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Morning this is Tyler with witness security, Jenks alarm systems. Today’S Jenks alarm systems can be really affordable. A lot of people lump back in the day would be considered having a luxury item if they had a Jenks alarm system, but nowadays, security systems are not really a luxury. There are priority. Do you have to have one? Because what happens is you maybe the person it doesn’t have a security system, and so people be Thieves will be checking out your property and the next thing you know you’ve got somebody State, you come home from work and your front door standing open or you come Home from work, and your property is out all out on your front porch or whatever I mean it’s just you have to have a security system. You feel violated if you didn’t have a security system, so we went to security. Really we push for the average Joe that needs a security system. It’S it’s a necessity and it’s a priority. You have to have one so again. This is Tyler with witness security talking about Jenks alarm systems and why you need a security system. I mean it. May not be something you really ever thought about, but in the grand scheme of things, what would you do if someone did break into your home and take off your with something that you really valued like say? We have one customer that he had a knife collection and someone broke in and stole his own life collection that his Grandpa I’d give him. What’S he to do now, he’s nothing he can do so when it comes to your home security. Why not be proactive rather than reactive and have a security system in place? Then it it’s it’s literally not near as much as one might think for a security system. It’S a sing to the most popular package after everything’s said and done you first of all, you get 7 months free monitoring. Our monitoring station sends gives to call at about the average response. Time is 12.9 seconds, and so when it comes to speed of call, you can’t beat witness security speed, and so I’m trying to say is when it comes to your home security, your sense of security, you’re able to sleep at night. You can’t beat what witness security has to offer, so it’s just a matter of being able to take care of your family watching over what matters most to you. That’S our tagline watching over what matters most to you go out to me watching over what matters most to me is my family, watching over what matters most to me is making sure that, when I crawl in bed at night that my family is going to be Able to sleep all through the night and not have to worry about someone coming through in that door watching over what matters most to me is making sure that we can sleep peaceably throughout the night bits being able to not have to worry when you’re at work. It’S simple fact of the matter when you’re at work and you’re, not thinking about your house, maybe thinking about wanting to go home for the day, you’re, not thinking about your house. So when it comes to watching over what matters most to you, you may be thinking about be honest. I don’t know what most people think about when they’re at work, but I know that myself when I’m at work, I really don’t want to be bothered with. What’S going on at my house, because I’m trying to get things done, I’m trying to get a lot accomplished and so Jenks home a lot or Jenks alarm systems. If you were to have a alarm system in place, then you wouldn’t have to be thinking. You know. Is is everything going okay at my house now you wouldn’t have to because your house has three doors monitored for doors, monitor how many doors you have they’re monitored, and you don’t have to worry about. It then also the fact that when you’re again it so you go on vacation, you don’t have to worry because you’re home, when you left, you may truly you arm your security system. Also, if you didn’t arm your security system, you can arm it from your smartphone with the seven months free monitoring. We offer a the first seven months the ability to operate it from your smartphone. No one else can say that no one else gives out the 7 months free monetary. No one does so when witness security. It gets your business. You get 7 months free maundering with our basic package. No one says that no one does that if you already had equipment, you get 6 months, free monitoring and you still get to try us out you get to try out. You got nothing to lose, except for the cost of the equipment. I honestly don’t think that there’s anything a better package out there that you could get. This is Tyler with witness security talking about Jenks alarm systems and how you could have your alarm system. Are you at your home covered how you could make sure that, when you’re out and about when you go on vacation, when you go to work, your home is going to be okay? I know myself that just having that sense of security is it’s invaluable. I mean. There’S no, you can’t put a price on it really and so myself I I love the fact that when I’m out on vacation I’m getting ready to go on vacation here in a couple weeks, I’m going to have zero worries. I’M not going to be thinking about is everything: okay, because I have a Jenks alarm system in my home and so with your home. It’S just a matter of giving witness security a call and asking them to come out and put a security system in place and alarm system in play. So the you do not have to worry when you’re at work. Jenks alarm systems are, I mean they’re. Definitely the most user-friendly, but yet at same time, most advanced thing on the market for your home. When there’s there’s other devices out there, that you could that you can get for your front door and doorbell or – and it takes video, but it’s not going to. Let you know when someone comes in the back door, if you don’t have a deal on the back door, if you don’t have a camera on the back door, so at that point you’re kind of screwed. If they come in and out in the back door and out the back door, you’re screwed, so with witness security having a sensor on all three doors, if you have three doors in your home front door, interior garage door and back door, you’re going to be covered. So keep in mind that Jenks alarm systems is where it’s at. This is Tyler with witness Security. Thank you.

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