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Good morning Keith with Witness Security and Jenks Oklahoma we’re going to be talking about high definition cameras this morning high definition cameras are something that a lot of people are wanting to know a lot about. About. Jenks High Definition Cameras.
How the high level vision cameras work would hide it from the different cameras can do for you. And as far as high definition cameras themselves whether or not they’re worth the money to purchase and Jenks Oklahoma it’s something that is has been an obvious question of a lot of people for quite some time. And what we’re going to be talking about this morning is why you would necessarily need a high definition camera if you are in the process of just getting into a property whether you’re. A.
Homeowner or a renter or a business owner. You know there’s a variety of reasons why you would need a high definition camera you know to be you know if you’re a renter and you’re just moving into a property whether you’re you’re a business owner or a tenant of a house then there’s some things that you might want to take in. Jenks High Definition Cameras.
You know just some thoughts you know the being able to be able to see around your property whether it be for your cars or for your employees to monitor whether their comings and goings whether packages are being dropped off at the time that they say they are being dropped off are being picked up by somebody else. You know how definition cameras will be able to give you the ability to be able to identify who it is that did whatever they did you know like for example when.
A package is being dropped off by FedEx you you have the tracking sheet.
You can get when you when the package is being sent all the way up until it gets to your door. Many of a time stamp of when that happens. So what we’re able to do at that point is you know you’re able to pull up your cameras and be able to see whether or not activity is taking place during that time frame because you can see when the package is dropped and you can see that in fact when you go out and get to package if anything happens in there then you’re going to know who it was that picked up the package. You know it’s very helpful. You know I couldn’t tell you how many times I had people call up and ask you know do we in can’t have any high definition cameras so I can identify what’s going on around our property and witness security and Jenks Oklahoma has the ability to be able to do it not just high definition cameras but we do much better than I did finish them in high definition in most cases is turning out to be. That’s what most of your company is most of your people are going to be referring to high definition high definition for Witness Security is much better than high definition. And even after in the dark you know the resolution comes down quite a bit but it’s still it’s in high definition. So you know that you’re going to be able to see what you wanted to be able to see. Jenks High Definition Cameras.
Witness Security has taken the effort to learn and be able to provide that ability to do high definition cameras even you know away from the property say in another building as long as there’s power we’re able to transmit the signal from one building to the next without having to dig a ditch or cut to concrete or you know anything of that matter that could be very time consuming and very expensive process. You know Witness Security is able to do that. Without having to cut the concrete or dig a ditch or a lake or wire to ground. You know those things that have always been a hindrance in the past. Witness Security is now taken to the next level where we can do that without having to do those things you know. And what happens when you do that because of the type of signal that we use. It also brings Internet into the next building you know. So if you didn’t have internet in that building say in a shop warehouse we were out in a shop from Broken Arrow they didn’t have internet out in the shop for the technicians to be able to research the web for parts. We were able to once we sent that signal over across the parking lot and into the shop you know all of a sudden they had internet in the shop. And it was the same speed as the Internet in the house. So the ability to witness security has Jenks Oklahoma to do high high definition cameras has increased exponentially for the sole purpose you know Witness Security does not. Compromise on quality. Jenks High Definition Cameras.
We provide the best quality of service at the most affordable price. You know Witness Security is taking extreme measures to do the study to. Diagnose equipment and be able to determine which equipment is the best equipment with the least amount of issues that may may arise. We’re talking about electronic equipment here. You buy equipment quite frequently and it’s electronic. There’s no telling how long that equipment is going to last. So Witness Security is taking the Baxter care and the answer effort to make sure that when we put in a product we know that that product is going to last. We stand behind our product by a two year warranty. So therefore anything that may happen here in Janks Oklahoma as far as high definition cameras are concerned you have a 2 year warranty on your equipment. We also provide 24/7 tech support. So any time you ever needed any assistance or somebody is always going to be available to help you provide that assistance necessary in order to take care of the cameras you know Witness Security has gone. Also what we. Can provide is you know a hundred percent protection on the trip charge to be able to come out and take care of it. So with that protection of $7 ekster promotes You know actually goes to the alarm system. Jenks High Definition Cameras.
It’s for the trip charge but with the 2 year warranty that means you probably not going to have to pay anything and to take care of you can’t or is if you needed any assistance you know in James Oklahoma when you can learn about high definition cameras Witness Security will be able to take care of you if regardless of what your situation may be you’ll be surprised what happens you know on your street. So if you’re in a residential neighborhood once you get cameras high definition cameras you’ll find out what really happens on your street when you’re going. Right in front of your house. You know these types of details are important to know for. You don’t know what’s going on around your neighborhood. And once you get high definition cameras you will realize that you know the activities that take place when you need to be aware of things that are going on and when school’s out and what time the kids are coming in from school and soon as they walk in the door you’ll know exactly what time they come in you know with the conjunction of the security system getting a text as soon as the kids walk in the door. You know these all all of these things work together. You know Witness Security is is the best technology to be able to use everything conjunction to be able to you know help you monitor your home and or your business at the best possible level you could possibly imagine. You know if you’re a business owner and you’re not necessarily sure whether or not a high definition camera would work for you in Jenks Oklahoma you know you’d be able to track your employees whether or not you’re doing what you’re paying them to do. Whether things are come up misplaced or when heaven forbid stolen you know because quite frequently employees. Seventy five percent of your employees are going to steal from you in one fashion or another and you’ll be able to track whether or not. Jenks High Definition Cameras.
Because if they’re not actually doing their work like they’re supposed to be doing and they’re playing on Facebook will you’ll be able to zoom right in and see what’s on the screen if they’re playing on Facebook or doing what you’re supposed to do. You know Witness Security has that capability with a $360 green camera. That is much better than high definition cameras we’re talking 12 megapixel camera that you can zoom right in and count the text or read the text it’s on a screen. You know at 10 15 feet away. You can’t do that with the naked eye. But these 12 megapixel high definition cameras can and you can put it in the middle of a room and see all the way around that room for close to 40 feet. You know Witness Security has the equipment to be able to provide the very best high definition cameras you could possibly imagine at an affordable price. Give us a call. At 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 8 0. Or you can get us on the web at witness L.L.C. dot com. That’s one of our Web sites. Another Web site that we’re actually working on today is witness home security. Thank you very much.
Have a great day. Jenks High Definition Cameras.

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