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Hello, this is Keith with witness Security. We are talking about Jenks, burglary systems, Tulsa burglar, burglary system, for whatever reason I’m coughing up a storm this morning and when you think about total Burger e-systems we’re talking about things we can do in order to be able to provide the peace of mind that we Need for each and every one of our family, members and or business on Earth you’re out there. The ability to be able to provide for your home and be able to protect for your home has been something that everybody is wanted to be able to do and provide, and do for each and every household that they have. It’S something. That’S always been something that people have thought about and how important it is to build, provide and protect for your home. Jenks burglary systems is just another aspect to be able to provide for your home and at the very best possible way. You could witness security Now provides the Jenks Burger systems for homeowners throughout all the Tulsa surrounding area, so the weekend provide that security for homes, one of the time and wouldn’t Security’s been in business for a little over eight years, and in doing so, we’ve always provided You no contract for a customers, Jenks Burglary Systems witness security has been in Tulsa and near the employees of witness security been working in the industry for a little over 20 years. So we’re very well experienced in home security systems, Tulsa Bakery systems and to be able to be an adequate source of knowledge to be able to provide for your home waiting security not only been in better than business for a little over 8 years and photo young Provide that service with no contract. We also running a promotion this month of September of 7 months, free of monitoring 7 months, free monitoring, something as long as I’ve been in the industry. No alarm company has ever come out with 7 months, free of monitoring free monetary. So give us a call to be able to take advantage of this promotion and again no contract monitoring. So you just can’t ask for a better deal and we also provide that same service with camera systems, as well as alarm systems of the Jenks burglary systems that are available to the market today. They’Re winning security provides are a 2 gig system, which is a touch screen system that you can operate with a smartphone. You know our service that we provide has six different monitoring stations located throughout the country. All six stations receive the signals at the same time. So it’s just a matter of which one picks up. Jenks Burglary Systems First, the average time for the past 12 months has been 12.9 seconds and that’s the fastest and the nation by each and every individual monitoring station being online to be able to respond to every one of your signals makes it and how they’re able to do that. It’S really simple by them all being Network together, they’re able to when the alarm goes off and whichever operator is available at that moment can pick up the alarm and process the signal know they’re at their computer. So, at any given hour, there’s a hundred fifty different operators able to respond to the alarm to take place it’s by far one of the fastest in the country. You know to be able to have that ability to do so band SO waiting security. Young. Does the extra mile to make sure that our customers or clients are taking care of, and you can rest peacefully, knowing that the best service available being provided by witness Security in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Tulsa, Burger systems are that’s becoming a priority and every home to be able To provide the Peace of Mind in the security that you need for each and every one of your family members to rest and know that everything’s taken care of your wicked security has taken the extra character to make sure that these services are provided and they’re. Not just provided at a minimum minimum level, but it’s also provided at the ability to be able to 24 7 tech support. So when the time arises, you ever need any assistance. There’S always somebody available 24/7 to be able to answer the phone be able to help. You with your passcode, that’s probably number one question the people have. I think I had four of them yesterday call and have they forgot their passcode, and so it’s really important to be able to have these. How many of those for having to be overnight, I didn’t have any overnight last night, if you like, 1 or 9 last night, and I doubt about it – it’s kind of funny that by the way Tyler, Jenks Burglary Systems this is Tyler I just jumped in here, but it’s kind Of funny for the the people that we take care of his customers, they don’t really think about changing their code throughout the day put and or maybe they do, they just haven’t been available to do it throughout the day, and so they call at 9:10 1/2. In the morning, and they get it taken care of now, a lot of people wouldn’t say to Heath and over myself, if I ever answer the phone or you awake, waiting on phone calls, definitely not who run a life or live a life. So we just decide to answer the phone 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Mainly Keith does right now down the road. That’Ll probably be me as well, but right now it’s just Keith, mainly cuz. He gets it to it. First, why it will roll to you it’s set up to you. If I don’t get it, but isn’t very often I don’t get it good. I’M glad that he’s not lazy and doesn’t answer Natasa burglary systems is Art is an aspect that you need to have in each and every house and how it simply works is a basic package. Is the terminology you’ll hear from every alarm company? Is they all have a basic package for witness security, Tulsa Burger systems, the basic package for arce’s 3 Doors, a motion detector in the keypad, some might say? Well, why do you choose three doors? Because the vast majority of homes today have three doors back in the late 1980s early 1980s came about, and it became a really important. The vast majority people here in Tulsa had to have garages. So therefore, there was a lot of homes that were built that had garages built on to them, and so therefore it came about that. You had to have a garage door or front door and back door, and it just seems kind of comical to me to where the majority of your security companies out there. Their basic package is two doors and a motion: detector and the keypad. No, I just find it really difficult to understand as to why their basic package wouldn’t be what wouldn’t accommodate the vast majority of basic homes and yet, at the same time, they’ll sell that third dork to you and do so with all red even requesting. I just try not really are a bit of Tulsa burger and system. Are they have the basic package of what the vast majority of basic homes will consist agree when it comes to your basic security system? What they’re doing is short-changing you. Jenks Burglary Systems I think that’s what it is and taking advantage of the fact that you don’t know anything about this industry, and so the basic package is two doors know. The basic house is 3 Doors to shortchange that person, that’s not integrity and that’s what witness security is built on his integrity and honesty versus always trying to get the almighty Almighty dollar. Yes, we we need money to operate and, yes, we need to have the money to keep going forward, but we don’t have to shortchange people just so we can make a huge profit. We need a profit, we don’t need a huge profit comes to operating your security system and being able to function. Jenks Burglary Systems Witness security is set in stone to be able to provide those services to you at a minimum cost. In fact, in here in the month of September, we are offering a 7 months free monitoring so that you have the opportunity to be able to try out the entire system most popular package, it’s kind of cool. What we have put together is a seven-month free monitoring. He gets 7 months to try out the security system before you actually pay any monthly. The only thing you pay for when it comes to the with witness security is the equipment, The Upfront costs, and then you have the option to be able to find out how good our service is really work and in comparison to any other company of ever had In the past, your own Wicked Securities monitoring is the best in the country, give us a call or for a free consultation and we’d like to come out and visit with you.

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