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Good morning this is Tyler with Keith or Tyler with security and today am basically talking about Jenks and how to avoid the burglar. Jenks how to avoid the burglar.
A lot of times. You may. AS. Just a regular run of the mill person you may pull out of your driveway when you see somebody that just seemed a little off. Well. You can do a few things to make sure that those people that are just a little off. Theyre not going to do something do something stupid. And. One of those things is having a security system sign in your front yard. Now some people may say well. Why does that matter. Well. Security systems sign is 75 percent. Of your. Security. It actually does more work. Than the actual. Security system does. Now. Say there never is a problem.
Then the security system does its part. But. Security systems sign. Does more work. Because. Its that warning hey there is a security system in place. Now. Whenever. I install my security systems. I make sure that they are the fastest that they possibly can be. And some people would say that they had the. Security system.
Go offline. No one called for five minutes. Jenks how to avoid the burglar.
Well first of all that was not from us. That’s from one of our customers that would be from. Other companies big name companies. That I’d rather not say. But.
It’s those big name companies that they just look at use another number. Right now we’re working to try and push towards. A thousand customers. And. Every single one of the customers we have. We take pride in the fact that they’re a customer of ours. We make sure that. Everything is taken care of Whenever system is put in place when we put it on or bring the account on line. We make sure that they’re all taken care of and make sure that all the tiny little details. We make sure that. You as a customer are not forgotten nothing falls through the cracks. Yes we’re a small business. Yes we’re a local company. Yes we’re a family owned company and a lot of times those little things. Actually kind of throw. People under the bus. But. In our case. I’d say it helps us. The fact that we are a local company in Tulsa is in Janks and the Tulsa metro. Area. Is. Driven towards the local versus the big name. A lot of times. And so. That’s. That’s what we take care of is the people that are. There driven toward the local the local customer they’d rather work with somebody that’s local. Jenks how to avoid the burglar.
Not loco local. And so. When it comes to security. Having somebody that’s local that can take care here I think it’s just that much better. Having a home security system that. Is.
The company is new enough to where when someone’s walking down your street they look over and they see that sign and they say that’s a new enough sign probably shouldn’t mess with that one. So. When it comes to. Just. Trying to take care of your home and avoiding. The. Happenstance of some idiot walking down your street. Or at times they may drive down your street and they scope out your house. You can avoid the burglar. From. Kicking in your door. And with that security system in place the security sign in place you can avoid. Having. Some idiot take advantage of you. I know myself. If someone were to kick in my door. Sirens are going off. Pretty quickly. I think that. For even though this is what I do for a living I think I feel violated. And. I believe that is the way most people feel when. They’ve had a problem.
Is they feel violated. They feel like. And. I. I purchased all these things. And really that’s not what.
Life is all about is things. But. Same time. You work hard for things you work hard for your money. You work hard to save up and get the nice truck then the nice toys. And then some jerk. Kicks in your door and says You know I like that I’ll take it. That does not does no more than tick me off. I get into these homes and I see these customers and. They just. Have. Ben. And. Violet.
That’s that’s the best way to put it. They’ve been violated and they just. Until the system is in place. Do they have any.
Sense of security. Do they have any sense of. I can sleep tonight. I don’t know how many times customers and customers have said man. I’m so glad that this is in place because I I didn’t know where I was. If I was going to get to sleep.
We’re doing a couple of older ladies today. I guarantee you. At the end of the the installs both of them will say something to the effect of. I’m so glad that this is in place. I can sleep better tonight knowing that I’m sick here. That. Is what Keith. And myself. Are so much about when it comes to. Home security. In Jenks Oklahoma is we just want people to be able to say. I can’t sleep tonight. Because I have a home security system. That is watching my house 24 hours a day seven days a week. It doesn’t. A security system doesn’t take vacations. As well as the monitoring companies. That monitor. Our systems. They don’t take vacations. Now obviously some people there at the Mondrian stations do get to take vacation. But. And holidays. But they keep the schedule full. So that that’s never going to be a problem. All of our monitoring stations we have six of them. All of them get the call the exact same time. No other company least in the Tulsa metro area can say that. Why. Because they’re not using the best of the best when it comes to monitoring. So when it comes to your home. And someone is scoping out your home. Who’s watching over what matters most to you. I know. In my personal life. It’s not things to me. The thing that is what matters most to me is not things. What matters most to me would have to be. My wife. Jenks how to avoid the burglar.
And my little girl. And. To know that they’re safe and sound. As I’m at work at.
5 o’clock in the morning and they’re asleep in bed. That’s what matters most to me. And I would say that most people that they’re the same way. That. When they get up and go to work they get up and they go. Jenks how to avoid the burglar.
Play golf or whatever it may be that you are doing in life. I would hope. That what matters most to you is not your. Set of golf clubs or the super be that may be in the garage or your Porsche or whatever it may be. I would hope that it’s not that but it. Would be your.
Family. Now some people don’t have family. I mean we have one got a customer who doesn’t have family. His family is his dogs and cat.
And that’s OK. But. When. You get home at night. And you go in and you shut the security system off. And. Nothing was.
Trips throughout the day except for when you walked in the door in the evening. That gives you a little peace of mind that says hey. All is OK. And that’s Tyler with witness security in Janks Oklahoma. Talking about home security systems and how to avoid the burglar. Like you.

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