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This is the case with what security and lot Oklahoma Tyers here to get tighter. We are talking about basically how we can catch help catch the bad guys that are lurking about our neighborhoods here in Oklahoma. It’s important as you are. You’re better read today. I watched Oklahoma for quite some time and you basically decided it is time to look into a home security system or maybe you’re just moving into the area. And you’d like to be able to observe and find out what company might like to do business with. You know in Oklahoma it’s fairly simple. You know we can use the Internet. One of the better tools that there is out there to utilize our efforts to find out what company you’d like to do business with regardless of what you’re looking to do whether it be something to do floor or leaner meaner. Anything of that matter. If you’re looking for a home security system just you know Google the word home. Also home security or Wassa home security. And you’ll find that witness security has the most your views and the best reviews of any company in town. You know Witness Security has been in business for a little over eight years and we’re fairly well-established in the fact that you know we have a good number of crew and office staff to be able to take care of whatever needs you might have. But one thing that makes us steps is apart from the rest of the industry is we don’t do monitoring agreements. And we also have 24/7 tech support also. How to Catch the Bad Guys.
Totally different subject than what you’re going on. But do you hear about the rooftop band that here in Tulsa?
I mean it’s northern portion of a portion of Tulsa that he has hit.
Yeah, we are quite a few burglaries of various.
Some of our one of our accounts that we take care of in other accounts that we were building that we accepted proposals to and Reagan’s The fellow that was breaking into the rooftop of businesses.
No, obviously that’s not home security but it is definitely security in general. And the rooftop man that was supposedly caught. Whether it be yesterday or these guys I’m not exactly sure. But according to another one of our customers. How to Catch the Bad Guys.
They did catch him. Supposedly the way they caught him was he was he made several trips back into a store and by the time they actually caught him he had close to one hundred and forty thousand dollars worth of cell phone product sitting there in front of the store.
And by that time they had gotten him.
Yes. Here it is. Police said. Thirty two-year-old the rooftop bandit met a match at.
Gold and Silver store. Police said 32-year-old Rory Parker just made a career out of breaking into businesses in the past three months. GM Ken McKenzie with the police department said he was broken into. Around 20 of them. The Tulsa gold and silver store may have been tempting him a little too much and they were able to catch him while he was still there.
So that’s kind of neat. Finally, police finally got a hold of the fella and.
It’s good to see that he’s probably going to do a little bit of time.
He’s not going to get away with that one. With that that says it. I mean our police department they’re doing everything that they possibly can do when it comes to that. But our specific customer that got broken into. What do you get? They peeled back the A C unit that wasn’t being used and kicked through the ceiling and then stole what. A couple of TVs and some cash. And that just doesn’t seem like it would have been too profitable for me to you know the middle of the night. Yeah, that’s what I’m going to be doing.
I was profitable for a little while. Yeah. How to Catch the Bad Guys.
The thing of it is when you get a security system and you’re working with a company that is endeavoring to try to make your place that much more secure than what you have it today. Get a hold of Witness Security and we can tighten things up for you and help you to be able to put your mind at ease knowing that your life’s investment especially a business like that is being taken care of.
You know the facility that got broken into the Tulsa golden server store they said it.
Forty-five years they’ve been in business. They continue to make their store that much more secure. And this event as he broke into their store you know realizes they realize there is an area that they left Kyra and done. So they will tighten it up a little bit more. And that’s what it amounts to is so much of the time. If you’re a homeowner or a small business owner you know it’s not, in my opinion, it’s just wise to just continue to add a little bit more layers of security to your home and or your business to prevent those would be thieves to even want to come into your home.
You know when we were at a House yesterday bark all the way around the house. Downstairs there’s no way anybody getting in or out of this house. No way. However the individual warning glass breaks and contacts on every window. How to Catch the Bad Guys. How to Catch the Bad Guys.
Downstairs a little over 4000 dollars worth of equipment that he wanted to put into his home.
That in my opinion really didn’t need to have the need to be done.
But it’s something he wanted to do. So more power to you.
Yeah. And when it comes to security you can only say you can only do so much. There are a lot of things that you can do security wise.
I mean if you want to go all the way to especially for a small business you want to go all the way to the point of having a security guard sitting. We don’t actually do that but there are companies that will sit at your place of business if you wanted to go. Just a portion of having a security system that’s technically kind of like having a security guard separate you know not paying the hourly pay a monthly time of someone or someone sitting there watching you or your place. And as soon as something triggers at that point you’re going to get a call. Yeah and thing of it is with with our main reasons it’s an average of 23 to 30 seconds.
Well, the average over the past 35 years has been less than 20 seconds. Twenty-two seconds on the priority alarms.
But over the past 12 months, the average has been twelve point nine seconds. You know the reason for their speed and the reason why they’re able to average that kind of speed is how they’ve constructed the monitoring service themselves with six separate individual margravine state servers set all the way across the United States.
And two different data entry locations. You know that is separate from the monitoring stations one is located in Las Vegas. The government is located in New Jersey you know to be able to network all of their data and the incoming calls your own are completely routed through all these stations simultaneously. And to be able to do that with the idea in mind it all the way across the United States you still have various things that are taking place as far as weather and things like that. So there’s a built in algorithm that’s constructed so that when somebody calls off from one location and or predicting a potential amount of people that maybe not coming into work that day due to weather conditions or whatever might be arising in that area then they it’s an algorithm that is designed to be able to say that we need X number of people and over time on all these different locations and with six different locations are able to you know what do you call that spread out the load so that it’s very easy to be able to have enough people at any given hour of the 150 plus operators ready to answer the phone and respond to any signals that may be coming in. So therefore a witness security you know we’ve taken a few extra for a few extra dollars in order to do so. That kind of a monitoring station the same monitoring station that Homeland Security uses is what we use. So therefore it’s a little bit more expensive but I can guarantee you that it is the best in the country. How to Catch the Bad Guys.
I would have to agree on that. Again this is Tyler and Keith with Witness Security and a Owasso Oklahoma. That’s  Owasso home security or Owasso security.
Thank you. What I say is.

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