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Hello this is Keith we’ll play the security we are in Janks Oklahoma and we’re talking about burglary alarms and Janks Oklahoma Janks Oklahoma is located just south of Tulsa south west of Tulsa actually. And you know Witness Security you know we provide services throughout the entire surrounding community of Tulsa. There are communities of Tulsa. And we are located at 129th Avenue and 21st Street in Tulsa Oklahoma. But this morning we’re going to be focused on burglary alarms and Jenks Oklahoma and Janks Oklahoma is. One of the fastest growing communities in the Tulsa surrounding areas. There’s quite a few building in new subdivisions are being built in Janks Oklahoma. And so we want to address the need for possibly even pre-wiring your home prior to moving into your home while it was being built. So therefore if you wanted the ability to be able to pre-wire home for you know the security system we would be able to do that whether it be you know your entire Windows all of your windows all the way around your house whether it be putting in cavern system you know around your house so it would be helpful to you’d be able to see what’s going on. You know there’s a variety of things really can be done can be done you know with your home and priority number one when it comes to dealing with the security in the future of your home. It’s pretty important to be able to take care of just the standard maintenance of what it would take to take care of your home and far as security is concerned. Jenks Burglary Alarms.
Witness Security has been a business for a little over eight years and we have provided we provide a service without a new contract. And it’s important to be able to do that and have that in mind so that you know that you know your services are being provided. And we’re going to be doing it in the best possible way. Jenks Burglary Alarms.
But again. Marta. It’s taking nothing for own account.
You know when it comes to home security systems and provides peace of mind you need. It’s important to be able to you know think ahead and do what is necessary to provide that peace of mind. You know Jencks a comma is not necessary noted to have a high crime rate but that doesn’t mean that it’s going to be obsolete from you know people breaking into homes because it happens everywhere. Doesn’t matter where you live. Doesn’t matter what your lifestyle provides of your gated community, not a gated community. It really doesn’t make any difference. Burglars and thieves don’t have any preference necessarily as to what people they break into they get breaking. So that being said you know take a few extra dollars here a few minutes for things to be able to consider when it comes to home security in Jenks Oklahoma. You know we provide the security system is through it’s come to the quick call to get the touch screen system we can operate with a smart phone. Has it talked to you when the door is open? Or can talk you can turn it off if you like has six different noises you can make as far as chimes so that you can make your back door sound different in your front door if your kids are wanting to go outside the pool and or just go outside in period you know which door it is that they opened. You know it’s easy features are. Jenks Burglary Alarms.
I can’t say luxury because it’s gotten to the point where Home Security now becomes a necessity as the crime rate has gone up so much to the point where you know it’s a necessity to be able to make sure that your home is secure. You know if you’re buying a brand new house and it’s you know one of the builders that build a lot of homes then more than likely they use builder grade locks. Take a few extra dollars and change your locks and put in an upgraded lock the locks on those doors and the builder grade locks are really not as secure as maybe it could be and it doesn’t cost that much extra to upgrade your locks to something that’s a lot more secure than the builder grade locks. You know it’s. Yeah. The solar powered lights you can set up around your house you know that way you’re not walking up to your house in the dark. And there’s one thing about light and. It just keeps the burglars away for a little bit if you have a security sign in your yard that has the opportunity to be able to light that sign-up and let them know that they need to go on their way. You know Witness Security provides the services necessary for you to be able to get a hold of us at any given time. So if you’re thinking about a home security system then do a little bit of research you know quite frankly most people I’ve talked to a fellow last night. Jenks Burglary Alarms.
It doesn’t make a decision unless he does a little bit of research online to Google various companies various products that he’s looking for before he makes purchase because you never know what kind of company and if he if you’re dealing with an actual service you know and you work with a local company versus a big name company nine times out of 10 you’re going to get a service that is going to be provided to you much better. Quite frequently much cheaper and much more reliable if you’re dealing with a local company over a big name company. You know you’re not just a number. Jenks Burglary Alarms. When you contact a local company like Witness Security you know your name that we going to take care of. You know we take care of quite a few different properties in a big field. And you know that particular neighborhood that we work in and south of Bixby you know we take care of almost the entire property in that entire neighborhood. But whats neat is every time I go in I never had the last couple of weeks we picked up another account because we’d have a reputation in that particular neighborhood to be able to take care of people. The average response time for witness security for the last 12 months has been twelve point nine seconds. You are not going to get any faster when it comes to the response time. Priority alarms. And twelve point nine seconds. It’s just not going to happen any faster. And with that being said it’s the same monitoring stations that Homeland Security uses. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s cheap as monitoring stations you’re going to find. It does mean that it is the best monitoring station that you’re going to find. Jenks Burglary Alarms.
And if you’re looking for home security that’s going to get the job done and Witness Security has the monitoring the services available without a contract to be able to get those services done and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that your house and your home and your family are taken care. So do a little bit of research you’ll find out that not only are we do we have the best monitoring station we have the most competitive rates around and without a contract you know you never have to sign a contract with Witness Security with rates as low as twenty-four ninety-nine a month. You’re not going to find any cheaper and you’re not going to find any better. You know Witness Security is available 24/7 and with the home security systems that target monitoring to get. Control Panel we also have an app that alarm dot com that is the fastest after you could have within a matter of moments you can arm and disarm your system. You can get a notification every time the system is armed every time to disarm. You know that your little your son your daughter or your kid got home from school like they should have. Maybe you can go to bed late at night and you have older teenagers you want to make sure they get in here into the house before 10:30 or whatever. Curfew time you want to provide to them if they don’t have anything going on that night and they should be home at a decent hour. And you don’t have to wait up for them because you’re going to be notified right on your phone when they got home and it’s recorded right there. So you know again you need to wake up for it. You already know when they when they get home.
You know witness security provide these services at a minimal cost and it’s just not that difficult to be able to get a hold of this. You can reach a witness home security and you can just Google Jenks home security you’ll find that we have the best reviews and the most reviews of any company in town. Thank you. Give us a call. Jenks Burglary Alarms

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