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Good morning, this is Keith with witness security, and we are going to be talking about Home Security Solutions here in Tulsa Oklahoma and we’re talking about the different ways we can. You can provide home security for your homes and the benefit of home security when it comes to taking care of your small business and or your home. Now. What is a q word today, Home Security Solutions, Home Security, Solutions all right home security is a benefit of your home and just like anything else of you install, say a TV in your home, you have the benefits of whatever that TV provides. No. The same thing applies with home security Young when you buy a home, and one of the most important aspects you can have to make sure that your home is safe is to make sure that you have a home security system. Home security solution is one of them. Would be as a lot of systems out there that we can actually turn on and use the system is in place specially if you have one of the bigger name, companies that have been bought out used to Gig equipment, yeah and because they used to the equipment. There’S thousands of systems out there and as this big name company, that just got bought out, they are Jack and the rights up on these people, what’s going to happen, is just going to take people off just like the power bill. When you get your power bill in the mail, it drives you nuts, here like man last month it was only 75 bucks. Home Security Solutions That’S months at 85, bucks and overtime people are going to say. You know what I am not going to pay, especially seeing the difference between a security company and the power company power company has a monopoly on your house. Home Security Solutions Yeah you have to have liquor, company does not have Monopoly, is about home security and what a lot of people don’t take. Any consideration is when you have a home security system yeah, it’s an investment that you’re building a barn, as you have a property to make sure that nobody else gets into your property and takes. Will you work hard for your? I hear the story on a regular basis are going to people’s homes. You know I had sex and such, but you know the other day it was taken. It was stolen. I thought about getting home security system, but I did just investment that I didn’t think I needed to do at the time. I was at a house last yesterday afternoon sitting with the fella in the garage in the night before he and his wife for turn.
It up in about it’s around 2 in the morning, so they were letting the dog out or about to let the dog out and all of a sudden. You know the lights on the motion lights in the backyard come on, the floodlights did and standing out in the middle of the yard in the backyard. Is this man? You know in the backyard it’s almost 1:32 in the morning and immediately you know they keep the The Back Fence the gates locked. So the only way that guy got into the backyard, which is a privacy fence of well over 6 feet tall, immediately increase panic in their in their minds. This is a gated community, and now I hear this guy standing in the backyard. It’S like. What are you doing in my backyard at 1:30 in the morning, then? No sooner than that happened, the Lights Went Out in the backyard he unscrewed the lights in the backyard, so he was attempting to come inside. The man like you ought to be was armed 357. He yelled at the guy you open that door you’re going to your going to get splattered, you ain’t walking out of here and everything was quiet and it wasn’t. But a few moments later no seem like forever, but he was gone and he didn’t bother to come in, but that’s the third home and that particular neighborhood that has been broken into Justin the last week or so so. Obviously it’s the same person and as I was there to take care of help him that’s what he needed for his home security system. Now it just made it simple with the home security solution, the witness security has clean the 6 months free monitoring, 6 months, free monitoring from a company, that’s locally-owned, locally, operated and no contract. So you able to get your free market 6 months, free monitoring to be able to determine whether you want to keep all the features that we provide in the six months, such as interactive on your phone.
So you can army, disarm your system from your phone you’re able to it’s a color touch screen system. You know that you can talk to you and everything. It’S a two gigs system, which is the most. Why do you turn on the market? Has a home automation Hub built into it, so you can add locks and lights and thermostats irregardless a week. You want to be able to add to it, you can add to it and it smoke detector. So you get an added benefit for your insurance company to be able to get a discount on your homeowners insurance with all of those features. Built-In 6, what’s three months, I get no contract, no contract. I get how often you guys ready to answer the phone. 24/7. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, let’s recap that 6 months, free monitoring, I get 7 months Free Will 7 months, Fremont a smoke detector. So that say my wife burns, the toast and or someone leaves a candle-lit and it starts fire. My house, my house, is covered. I got 24 hours a day, 7 24 hour days, 7 days a week, tech support. What else did we get no contract, no contract anybody else or that no contract no contract? I don’t believe, there’s another company in the entire area of Tulsa Oklahoma that will do a no contract right off the gate, and I guarantee you there’s not another home security system company out there that will do no contract and 6 months free monitoring. That’S unheard of! No, it’s a benefit that just cannot be matched by any other company that I know of no most of your alarm companies out there providing three-year or five-year contracts.
You know with their systems. They may be a lower front cost now, but they’re going to get you in the long run. You guys answer the phone today is that just one person answering the phone. If my security system goes off know when it comes to the axles to monitoring itself, we have six different monitoring stations are located throughout the country. All six monitoring stations receive the signals at the same time, so it’s just a matter of which one picks up. First, any given hour, there’s 150 operators are available to answer the phone now when it comes to actual service, and you got a question with your security system in your aren’t sure about something maybe need to just change your password. Home Security Solutions There’S always somebody available to answer the phone 24/7 to be able to resolve those issues that may arise. Okay, so say I want to get one of these packages. It’S just a matter of someone coming out and seeing what I’ve got for a home or guess how easy is it for someone to come out and take a look at my home? It’S a free consultation. We you just give us a call. Home Security Solutions Witness security hinges: Google Tulsa, home security and you’ll find it’s on the web. We have the most reviews of any company in town, so you’re, not just working with a company that just started up. We’Ve been in business for a little over 8 years and we have a 5-star rating was a little over 105 reviews. You know it’s pretty difficult to be able to get that many reviews and that good of a rating no over an eight-year period of time. If you’re not providing a good quality service without a contract, witness security Now Endeavour is to make sure that our people are taking care of. We Know You by name we’d like to be able to serve as many people as we possibly can to keep our communities as safe as possible, and that can only be done by one home at a time. Give us call Whitney security and the free consultation. Thank you for listening.

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