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Well is it right.
Yep sure is. I don’t know if you have kids there yet. I think so. That can start.
All right. Tyler in case with Witness Security in Tulsa Oklahoma.
And actually in Jencks Oklahoma rather if you’re not necessarily sure where Janks Oklahoma is where James is just south west of Tulsa and off of Highway 75 and you’re going south. If you’re just moving into the area and you’re not exactly sure where Jenks Oklahoma is. We’re building a lot of homes in the area here. Jenks Home Security.
You know we we specifically we are not that there we just do home secured a lot of building going on. Yes in Janks Oklahoma don’t want you looking us up for billing because we don’t do that.
Is that a lot of them right off of Highway 75. Jenks Home Security.
Elwood L. really nice homes are in those areas. There were subdivisions don’t in fact gangsta’s been leveled is one of the fastest growing cities in Oklahoma has been for the past four years. Well. Got to be closer. So if you’re just moved into the area you know maybe a just got a new job in the medical field or.
Just hard to get a lot of manufacturing plants going in and mortgage places going in right there and how is that fire up the hills that gave the hill top.
Hills Is Tulsa. But I mean it’s pretty close. Yes it’s very close to Janks. Yeah. Jenks Home Security.
I mean as you’re driving down there in the path of Wal-Mart is Wal-Mart considered and thank you for that and considered an offer on Howard.
In fact I don’t know if I’ve ever seen Wall-Mart on Highway 75 and you know there’s a Lowe’s on Highway 75 in Tulsa hills. It’s just south of Los. I’ve seen the Sam’s Club and the Gander Mountain that’s going out of business. If you want to buy a gun that’s the place to go and whatever.
But if you’re not necessarily sure what to look for when you’re talking about home security and security alarms and you just need to do a little bit of research just Google you know James Holmes security Jencks security alarms you’ll find that witness security has the most reason the best venue company in town. And with that in mind you’re able to do a little bit of research on the web on the site itself where most of the companies out there just have a landing page of one page with a contact form because they really don’t want you to know any more information where necessary because they want you to make a phone call.
And schedule an appointment which is good. So are we. But I like that people a little bit more informed by the time they call us that they’re.
You know they have an idea in mind what they like to do. For example you know one thing that most people most importantly like Bill know is you know how much is your getting rates you know how much is it going to cost.
You know what Security is monitoring rates. We no longer do landline telephones anymore. But our monitoring rate now is 24 ninety nine.
And at that point we don’t do monitoring agreements. It’s month to month right out the gate.
I mean the reason we do the 8:36 is landlines have become obsolete or point where it more and more difficult for the installers to be able to get to downtown and make it work correctly.
It doesn’t necessarily test as frequent as to say your airline does because it’s not consistent with a test. It
doesn’t let us know when you change out your phone service from one service to the next. And yet at the same time these people when they change the phone service they forget that they’ve got something else that’s attached to that phone service and then they do set their system off just it’s human nature and then they get frustrated because they didn’t get a phone call and they hadn’t had an alarm system and or phone for everyone. Yeah. I was out at one last week that was about three or four weeks before she finally set it off. And.
She had switched over from Cox to AT&T four months ago or four months ago four weeks ago and they didn’t know that it didn’t know that it wasn’t working.
And there’s no way for us to know whether they send in a test report on a regular basis for a fairly regular basis when with a landline it’s once a month. So if you set your alarm off for. You know four weeks after the last test report and we’re not going to get the notification I guess we’re not going to get to test you for the first month. That the flag hasn’t come up on our screen.
Notify us for two months you know to test reports that we missed as to when we actually get the notification that it’s missing the test report and some people might say well why do you wait two times. Because power goes out and when power goes out on the voice over IP systems you know you could have multiple times in a row that you main power goes out and it doesn’t test. You’re kind of like the little boy crying wolf. You just don’t you can’t set it up to her individually in every house differ I’ll have the same test boards do.
When we’re talking about landline. What the fuck are of our other types of communications then. Then that’s different. Because the cellular communications actually make contact on a regular basis.
And if they don’t communicate they’re going to notify you on the control panel that it’s not communicating and it’ll start beeping to remind you hey there’s a problem going on here and you get the notification that it’s going to do that. Jenks Home Security.
Exactly when it comes to just plain home security we have the ability. So the twenty four ninety nine months that covers just basic monitoring if the system goes off you’re going to get a call at the lowest rate that you have. Jenks Home Security.
I mean it’s it’s basic. I mean that’s the term basic home security. You know three doors to my contractor to keep and everything you necessarily need in order to be able to have the security system on if you want to add features to your system and be able to operate your system via your smartphone and be able to get notifications when things happen with your security system. Armand is our immune system from your Smartphone be able to control your lights lock thermostats things like that. Then all that’s available for you to be able to have right from your smartphone and home security has gotten to the point where it’s not just home security anymore.
Yeah. I mean it’s actually probably I’d say it’s probably under the term of home security slash home automation.
Well the company that made the term that the most venture to say is where companies are you see on the TV or on a regular basis. COX home security in your own digital life. AT&T you know the thing of it is these companies here. Yes that’s. They’ve coined. But they’re their main thing is the home automation portion of it. You know they’re they’re not a security company. They are not what they have done. They actually had no interest really in the security portion of it. They like the home automation portion of it. Therefore they can set up an agreement and make it to her.
More affordable for them. Every company for the most part doesn’t matter what kind of company it is. You follow the money you’ll find the reasons why they do things to you.
Yeah I an.
I don’t know if you can say that about Witness Security itself.
Same thing applies. I mean we want to be able to develop a base.
And yeah and our method of developing a base is all the money but the main thing that we’re worried about is are the customers being taken care of in our case how we’ve structured it is to be able to provide a good quality service and the best service you can possibly have and when doing so it’ll be affordable and we keep people for a longer period of time. Yes you could follow the money. But what you’re what we’re trying to do is a little bit different in the simple fact that you just provide a good quality service and people will like it and talk to their friends about it and read for us.
So yes you could follow the money right. Jenks Home Security.
I mean so also from that very statement. The idea behind that is take care of people that take care of you. Exactly. Givers Gain. We we heard somebody say yesterday a little bit different. Probably the most selfish thing you can do is make sure you take care of people. Yeah. And when you take care of people they’ll take care of you. So your wallet will be made fat if you’re taking care of people because you’re just that’s the right thing to do. Jenks Home Security.
As Tyler and Keith with Witness Security in Jenks Oklahoma and luck said in the last episode watching over what matters most to you. Thank you.

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