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Hello this is Keith with Witness Security in Bixby Oklahoma. I was going to be talking about get home security systems and various options you might have in regards to home security alarms. As you maybe you may have been a resident of Bixby and or Janks for quite some time but she gave me her name then or whatever anyway. May have been a resident for in that two community for quite some time. But you know the need for home security is you know becoming more and more a necessity not a luxury. You know what needed. Bixby Home Security. Consider when you’re thinking about home security system is the simple fact so just do it a little bit of research the various companies that may be in town you could do business with Home Security is a concept that has been around for quite some time since you know the all the way back to the beginning of time for the most part. You know somebody has been a guard somewhere to be able to protect their home and safety of their family. And so therefore you know security just continues to integrate and cause demands on the industry of various things. But in Bixby Oklahoma as people are moving into homes and talking to people yesterday just the idea to be able to see what’s going on around your home at any given hour because of various activity that is taking place you know cars getting broken into in the middle of night sometimes during the day you know people just simply walking by and checking doors and making sure finding out whether or not they’re even open and then just getting into them. Bixby Home Security.
People trapped and up into the yard and taking things off your porch and you know the various activity that just really isn’t normal. Home security takes it a little bit further. And you know secure the perimeter of your home so that anybody coming into your home is going to be you know notified and police are going to be called and so on and so forth. You know it’s very very important to be able to provide peace of mind that you need for your family so that you know when you leave off for work or leave the family is left at home or the entire family is you know still left at the house that you know the alarm system is turned on. I left the house early this morning and made sure the alarm was turned on and that we have the peace of mind of knowing when you know I leave that my home is still secure and nobody’s going to be able get in without any serious effort. And also you know you have the benefit of knowing for example when my wife is on her way to the office and if I forgot something I can give her a call real quick before she gets in the car and you know ask her to get something. It’s handy to be able to do that you know because the security systems we have today in Bixby Oklahoma you have the ability to be able to be notified every time the system is armed and every time the system is disarmed to be able to get this notification comes directly to your phone. Bixby Home Security.
And it’s helpful that way of knowing when the kids get home from school and various things happen around your house if the door is left open for any length of time it lets you know I was talking to a fellow that you know prints my materials for advertising things you know he likes the idea of you know he’s got outbuildings outside behind his property there at the print shop and he carried his story of paper and whatever things into and he gets out there and he forgets to shut the door all the way. By the time he gets back into the building you know he’s already got a notification on his phone saying hey he left the door open and it’s helpful to have that kind of information to be able to make sure that your property is secured the way you like to be secure and home security. Is that feature that you know in burgers or break considering to break into your home they actually make that decision read out at St.. You know they did examine the things you may have in your home whether it be outside or whether it be inside if they see something on the outside they say well if they have that they must have whatever on the inside. Let’s go check it out. If you have a security sign in your yard that is visible. I have a lot of people at stake a security sign in the yard but it’s behind the bushes and you can’t even see it. What good is that. I mean 75 percent of your deterrence comes from that security sign at stake in front of your house and it’s scary stickers that are sticking on your windows.
I get a lot of people who say well I don’t want those stickers on my windows. You may not have a window if you put the sticker on your window. It’s really important. Be have those simple little things that do far more work for you for you than even the security system itself because if somebody does actually attempt to break in you’re going to be probably fixing something and it’s probably going to cost more than you know to get it fixed and whatever it takes to get it fixed is probably going to cost more than what you wanted to pay at that time. Would it necessarily mean you’re going to be filing a claim. Not necessarily because when somebody does kick in a door the sirens are going to go out for alarms going to go off and notify them that you know they’ve been basically found out and the police are going to get caught. They have a few seconds at that moment to be able to decide what they want and get out the door. And in that few moments prevents them from really diving into your home and getting things that are of real value you know home security systems are designed today to be able to do a lot of different things. But the most important thing it does do is sound the siren when the door is open and kicked in or whatever. Bixby Home Security. Especially in the middle of night you can set it to where the door goes off immediately as soon as it opens. Now with the ability to arm everything on your phone you can make it to where it is that way all the time.
Home security systems in Bixby Oklahoma is the number one way to make sure that you have the peace of mind of knowing when you leave your house. Everything is. The way that you’d like it to be and it’s going to still be there when you get home. You know Witness Security has been in business for a little over eight years. We were a locally owned locally operated company. You know we do not do monitoring agreements and we have six different independent monitoring stations that are located throughout the country. Bixby Home Security.
All six stations received the signals that the exact same time. So it’s just a matter of which one picks up first. And the average response time for the past 12 months. And here we are in August. It has been twelve point nine seconds. You’re just not going to get any faster than twelve point nine seconds on the priority alert. It could take place in your house. And when the alarm goes off you’re going to get a phone call. You know right away after you get done punching your code into your system if you set it off by accident find your phone because it’s going to ring and it’s truly that fast and it’s been that way. The monitoring stations themselves have been in business for a little over 35 years. Bixby Home Security.
They’ve never exceeded 25 seconds on Friday alarms. You’re just not going to get any faster. Home Security decided to use the very same monitoring stations we use in our home security. Homeland Security has decided to use the same monitoring stations that we use. Bixby Home Security. That doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the cheapest monitoring stations you could find but they are the best monitoring stations you can find. And if you’re looking for home security to provide for your home it is long and affordable service and it was witness security you got 24/7 tech support. You can always pick up the phone and pick and call. There will always be a technician available to be able to answer that call and be able to address whatever she may may have at any given hour at any given day. Doesn’t matter whether it’s a holiday or weekend. Witness Security is standing ready to be able to respond for your needs to take care of your home you know Witness Security is it’s not just a job for us. This is our way of life. This is what we do and we are standing ready to be able to respond to take care of your security needs. Security is a company we are located in Tulsa Oklahoma. We work around the surrounding communities to Bixby and Janks and provide the services that are available to our surrounding communities to keep it home safe one home at a time.
Give us a call 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 8 0 0. You can also find it on the web at Witness home security dot com. Thank you. Have a good day.

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