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Says this and I see him.
Without interacting. So it’s just a wireless signal Well if I were to put it in so do. And. Taking him. You know I think it’ll take longer to drive there and stick thin and that sticker to go ahead and send me the list of zones. And I can update it. From an.
Hour and I’ve already got everybody. Home Security Cameras Jenks.
OK. Yes. Tyler and Keith with Witness Security and a lot of times I will say we’re from Janks. We’re from Tulsa we’re from Broken Arrow. That’s the day we’re at this place we’re working on at that specific time frame because we are watching. Yeah. And when it comes to. So like he said it’s going to come and go. That’s that’s what we’re talking about. But today we’re talking about home security cameras in Jencks Oklahoma. And so when it comes to home security cameras you can get anything from just a space just a stand alone camera. I couldn’t get that out for nothing but a standalone camera that is. It’s got an SD card built in an SD card slot that’s built in you put in a 32 gauge. Or you can do a 64 gig or you can even do all the way up to 120 gig now. Yeah.
SD cards and. And the thing how they work is. A lot of people would just like to have a camera. You don’t need to invest in a full blown camera system they just want to be able to catch packages that are being left at their doorstep or you know when the mails been delivered it a lot of our. Phone calls from people having problems with you know people still in the mail.
And they would like to have a camera on their mailbox or you know another problem even the problem I encountered this morning. Let the Dogs Out. Before I came in to work this morning at around 3:30 this morning and I’m standing there waiting for the dogs to get down to doing their business. And I looked down the street and. Home Security Cameras Jenks.
I saw some movement and some guy was standing in the middle of the street about 10 10 12 or down and. And pretty soon I saw two other guys moving from. One driveway to the next. You know almost as if they were door knocking. But it occurred to me that they were not. They were taking enough time to be able to get all the way to the front door.
And you know I was you know wasn’t really paying attention real real well. Home Security Cameras Jenks.
Then it occurred to me what was going on. They were trying doors on cars.
And as you know one guy stood in the middle of the street kind play and look out I guess. And I gathered the dogs up and put them inside and try to get down the street to where they were at by the time I got there they were gone. You they’re hiding somewhere or.
They ran off somewhere. I drove around the neighborhood couldn’t find him.
Right. So when it comes to home security cameras in Jencks I mean jinxes a little bit higher end of a town than it is say East Tulsa or West Tulsa or the clientele the homes there probably worth a little bit more but there’s there is a good reason why would be necessary or a reason to have cameras. Yes that’s that sort of thing. Those are the people that live in Tulsa. The lower ends of town would like to have the same things that the. People in Jencks in South Tulsa have. And so why not drive out there and see if you can get so apt.
And that’s the same mentality of you know the tornado that took place. You know the police have kind of quarantined certain areas of Tulsa. And restrict restricting traffic coming and going into some neighborhoods because of the looting that could take place if because we can’t secure the buildings and due to the tornado and it’s it take advantage of their various opportunities like that.
Well for some reason they look at that as it’s like Black Friday for the normal paying people.
Exactly. And it’s really frustrating because when various situations like that arise.
Yes insurance may cover some of that. However it’s probably not going to cover it right away. And also on top of that it’s going to be pretty hard to determine sometimes you know what all was really damaged. And during situations like that the insurance is only going to cover so much. Right. And depending on how good the insurance you have may determine whether or not you get much replaced at all. Home Security Cameras Jenks.
Exactly. I mean we know that there’s people that were in that area that got hit that there is a possibility their insurance is not going to cover. And yet at the same time they still are hit.
Yeah. And the thing is that most people don’t understand Stephy people are just I guess employees or whatever they seem to believe and I see this over and over and over again with our employees. They just do not understand the necessary. Ins and outs of what happens with a business. So many people seem to believe just because you’re in business that means you’re rich. No that is not the case. You know there’s a lot of things that have to take place. You’re not very rich. Yes there is a lot of money to make transpire passed through our hands or whatever but that doesn’t mean we’re rich. We’ve still got to pay for all the other stuff that take place in order to be able to employ employees. Right. And have a business and insurance and so many things that take place that you don’t get that money. All of you get some. But you’ve got to take care of all of the basics in order to stay in business first. And because of that. These like to take advantage of that. And in Oklahoma. If you haven’t taken the time and effort to examine what it would necessarily cost to put in a security camer. You know Witness Security provides a free consultation. It doesn’t cost anything for us to come out and you know give you an estimate of what it would cost. And at the same time not only does it cost you anything it’s going to help you in the long run. Home Security Cameras Jenks.
Sure well a lot of times customers seem to think that well I’m going to have my I’ve got a dog.
Well that’s good. Home Security Cameras Jenks.
I’m glad you have dog but at the same time that dog is not going to hop up to the phone and or without its iPhone and call in and when one says hey I need the police here I need a little help. You know you trained a dog that can do that. Sign me up. I want one. Yes. And I will train them dogs not to follow that dog. And maybe we can start another business here. That would be awesome. It’s impossible. And at the same time there’s also the people that will say well I’ve got a Smith and Wesson I’m big and bad. Well that’s great and well but you’ve got to go shopping and sometimes you’ve got to go to work. And Smith and Wesson is not going to jump up and take care of your house when you are not behind it. It’s an inanimate object. It can’t do squat. Without you behind it. So if you don’t have a system in place that can actually make that call or they can do something then you’re kind of screwed.
Yes. And again the vast majority of people just don’t think these things through. Right. It’s a great joke.
We’ve heard it thousands of times but that’s all it is is a joke.
And when you make that joke I’m not laughing with you. I’m laughing at you because you don’t understand what you just did.
You idiot of yourself. This is Tyler and Keith with Witness Security in Jenks Oklahoma. And again we’re talking about home security cameras in Janks Oklahoma. Thank you.

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