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Good morning this is Keith with witness security. We are going to be talking about Jenks home security advice, not to be able to provide some home security advice to you so that, in the event that say, you’re not necessarily sure whether or not you need a home security system. How you need to protect your home and just run-of-the-mill basic home security advice? Whitney security is located here in Tulsa, Oklahoma, at the corner of 129th, East Avenue and 21st Street, and now we provide home security advice to all of the surrounding communities of Tulsa Oklahoma, so that our people in the Tulsa surrounding area can have the peace of mind And know that their home is provided with the best home security advice known and available on the market. Today the technology has gotten to the point, and our society has gotten to the point where you know we have to have home security and small business security and every time we move into a home, it’s pretty important to make sure that your home security is taken Care of so that you know that when you leave your home, your valuables, your family is protected because you have the very best home security available on the market. Today, when I talk about home security advice, we’re talking about making sure that you take care of the initial Basics first, you know if you do not have good locks on your house, so you just bought a home and the home that you purchased. Maybe it was a builder-grade home and you’re just bought two brand new home to EJ’s Bar, and it’s when I say a builder-grade home, it’s the kind of home that has built such as I could track home were all the homes in the entire area are kind Of sort of the same, it’s a new subdivision, same Builder, building all these homes and throwing up really fast well when they do that the locks and items that they have in there when they install the various pieces of equipment in your home. They’Re built. Most of the time they’re using what’s called builder-grade lot of people think when they say builder-grade that that means it’s a better grade of equipment. Instead of it’s just the opposite. It’S the lowest grade of equipment that you could possibly have in your home. That would still function at and just be able to work. It doesn’t mean it’s going to work for any length of time. Jenks Home Security That just means it’s going to work when you do it. When are you going to buy plug-ins for your house, cuz you’re, going to change out some plugins in your house and you buy a builder-grade plugins you’re going to buy the lowest grade you can possibly get and at the lowest possible price. That’S what builder-grade is so the locks that are installed in those homes are the lowest possible grade of built of locks. You could get so it’s important to be able to go out, get a few, a few extra dollars and buy a different lock for that. Kwikset locks are locked at are very easy to install now you just take one lock out of the door and you put the other lock back in the door the same way the other one came out. Your may take you a few minutes. If that’s not something you do on a regular basis, Jenks Home Security then it’s much better to be able to have a lock like that. That really can’t be picked not unless you’re a super, great professional picking locks, your normal person will not be able to do it and Kwikset locks are supposed to be designed where they were are supposed to be pick proof, I’m not a what-do-you-call-it, a I’m, not a. I don’t pick lock, so I couldn’t pick the lock, but I suppose somebody that had extensive training could potentially be able to do it if they tried long enough, don’t know. I just know that you know better than 90 % of the people out there in the world today or not going to be able to do it. So you spend a few extra dollars to buy a Kwikset lock and you’ll be good to go hell. That’S security device number one. You know making sure you have lights around your house that lit up light up or motion lights. So when activity takes place around your house that the motion light comes on, had an individual call me the other day about 1:30. In the morning is dog needed to use the restroom or go outside, or so he thought and he stepped into the kitchen, the lights in the house or powered because it’s close to 1:32 in the morning boat and his wife are up and about and they’re standing There in the kitchen and about to let the dogs out and as soon as they’re standing there in the kitchen, all of the sudden, the lights in the backyard come on now, which Anna Kate’s there’s Motion in the backyard and the dogs kind of going ballistic. Thanking the dad to use the restroom and they’re staying in the middle of the yard is a man standing in the middle of the yard 1:30 in the morning. What do you think that’s going to happen in your heart and your mind? Talk about fear that immediately and steals inside of you again. I didn’t turn the lights on. You know he grabbed his gun and no sooner the lights came on all the sudden. The lights went out because he unscrewed the light bulbs or hit the light bulbs and broke them so now. There’S no light whatsoever in the backyard and the homeowner was had now gone and gotten his gun, which wasn’t too far away and was standing there at the door. Cuz it’s a glass door. He could see him coming to the door and, as he came to the door he yelled at him, Jenks Home Security you come in that door, I’m going to shoot you, you know you will not walk away and he stood there and considered it for a moment. And then he turned around and walked away things like that happen. So therefore, what kind of situation do you want to be in when you’re talking about home security advice without the lights coming on in the backyard when they were about to? Let the dog out could have very easily been a confrontation that you know you may not have been able to get be able to get around. So it’s important to be out able to have security lights that are motion activated, so the lights will come on when they see motion activation. You want to talk when you thinking about Jenks home security advice. You know you’re thinking you need to have some things in mind, such as making sure packages are picked up on the doorstep as soon as possible. I got you an appointment last night, pretty close to 6 at night. I got there at about 5:45. Originally, the home owner, wasn’t there beer at the appointed time, and so I left for about 10 minutes. And when I, when I was there, there was a package sitting on the front doorstep and when I came back now the homeowner just arrived back at home and the package is still sitting on the front doorstep. You know these things are kind of important and it was a big package. So now it’s kind of important in talk to the lady about the home security and how we can provide services to her and her home and keep her family safe and, as I was walking out the door. I noticed that the package was still there or turned around today. You got a package on your front doorstep and she, oh I’m sorry. I forgot that was there. When I came in today and I forgot to come, get it, you know, those kind of things happened. Jenks Home Security So frequently, if she would have left that package there good chance, that package would not have been on her doorstep come morning. No witness security has items and things in place to where we can provide the ability for to be able to see. What’S on your doorstep, packages that are left it’s important to be able to do and have something you can play for talking about locks and pick up packages know what’s happening on your doorstep lights and such no witness curity provides Jenks home security advice to you so That you have the ability to provide the very best peace of mind. You could possibly imagine what it security provides. What matters most to you here, talking about packages being stolen hours, was stolen off of my in-laws porch. Yesterday afternoon there again, like I said before now, packages get stolen off the door, steps on a regular basis and most people don’t ever ever report it and, for example, and Tyler didn’t report it. I just found out about it. Just now. No, give us a call for a free consultation, 7 free months of monitoring and witness security can provide the best home security advice and service to you at a very affordable price.

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