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Hello, this is Keith with what is security and Jenks Oklahoma. We’re talking about high definition cameras this morning. Jenks High Definition Cameras.
And what Janissary necessary look for if you’re going to be purchasing a high definition camera you know high definition cameras are for the most part identified or defined as Tenna ATP cameras you know 10 ATP cameras if you’re not necessary for married with 10:33 that’s the clarity of the picture. You know it wasn’t too long ago and we still call them TV lines if they’re analog cameras. TV lines were the higher number of TV lines. The more clarity you had for the camera. Now it’s turned to high definition which is 10 ATP and that’s, for the most part, the pixels that are you know on the lines of your screen. That’s how it defines it as the clarity. No Tate ATP is a good quality Kammerer but you can get 10 ATP an analog video. You can’t get. At this time anyway. That might be in the future be able to get much better and can be an analog video but at this time that’s not a capability you know but it is being done with IP cameras and IP cameras are you know what it stands when you say IP cameras and Jenks Oklahoma its Internet protocol now with cameras. You can get. Jenks High Definition Cameras.
Now we carry a 12-megapixel camera that is 360 degrees around.
You know we’ve installed them in small businesses you know in our office complex 40 feet wide where you hit your ceiling is about 12 foot tall. You can mount this camera and it’ll cover easily a 35-foot range. Jenks High Definition Cameras.
You know in both directions. So the advantage there is in Africa office complex where you’re trying to walk over and just keep your employees honest and you’re able to monitor everything that’s going on especially if you’re in a big office complex you’re trying to not just keep track of your employees but if you to make sure John was.
You know still on the floor you can look up and you could see whether or not he was there at his desk or cubicle and you’d be able to you know see what he’s doing if he’s busy working on a project and you can zoom right in and find out what it is it’s on the screen.
The advantage of high definition cameras was that this quality gives you know huge advantages to be able to keep track of what’s going on around your property.
And the advantage is this where exponential in what you what you’re able to accomplish against Oklahoma. You’re able to do quite a few things.
When it comes to high definition cameras. I can see why the errors are taken. Jenks High Definition Cameras.
And the thing that is with the high definition cameras you’re able to do things that most people would never even imagine. Like for example in a small business that you’re catching the employees working you’re able to see the transaction of cash going across the counter you know money to hide it. NATHAN a 12 megapixel 360 degrees around right above the cash register and look right down into the cash register drawer and be able to even see what the serial numbers are on the cash on the cash you’re pulling out. You know the idea of being able to do this goes way beyond what most people would ever even consider or imagine just a few years ago. And with 360 degrees you’re able to see the face of the employee as he hands the cash to your customer. You’re able to hear because it has a built in mike and a built in speaker right there on the camera. So you’re able to hear the entire conversation you know because what happens quite frequently is you’ll have employees that have you know people that come in that they know and they’re fulfilling their transaction but they’re fulfilling that transaction doing things that they shouldn’t do. So you’re able to see not only the cash as it goes from one place you know from the door to the hand of the customer. Here the conversation that’s going on put it all into place.
You have the entire transaction always right there at your fingertips with just a couple quick high definition cameras today when it comes to business owners you know go way beyond what we would have ever imagined. Jenks High Definition Cameras.
Just a few years ago no business we just did just recently. You’re able to see the front door. They come and go you know zoom in right into the face to be able identify almost as good as you would have in the movies. As you know they would be able to zoom in on the face and identify how many freckles have on their face you know high definition cameras today you know have more capabilities than are at the business owners fingertips at an extremely affordable price. This camera that I’m describing today is 12 megapixel. It’s four cameras in one. And you know the cost of that camera far outweighs what it would be if you were to put in four separate cameras because you got to labor to do four separate cameras where in this case. It’s not really you’re just having the labor to put in one camera and you get four cameras you know so there’s a big advantage in Jenks Oklahoma to be able to install a high definition camera that’s 12 megapixel to do more than you could ever imagine. You know Witness Security is taking the extra effort to be able to also do this. This camera is also designed to work and go outside. It’s IP 66 which means it’s rating for the weather for dust and water and humidity and things like that are not able to get inside. It’s supposed to be I.P 66 is supposed to be able to withstand a small hurricane. So it’s able to get whacked and even spray down. Jenks High Definition Cameras.
To some degree, I imagine if you were to dig a high-pressure washer and you probably wouldn’t do any good to the seals of the cavern so therefore it probably not works too well. But you know and how many times you get to be a high-pressure washer and a camera and electronic equipment you just don’t do that. Our cameras that we installed are usually up underneath the eaves so therefore they’re not going to get wet anyway. So it’s important to be able to know what a high definition camera can do and witness security as you come out with a free consultation. We can show you exactly what we can do how we can get it done and very efficiently be able to get it there to where it looks like it was installed when the building was built.
Our witness security has gone through extra efforts to be able to conceal wires so that the wires themselves are installed professionally rather than you know obviously done by the business owner which can have a reflection upon that business you know Witness Security and Jenks Oklahoma when it comes to high definition cameras are able to do some things that most companies would not even consider and with if you’re interested in getting a high definition camera or just google Witness Security tosser or you can do google Janks home security.
Regardless of what you type in if you type in anything to do with cameras and home security. Witness Security usually comes to the top with the most reviews and the best reads of any company in town. You know to do your due diligence and find out what kind of camera and what company you could go with and what the security will be there to answer the phone 24/7. You know if I just call Witness Security the free consultation will come out and visit with you and help you make a well-informed decision when it comes to your high definition high definition cameras and Oklahoma. Thank you for your listening. Jenks High Definition Cameras.

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