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This is Tyler KEAYS with witness to here and Jenks Oklahoma. And today we’re talking about how we’re.
Talking about avoiding the burglar. If we can all together yeah avoiding the burglar. Goes a little bit more than just say. Dodging.
Pylons if you’re lucky. I mean avoiding the burglar where. I mean you’ve taken measures to be able to. Make sure that you’re not going to be the victim. A burglary. Well yeah I mean. So. Somebody. Trying to break into your house. You’re not going to be. Jenks Avoiding the Burglar.
Sitting over there going. All right I’m going to go hide in this room. Go high net. That’s not what we’re talking about. No what we’re talking about is.
Magically putting things in order so that they won’t even consider coming in to your property. The main thing. That. Keeps people from pulling onto your property and. In a sense. Doing any damage. Is the fact that if you had a security system in place. That security system in place. Has. Very heavy weight in Oklahoma. I don’t know what the percentage of. People that have security systems but. It’s simple fact of the matter even if you were say one in 10 homes on your street. And you’re the only one that has a security system in place. Then. Odds are you’re not going to be the victim of a burglary. It’s plain and simple. No they’re going to go to the easier targets. You’ve got 10 you’ve got nine other options that they can go to. So if you’re. A new homeowner. And whether it be in a new home or an existing home and you’re looking at that house to buy one of the number one things you need to consider is. Count the number of homes that are on that street that do not have a security system. And as you move in. For what it will cost for you to have that system installed. Today in comparison to waiting until after the fact. And we have your. Brand new 65 inch TV in there and your. Jenks Avoiding the Burglar.
Jewelry. No matter what can’t be replaced. A lot of times no archive can’t be talking to a fellow yesterday. Attend our tour. We got broken into. You know pretty close to four or five thousand dollars worth of tools that were taken out of his shop and.
He’s just dropped. You know he did that stuff isn’t it sure he didn’t have serial numbers on all that stuff. It’s. Stuff that he’s collected over the years and he’s not a young man so none of that stuff will ever be replaced. Jenks Avoiding the Burglar.
Yeah. We’re in collections. We’ve heard thousands of stories over the years of collections that people have had.
Now you get here and accumulate things over the years.
I mean a little hobby here or there whatever it may be. Those are the things that matter most to you. And that’s our tagline is watching over what matters most to you. Some people would say that what matters most to them is their family. the best Jenks Avoiding the Burglar.
Yes that’s what matters most to Keith and I. And so. If. Something were to happen to. My wife. Being she’s at home and I’m at work. Then. I’d be pretty distraught. KEITH. If something were to happen to his wife. Same deal. And I think that is what many people do not take into consideration too after the fact. Is. How precious. You know.
Your family. You know the things that you accumulated from your grandparents and things like. That. Just. So many of those things can never ever ever be replaced. So why gamble with the things that are most important to you. Right. Take the time and effort to put things in place. So that you don’t. Over the years. Of doing shows trenches.
They would the people would be walking by our booth and we would say you got a security system in your home. I don’t have anything worth taking. I’ve got a dog. Well I’ve got to get to the people that say I don’t have anything worth taking. That day. They get broken into. All of a sudden they had things that they had stuff that got taken. Everybody has things.
And or items that are important to them. They just don’t consider it all that important until they lose it. So we accumulate things. Throughout the years. Of. Things that are important. And when I say accumulate It’s no different than the death settling. In your house if you don’t death your house on a regular basis you’re going to. Pretty soon you’re going to find out as you go. Over to a picture you’re going to realize wow that. Picture frame isn’t a. Bright and shiny as it used to be. You take your finger and your wife for profit and you can’t believe how much dust has settled. Well the accumulation of. Things that we get throughout the years.
Is the same way. All right. And with our home security system just having a home security system in place. Will help. In the. When the time arises that someone wants to take. Whatever that thing is whatever that thing is that you have in your home and you’re wanting to. Keep it. And yet. They want it to.
Part of their house. The other day. She takes care of her grandkids. And the grandkids come home from school and they’re supposed to. They’re able to get a snack and then sit down and have her. You know start doing their homework. Right now I’m not even sure anymore do you. Kids didn’t have homework.
It’s going well. Right.
I don’t think kids do homework anymore but not unless you’re 30 and you’re not going there isn’t any reason being that teachers don’t want to stifle their personality.
Yeah. It’s kind of ridiculous. But back to you’re talking about. It’s supposed to be sitting down doing their homework. And. And or chores around the house. And so much at time she is out and about doing. She has a business she runs out of the house. So she’s in the office working when the kids are supposed to be working. And. So she wanted to be able to put up a camera right there in the kitchen slash living room slash dining area and. Work saw into the computer. And 360 degrees. You know a 12 megapixel camera. You know making it to where she could. See through her house. Plus she’d been broken into had some things taken that were extreme value to her and she didn’t know whether or not it was possible to make. She didn’t know whether or not it might’ve been maybe her. Teenage grandkids. I. Don’t know what happened to it. And it just came up missing a very important item. And so you decided you wanted to get a camera in that location which. 360 degree that’s four cameras high definition cameras that. She’s able to identify and see what’s going on in her property. And that’s a house. Which is kind of odd. I don’t really like doing cameras in homes and I tell people that on a regular basis just make you feel kind of weird. But I understand the reasoning behind it. And you know whatever’s necessary to you and what’s important to you and that’s what we’ll do. Sure. Jenks Avoiding the Burglar.
And with a home security system like we are saying to avoid the burglar. If you’re used to have that.
Sign. I’m talking about James Holmes here. Yeah. If.
He just had to sign in place. Not not even the security system now I really do what you get security system because we don’t really make any money on this sorry. Now I got so just to say.
Yeah we don’t. So just sign anyways. But. This the system itself doesn’t do nearly as much work. Jenks Avoiding the Burglar.
As the sign does. Now why is that. Because one we’re a new company nine years in business now. Where. When. I’m. Walking down the street and they see TNT TNT TNT Well TNT I’ve been in business. Exactly. And they’ve sold out. And then you see another company another big name company and you see another big name company. And you look them up on the BBB. They get solid efts. And while at the same time you know scarcity is taken the time and effort and money to build them have signs are built. That are going to last.
Not the little PVC things that when it gets cold and then the wind blows real hard it snapped it in half. You know our signs are made with metal. So that they’re not good is going to break. And reflective. And they’re. They wash off really easy so therefore they look new all the time. So again and also. When.
The burglar is walking down the street and he sees this newer looking sign all that that system probably monitored monitored it’s probably been taken care of. I’ll move on to the next one. Even if. The other companies because they are older looking signs those ones might not be working those ones might not be monitored. I’ll take that risk. One thing that is the vast majority in Jax Oklahoma and. Jenks Avoiding the Burglar.
30 percent of your homes don’t have security system. So if you’re not exactly sure who witness security as we are located in Tulsa Oklahoma. And but we. Service areas 30 mile or 30 mile radius of our office. And so just Google.
Security systems in Tulsa you can stop us against the other companies and see where we rank. This is Tyler and Keith was witness security in Janks Oklahoma. And we’re just talking about avoiding the burglar. Jenks Avoiding the Burglar.

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