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This is Keith with Wigan security, we’re talking about Tulsa home alarms this morning and what I told us a home, alarm, good wood and should consist of when you think of Home alarms here. It’S witness Security in our basic package for us consists of three doors and most injector in the keypad, but over and above that, when you think of actually home alarms and how it applies to you as a homeowner. Now there are some things that need to take place behind the scenes that the security company takes care of can. Jenks Home Alarm We talk about Tulsa, home alarms, you know those things that are happening behind the scenes are the monitoring station and how it actually processes that signal. You know the monitoring station that witness security takes care of her has is six different, independent monitoring stations that are located throughout the country. All six independent monitoring stations are located in Lewisville Texas. We have one in Nashville, Tennessee, Baton, Rouge Florida, Maryland New Jersey, andScottsdale Arizona. Those six different monitoring stations are all linked together. So therefore, when the alarm system goes off in your house, the signal has been processed to all sex monitoring stations. At the same time, and when that happens, you’re one of those stations is going to pick up of the different 150 different operators. We have to be able to respond to your call now. The significance about this is that, when your alarm system, the Jenks alarm system, goes off in your house, then they’re going to call you all on the same phone number. So the phone number that is calling you on is going to be the same phone number throughout the United States. So that way, you don’t have to program a whole bunch of different phone numbers into your phone, even though they’re coming from six different monitoring stations makes it a lot more convenient for their consumer. You to be able to program that phone number into your phone, so you’re always know who’s, calling you also being that it’s a 1-800 lot of people when they see if they go. Jenks Home Alarm I ain’t answering that baby and they end up not getting the call. I never got a call from the Monitoring Center vote. Yes, you did because it was the 1-800 number you just didn’t want to answer. If you have are programmed to where it says, witness monitoring or Jenks to that effect, it’s going to come across as soon as you soon as there’s a problem comes across. If there’s there was a problem, so you just automatically know. Oh, hey, that’s witness wondering what happened at my house or oh yeah. That was false alarm. I need to let them know so they don’t send the cops either way. You know for sure that monitoring station has you covered and that way you’re taking care of one hundred percent of the time, whether it be false alarm or a real alarm, by the way that just Tyler I jumped in to the recording here and so we’re talking About Jenks home alarm and how you can know for sure that your home is covered with our monitoring station, all them get the call the exact same time. Not only do they all get the call what that means is we have six month during stations, Jenks Home Alarm all of them get the call at the exact same time, it’s unlike any other redundant monitoring, there’s several other monitoring stations, whether it be the big name, companies that have Their own and they call it redundant monitoring to wear when the system goes off. It triggers and then goes to the first Monitoring Center and the second wondering Center until it finally gets picked up we’re with our Monitoring Center. The way it works is all of them. Get to call at the exact same time, there’s no rolling from one to the next. It’S that monetary. Where lot of your monitoring stations out there like now the big-name companies, they say that they have redundant monitoring will dirt. What they’re saying is they have multiple monitoring stations that when the designated monitoring station that is supposed to respond to that area doesn’t respond, then it will roll over to do that next monitoring station, also when it comes to the commercial of one of the big-name companies And how they put the ones and zeros all over the whole house, basically saying all the whole house is covered, not the way it works. No, that is it’s a myth. Well, I shall I rather they’re saying the whole house, the out all 100 % of the house is covered. You can’t do it that way, it’s pretty difficult to do that, and it is what’s a Jenks Home Alarm home alarm system share with witness security. Your own weave take an extra step to be able to provide the services necessary to provide the peace of mind to homeowners and or small business owners to rats, knowing that their home and taking care of and confidently so so that, with the speed of the processing Of our signal of our monitoring stations, you know the average response time for the past 12 months has been 12.9 seconds, you’re not going to get any faster than that. Jenks Home Alarm So therefore Proxes to Signal faster to the police department and then it’s up to them and how things are being processed to them and what signals are what alarms are processing at that time will depend on how fast I can get to you. One thing that kind of baffles me: I get a lot of people say well, does a home alarm system really even work? Will the police even really respond? No, I think that is true. They will, but what also was really important and far more important than most people even realize is: do you answer your phone when the monitoring station calls? Are you going to answer your phone and if you do you’re going to be able to process that alarm weather a lot faster because to determine whether or not it’s a false alarm, or not simply by people that just do not answer their phone? It’S across the board: it’s the who it is most people after 6 7 at night. If it’s not a phone number, they recognized. They just will not answer the phone. Oh, then, the alarm goes off in the police get dispatched, because you refuse to answer your phone and then they’re processing an alarm that doesn’t necessarily exist because it was a false alarm on your behalf, write a lot of people getting nervous when we install security system Because now I got to make sure he’s at if, if I do set it off, Jenks Home Alarm I don’t want the cops to have to come. If I, if it’s, if it’s an accident, well, does answer the phone exactly answer the phone, I don’t know how many times I have called different people and they never answer the phone, whether it be even my wife, she just I didn’t, have my phone on me. I mean I have not had my phone on me and not answered my phone, but now that we have the Bluetooth technology pretty much answer my phone. All the time can grab this. Think of it is when it comes to security, again hear it here. It is Labor Day and most people are on vacation or most people are at home. We are here recording this so that we can rank higher in Google, but Keith just got a calling is going to answer the customer’s question and she’ll be about her day. So when it comes to your home security, if you’re wanting somebody to be able to answer the phone 24 hours a day 7 days a week, make sure that you and your home is secure. There’S really no other option, then witness security. Thank you for listening.

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