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I’m thinking is when they’re. The recording they can start off with the material. But after a bit, it’s going to get dry.
Yeah. Well just like with us there’s going to be starting off just like it is last and then but it’s something that they’re really good material but they can’t read straight from it. No.
That’s what I was going to want to talk to you yesterday. Each kid or two parents attacked one kid and I was bound.
And like talking to Matt and are always joking. Every time there’s a video with the kids in. The teens and he happens to be in you don’t top at all. Remember the video that they did of the teens. Before
the I loved my church Sunday thing. Well they’re sitting there back then back Matt and we should both laughing because is the most he said all the whole time has been you know man but maybe not. Home Security Cameras Jenks.
I mean I talked to Tom Butler and you know even for Elaina or Rebecca either one and she’s working 40 hours a week. She don’t want a part time job. I mean a couple hours a week and it was late later at night. So it’s something you could do for an hour. I mean it’s not like it’s going to roll in about or anything but it would potentially help out a lot. I mean in Oklahoma there’s quite a bit of a need for security cameras and security. So I was thinking you know he said well I don’t know if you want to do that.
And I well OK. Home Security Cameras Jenks.
Others that are in the airports from the area where there’s been already you know people living in.
I guarantee you like in stock and places like that there is nothing they can do about them.
It’s so stupid the fact that police are already saying that. I mean we as a social and people.
Know what these people are already hurting financially right now. Let’s go ahead and take advantage of them. Their insurance will take care of it. The police have said that no. That’s that’s where the people that are actually doing the looting. All right. They think their insurance will take care of it. But I’d like to have this so it’s taking. Care of that sort of thing just makes me mad. When these people are already hurting right now. Home Security Cameras Jenks.
What would you do it. They think it’s just going to get replaced.
Well it may get replaced however when something like that happens it takes some time in order to be able to get replaced. And so in order for that to happen I mean maybe to secure the building and everything they could get that taken care of pretty quick. But nine times out of 10 that’s our pocket until you can get insurance to take care of it and that you have a company that’s willing to float you X number days until the insurance claim comes in. Also
care and age right there is curious if it was new at all if you have any insurance. Yeah.
She get it she’s done I don’t think you can rebuild in a way it was too hard for her to even just move to move from one store to the next and her kids aren’t going to help.
Not likely. It’s not their business.
Yes you pretty heard about it last time when they but when they all three left. She was.
I don’t understand. I can understand maybe wanting to break out into your own but I can’t understand how you just quit working for your mom altogether.
Well quit working for your mom altogether but take the business that she was that she was trying to get you to or push for her business.
You just out the rat stole the rat from her. Home Security Cameras Jenks.
Now it’s possible that she wasn’t going to work. She wasn’t willing to get a larger cut. Possible. Possible. But I can’t see that they were all doing all right.
I think they could’ve done better if they had just combined her efforts and their state or whatever. I mean she could have.
Changed the name or something something because they they’re doing phenomenal. But.
It may appear that they’re doing phenomenal but they may not be.
I think they’re done all right.
I do need to get back over there and take a look at the camera as hopefully Brandon HELSEL has actually done what they needed when it came to Internet. But I doubt it. I’m not going to ever use him again. Home Security Cameras Jenks.
He’s kind of frustrating to me.
Jack’s home security. He just totally screwed. US when it came to that computer and when it comes.
To them he was saying we’re going to have to get a whole new network or something. You know I just think it need be reworked what they had need to be reworked.
He may not know how to get it figured out.
He actually had an I.T. guy come out and do it. He had an idea. Yeah. Right. Yeah.
One of his ideas he had come out and say I don’t know. Home Security Cameras Jenks.
I mean he’s he’s a computer guy he’s not a 90 day tour day.
So it kind of surprised me even though Terry is both things are going.
Terry is very knowledgeable.
I mean for the most part that’s who we’re going to use here on out.
Yeah I don’t want to use it on anything.
I don’t know anybody.
I mean there’s a couple different you guys I’ve run across that the different networking groups that are chip Shepperton and Carlsruhe seems to be right. But.
I just Terry get out here and we ask them to do your time. Home Security Cameras Jenks.
Yeah. It isn’t like he can’t do what that asked. In fact he’s always done everything we have asked yet and he gets out here right away and that’s all that’s going to come to it.
Jack sounds scary. Yeah I like. Security cameras in the house. As I was leaving the house this morning I was letting the dogs out and getting ready to leave I looked down the street. His dogs were kind of traipsing down the street and I see some movement probably about 10 doors down. And then there’s a guy standing in the middle street and two other guys.
Were going in on the south side of the road. So either they were moving from one driveway to the next you know as if they’re doorknocking and that they weren’t doing it at four o’clock in the morning but they weren’t they weren’t spending enough time to get all the way to the front door. Home Security Cameras Jenks.
So that occurred to me. There’s one guy standing Mills street as lookout and two others that were going from one car to the next to the cars.
And then another car pulled up. And you know at that point I ran in to get my gun and also put the dogs out. I came back the car was gone and so was killed. So when I got back to my truck to go down the road. There was a guy come out of his house that he was parked on the street. And you know I asked him if he’d seen any good. He said no. You know going from car to car checking doors and he said. No. My fiance’s car is open and locked. So he got out and got out and locked it and got back in his car. Couldn’t speak English really well. Pat that irritates me so much and the people that we know that have been broken into there just are cars. That he are taking and to do so and it just breaking with cars like you know lately I’ve had my iPad sitting there in the front seat. I’ve been taking it in and out of the house was it like last night you all weekend long. I was sitting in the front seat looked around looked like.
Bad. You can see it and see it in the way that Windows are trying to keep them tighter witness security and Jenks Oklahoma.
If your interaction security system please give us a call at 918-289-0880. And just google this witness home security dot com. Home Security Cameras Jenks.

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