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Hello, this is Keith with witness security. We are talking about home security, helps in Tulsa, Now helpful. Hints that help you understand and or better help. You make a decision when it comes to your home security system, home security systems are a lot of people kind of ask a question. Do I really need a home security system? Statistics say that your burger is in the United States, happened relatively close to every 13 seconds and that’s for burglaries per minute do in the map. It’S a lot of burglaries that take place every single hour and every single day. Now I need the City of Tulsa and the surrounding areas. A burglary as a rule takes place about every 2.6 minutes, so it’s a little bit less than 13 seconds, Home Security Helps Tulsa but there’s still a pretty pretty substantial need for a home security system. Since how many times does that happen throughout the day, while you’re at work – and this is on a daily basis – every 2.6 minutes of burglary takes place? No, that was that being said, we all things can be there’s a lot more reasons to get a burglary or home security system. Besides, just because of the break ends know the crime rates themselves go down substantially. Home Security Helps Tulsa If somebody has a home security system of the the sign in their yard, because the fact of the matter Remains, the majority of your thieves make their decision as to whether or not they’re going to break into your house out at the street. So it’s kind of important if you have something to indicate that you have a home security system that makes it that much more unlikely for somebody to even consider breaking into your house. You know: 59 % of the break ends take place during the day between 10. In the morning and 3 in the afternoon know if 59 % of them take place during the day, I’m not sure what the percentage is necessarily What statistic that might razor from 2.9 or 2.6 break-ins perm 2.6 minutes for every break in here in Tulsa. But that would probably raise it that statistic or bring that statistic down quite a bit just due to the fact that it’s 59 % of them so you’re, probably looking around every 2 minutes, there’s going to be a break in the takes place in the City of Tulsa or this tourney communities, night, 95 % of the break-ins involve breaking by force. What do they kick the door in or they break a window or something of that nature? No, Home Security Helps Tulsa  I’m not sure if that necessarily constitutes breaking into sheds cuz, that’s part of property as well. You know they don’t necessarily state that fact that the simple matter is if you’re going to deter most of the break-in break, ends to come into your home and keeping your family safe. Simply by just having a sign in your yard. I think that’s a pretty good. I guess you could say reason to get a security system, the statistics of been given as far as you know, interviews that have taken place with criminals in prisons weather be here in the United States or also in Britain, you’re nine out of 10 Burger burglars said. If they encountered an alarm or home security system, they would not enter the home. That’S 95.9 out of 10 burglars, not the other percent of burglars young is people that are just so high on drugs. If they’re not paying attention what you’re doing anyway – and you can’t do anything about those people – know three and a half times more likely that a burger will take place or burglary will take place in your home. If you do not have a home security system three and a half times more likely that you will encounter a burglary this year in your home, because you chose not to get a home security system now, then the question are the begs, the question quite free Clans, People say: well, I don’t have anything to steal, learn anything in my house necessarily worth breaking into in 422 steel will. This could be true. Very this could very well be true, but at the same time, how much does it cost to replace a front door on somebody kicks it in relatively close to 300, in order to replace just a run-of-the-mill basic door if somebody kicks in and they destroy the the Jam of your door and everything as they kick it in Stars, it up pretty good. That may mean you’re going to have to replace that door is a variety of things that are going to take place now. The vandalism it takes place and a burglary far outweighs anything. You can imagine. When it comes to you, I don’t have anything to steal in my home. You probably some of you may not, but the thing of it is if you’re, considering getting a home security system, home security systems deter crime to the point where it’s a whole lot easier to not have to deal with the break-in, and once that happens, if violates Your conscience, it violates everything to do with about your own personal Bean. It violates your kids, it violates your pets, they get traumatized over the event itself and then you know you have a hard time concentrating while you’re at work because of a breaking it took place. Home Security Helps Tulsa There’S a variety of things that take place in people’s minds and hearts when these things happen and if you could simply just avoid that situation taken place in your home because you have a home security system in your house, then wouldn’t that be worth it to just Simply install a security system, witness security here in Tulsa Oklahoma. Home Security Helps Tulsa We don’t do contract monitoring. So, therefore, Home Security Helps Tulsa if the time should arise – and you just financially cannot come up with 3499 a month, then your you have the option to be able to cancel the service. That auction is always on the table as witness security. However, that being said, the sign still in your yard, so I’m not necessarily saying this is what you ought to do, but it is something y’all to think about. The sign in the yard does more work for you than you can ever. Even imagine you know if 59 % of the burglaries take place during the day while you’re gone at work, then just taking a sign in your yard prevents 59 % of the burglaries. It could take place and do the math here in Tulsa Oklahoma, every 2.6 minutes and during the daytime, relatively close to every 2 minutes break in, will take place in somebody’s phone here in Tulsa, everyday, so home security system. You know if you’re not necessarily sure about whether or not you are to get one, it’s important to be able to have it home security system to deter burglars burglars from even wanting to break into your home. Now so many say you know the cost isn’t worth covering well, if you’ve ever had to pay for the replacement of a door and or just the basics of a break into takes place, the cost far outweigh what it would normally cost to replace those things. The time the effort to strained everything that takes place after the fact and then that’s if they didn’t really get anything you know if they got something, then it’s y’all makes things that much more now home security systems here in Tulsa Oklahoma plate cover a lot more Things in just your burglary systems know it also has home automation systems as well to be able to help you make decisions in Ventura and or help. You know when people are coming home when they’re, when they’re leaving home your home security systems in Tulsa Oklahoma, with witness security, we can do so many more things and just home security know. If you would, please just give us a call and we love to be able to come out with a free consultation and during the month of September, we are running a special of 7 free months of monitoring 7 free months of monitoring, and you can call us And find out about that. Thank you.

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