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Good morning this is Keith with the.
Witness Security and Jenks Oklahoma. We’re going to be talking about Janks home security alarms if you’re wanting a home security system in Janks. And we were going to be talking about the types of different security systems that you could get and the things that would be important is you’re looking for a home security system and James Jenks security are Janks.
Oklahoma is located just south of Tulsa south east southwest of Tulsa. And you know if you were to go down. Jenks Home Security Alarms.
Highway 75 out of Tulsa you’ll run into Jencks Oklahoma and and or actually kind of Glenn Pool area you know it’s combined in a variety of different ways. Janks Bixby and Gimple kind of run together and think of it is it’s kind of important about this area. It’s one of the fastest growing areas in Tulsa Oklahoma. As of right now there’s a lot of building going on.
When it comes to home security and even small businesses. Jenks Home Security Alarms.
So therefore if you’re looking for a home security system and Jenks Oklahoma we would like to be one of the candidates that you’d like to be who you’d consider. You know when it comes to the home security systems and even our small businesses we’re able to provide a home security system that.
You can operate with your smartphone. Jenks Home Security Alarms.
That is a touch screen system that can talk to you allows you some home automation features such as thermostats lights and locks and garage door openers things that make your life convenient. Yet at the same time can also provide a. It’s just not it’s more convenient it can be just better and how you’re able to function your way of life. You know when it winks or Witness Security and Jenks Oklahoma has the ability to be able to do these things for you at a very affordable price when it comes to monitored home security what makes it different who makes Witness Security different is the simple fact that we’re you know locally owned and locally operated. So therefore you’re going to get the opportunity to be able to anytime we pick up the phone to call Witness Security and Janks you’re going to find that we answer the phone 24/7 you know seldom do you find most of your larger companies that will provide that ability to be able to do not just take care of.
Your security when it comes to setting you up and getting you to come on as a customer but we like to take care of people after they become customers. You know we don’t do monitoring agreements you know by not doing monitoring agreements that gives you the ability you know say something happens that you need to stop monitoring. It’s very simple you give us a phone call. Give us an e-mail. And 30 days later you’re done. And so if something were to change with your home you’re looking to buy your home or maybe you getting relocated with your job then you’re able to stop the monitoring ad and then 30 days later you’re down. It takes close to 45 days to close on a house anyway. Jenks Home Security Alarms.
So it makes it really simple if you get an agreement on your house or maybe you’re a renter. And that’s one thing that makes this really different is the fact that we will provide security services to renters as well. Home security systems and are small businesses when you begin to open up a business and you have no idea how long if that business is going to survive or not. And so it takes some effort to be able to get that business going. But you know you never know what’s going to happen tomorrow. And it may not work out the way you’re able to actually make that system or make that business work. Maybe maybe you’re going to have to expand or maybe have to tick off a little bit more than you could chew and yet do downsize the size of the business or could be that your landlord is just being unable to work with and you need to cancel that agreement it makes it really simple you just get a phone call were able to cancel the agreement. Now the thing that makes us different when it comes to home security is we have six different monitoring stations located throughout the country. It’s probably in my opinion the best monitoring stations in the country if not the world. We are out of these six different monitoring stations. Jenks Home Security Alarms.
What makes them very unique is the fact that they’re all networked together you know by what that means is when your alarm goes off and the alarm signals start going in from the alarm system you have it goes to all six monitoring stations at the same time and that makes it to where we have fairly close to 150 different operators sitting in front of computers to be able to respond to your alarms at any given hour. You know with that capability gives us and has been standard for the last 12 months of an average response time of twelve point nine seconds on priority alarms you will not get any faster than that any faster than that and people aren’t able to answer their phones and you know to be able to actually let people know that. Or let the monitoring station know that it’s a false alarm. You know with that in mind as a consumer you know you know beyond a shadow of a doubt in Oklahoma you’re going to get to police on your doorstep as fast as possible. You know what better thing do we do you need to have when the alarm goes off. Is it the alarm system is actually going to work. Talk to an individual yes. The other day I got broken into about a month ago and he’s to the point now where he’s distraught over the fact of whether he can leave his home or not and do alarm systems really work. Well I can attest on a regular basis to when the alarms go off. There are witness security. You’re going to get the Police dispatched as fast as possible. And yes they really do work. You know it’s kind of a misnomer or an idea that people have in mind that you know the police don’t necessarily respond as fast as maybe they should.
Well got to keep in mind that when the police are dispatched to an alarm quite frequently they could be tied up in to another dispatch that they’re trying to get done with so that they can continue on to their next call. You know people complain about the police not responding fast enough. They do respond very fast when they don’t have a call on in progress at the time. So keep in mind that the police are only have so many bodies that can actually respond at any given hour. So it’s no different than anybody else’s job. You know when they’re in Iraq progress of finishing or completing one call they have to complete that one before they can go onto the next one. It’s not rocket science. You know you we there are only so many bodies that are going to be able to do and respond to various calls. So be patient enough to understand that they can only respond so fast with so many bodies and so many cars that they have to be able to respond and you don’t want somebody responding in just the random car for the sole purpose. You want a police car to show up. So have some patience and I understand that. Pleased to have the capacity to do after work around and witness security were able to not just take care of you because we don’t have a contract where locally owned We are the best monitoring in the country. And but we also have to have phones 24/7. You know Witness Security pride yourself to be able to provide the best possible service you could possibly have and humanly possible. So in the event you ever have any kind of an issue whatsoever pick up the phone give us a phone call. Jenks Home Security Alarms.
We’re able to answer the call and be able to address whatever situation it might be whether it be changing your code could be that you’ve had a false alarm on her door and can’t figure out how to reset your alarm. It’s really simple you know. But say for instance you’re not able to figure that out or you have a babysitter that’s there to take care of your kids and you want to make sure that that’s turned on and it started off by accident. Give us a phone call we’re able to set it you know reset it get it re-armed for you. And no it it’s working. And like it’s working like it’s supposed to you know a hundred percent of the time where good security is located in Tulsa Oklahoma. That’s our based office located in 129 East Avenue on 21st Street. We provide services to the surrounding communities of Tulsa Oklahoma and Jenks Oklahoma is one of those communities we provide services to sex’s gangs. BIXBY Glanvill and all of the surrounding communities of Tulsa Oklahoma. You know if you have any questions whatsoever find it on Google. It’s really easy to find. Just type in whatever city you’re located in and Janks home security. We’re using pop up first with the most reviews and the best reads of any company in town. Thank you very much for listening. Jenks Home Security Alarms.

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