hey there might be a problem, so you can know to do something anything, but is it with a lot of the break ends that take place to in the Jenks metro area: here’s a lot of people to get broken into that. Don’T ever report it for whatever reason it is when it’s a mental thing that takes place in people’s minds, they feel as if they should have been able to prevent it, Jenks Metro Home Security and by doing so, Jenks Metro Home Security it’s just like some other some of the other crimes that take place And they just feel ashamed of the fact of whether or not they should report it, because it should have been prevent from preventable by themselves and which I don’t know why that thought takes place in people’s minds, but it does, and in 2016 or 2015 the average Break-In took place around 2.6 seconds of 2.6 minutes every 24 hours, so there and the majority they break into take place between 10 and 3 in the afternoon, so that percentage goes up substantially between 10 and 3. If they’re doing that 2.6 minutes / 24 hour., Then you also now getting much Bolder and so yeah. I have to protect yourself. I don’t know what the great was for 2016. I don’t know if the statistics of come out yet they should have. I would think we’re already in the well past the middle of two in the year of 2017, but for whatever reason last time I checked, they still haven’t come out yet. But this is Kate and Tyler was witness security talking about Tulsa, metro, metro, home security systems. Jenks Metro Home Security Now please give us a call for a free consultation, we’d like to be able to come out and visit with you about Tulsa, Metro, Home Security.

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