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More than is Tyler with Witness Security and Keith as well he’s with security too or as well.
I’m not too. Home Security Cameras Jenks.
But anyways we’re today talking about home security cameras in Janks Oklahoma and on today.
It doesn’t matter really doesn’t matter if you hear yourself in your headphones or not. There’s always coming down. It’s
only come into our lives or I can’t change it don’t worry about it.
Stop just talk just talk. I don’t know how to talk. Home Security Cameras Jenks.
But today we’re talking about security cameras in Jenks Oklahoma and a lot like what’s been taking place with the tornadoes that just took place this past weekend. There’s a lot of looting that’s going on. And obviously those businesses that got hit they’re most likely going to be without power because the building to a rock and lot of times when the rock is going to leave open circuits just laying there.
So obviously they can’t give power to those buildings and get for two hours or Harbor Freight Tools getting there too.
And while I was standing there they got two phone calls of people wanting generators.
And it struck me you know there immediately there be a need for generators.
But this is know that very small portion of the city of Tulsa that were damaged.
Oh man behind vitamin Hutten all that. There
were several homes that they got crushed. Really. Yeah. Barely south of you. Yeah I know.
Well Arterton that’s what ticks me off so much that the sirens never were sounded I don’t think there were any really any real warning and that’s the reason why they can’t tow. That’s the way it works. Yeah. Home Security Cameras Jenks.
I mean the thing about a tornado is when it comes down it can it can come down here that infatuated doesn’t even provide any kind of warning.
They can they can they can get a lot of times with the National Weather Service they’re on it so much 10 15 minutes before it’s even you’re in path some cases because things can form up so fast. Oh yeah. But at same time they got radar technology that tells them which way the storm is about to which direction. So forget all that. I don’t know. All of all of us in that area. You can if you just look at the Facebook post and my neighborhood what’s called next door. Everybody’s like why weren’t the sirens sounded. I was talking to Matt heart.
He actually had a tree get dropped on his truck and he got a nice truck and a big black one.
Oh that’s green. All right.
Matt he has a Ford big nice truck and I think it’s an F-250.
But he had a draft on his truck and so he gets church late yesterday. Tom understood that it was just. It was dropped on the back of his truck and he’s got toppled over. So now it’s going to be painful. And it was just on the hood. He was able to get out but when it came to.
The whole weather you know when I heard sirens and that’s kind of a big deal. I mean by the time it got to her. And he’s at 129 and 50 first race get off the highway.
Yeah that should have been a good time to some sirens least once it actually dropped.
And Tom was talking to him and he said don’t bother. He goes well it wasn’t actually just a tornado.
So did you see the damage the damage says that was a tornado.
Yeah. And I was sleeping like a baby breathing occasionally probably in there too. Yeah. Or more.
And yet at the same time we didn’t have warning. There was so many people sleeping in their beds. Tornado.
Yeah. And you know I was kind of amazed someone didn’t really pay attention to their job. I don’t know Maggie.
I don’t know if it’s an individual that does either her workers. Yeah. Home Security Cameras Jenks.
There’s a guy under the news yesterday that said that he was paying attention to an app. City of Tulsa. He was paying attention to his app. That’s a little bit bigger than just paying attention to your nap buddy. You know I mean these are people’s lives that why you everything.
So you didn’t solve it yet. Perkins actually started doing that. Yeah.
Still no indication as to why he never sounded good. Period. Now there could be regions that are supposed to go through their individual people are supposed to be doing the know. He says he’s got cells that he can send off right from the same desk.
And he never sounded them period.
And but he goes it all happened so fast we just didn’t know what could be you simply getting your fired. Matt and I were walking around on security there in Jack’s home security. We.
Happened to be walking down the halls and he said yeah this is going to be an investigation on that someone is losing their job.
I guarantee you as many jobs get lost because of this tornado and no one got a warning now obviously they can’t do anything about the tornado itself but warn people but that dude Khurram Twenty six people injured were hurt here.
People were injured. Home Security Cameras Jenks.
Cuts and bruises and that kind of stuff but that’s it.
My wants to know did you catch the kids. You know the thing is what is amazing to me is how so many people will take advantage of that opportunity and just looting.

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