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Hello this is Keith with wooden security and Jenks Oklahoma. We are talking about home security tips this morning. Things you can do with your home. That would.
Be the deterrent that would prevent anybody from wanting to break into your home and do your business. You know the thing that a lot of people. Haven’t realized now is time is gone on that you know that burglaries that take place in homes and small businesses happen far more frequently than you would ever even imagine.
A number of burglaries that take place in homes in Tulsa during 2000. I haven’t really even looked at the stats for 2016. Home Security Jenks.
And it was about every thirteen points four seconds that a burglary takes place in a home and or business. And those are the only ones that were that were recorded by the police statistics. You know the average thing that most people when they’re breaking into homes the things that they look for. You know as they’re breaking into homes they’re looking for you know signs that are in the yard or things to me indicate that somebody has a security system. And. Home Security Jenks.
Do they want to break into that home? That’s the main thing that people look for when they’re break going to be considering breaking into its kind of important to be able to.
You know to be to present your home in a way that would guarantee somebody not wanting to break in and say you’re very very Tulsa Oklahoma in Tulsa Oklahoma.
See here trying to find the statistics that would be more recent so that we would find out you know what how often or whatever burglaries take place. You be about a lot easier. And that’s what I came up with. Home Security Jenks.
But you know I take the time and effort it would take to put a home security system in your house and a home security system and Janks you know get a hold of Witness Security.
And we’re located we are located in Tulsa Oklahoma and if you’re not exactly sure we’re Janks Oklahoma is it’s just southwest of Tulsa and it’s located down Highway 75 or thereabouts. And you know a lot of building going on in Janks and Janks.
You know when I say building its commercial property as well as residential property.
Subdivisions have gone in quite frankly they’ve been jinxes one of the fastest growing communities in Oklahoma.
And just for the sole purpose of much building going on and things are taking place and the growth in Tulsa Oklahoma has you know it’s any wonder that with medical food things that have gone on you know various big companies moving into Tulsa.
You know the growth in Tulsa Oklahoma has grown exponentially in the last few years.
So therefore what has also happened is that is the crime has risen you know over the past few years. You know in Jencks Oklahoma the crime statistics have gone up quite a bit.
And if you’re looking into a home security system the sign that’s in front of your yard makes all the difference. The vast majority people and they’re breaking into homes. They make their decision out of the street as to whether or not they’re going to break into your home. How did they make that decision? Pretty simple. You know have you taken the time to make sure that you know everything is kind of picked up around your house. You know it makes it makes it look and present somebody’s home when the trash goes out in the morning or in the afternoon do you pull the trash can up to the house so that you know everybody else’s trash cans are still out at the street. Home Security Jenks.
Yours is not. That indicates your home. You know the mail and things like that that are delivered to your house. Are they piling up. No. If they are. And that indicates that you’re not at home. But if it’s not piling up then it indicates that your manicured yards and flower beds and things like that.
Just being kept up says You take care of business. You know if you have a home security system and there’s a sign in the yard that is the number one deterrent for anybody breaking into homes.
You know home security systems and Jenks Oklahoma have a variety of things that can be done to you know the home security system that we carrier. It’s called 2 gig. That’s the name of the product. It has the ability to do a variety of things. You know two gig is has a touchscreen system that talks to you. Color is probably one of the most intuitive color touch screens on the market. It provides the weather to our consumers has the ability to be able to with the Touch be able to get a hold of the service department. So you don’t have to look for a phone number or email or a Web site is all right there on the screen. Home Security Jenks.
It talks to you when the door opens it lets you know when the door a door is left open for any length of time it’ll prompt a you’re right on your smartphone to let you know that the door is open. Had a customer just days on commercial property has some outbuildings to keep some stock in. He went out and got. Some paper and things out of the storage unit and he forgot to lock the door got to shut the door. No sooner did he gets back inside. I started working he gets a notification on the phone that his shed door was left open so it was just a reminder that you know that the door had been left open and if it had been left open when he’d been working all day long somebody could have to you know traipse by and gotten into his stock check. So things like that are pretty important. Even though the system was not armed it was still notifying him that things weren’t the way they were supposed to be.
You know if there is a low battery that’s one thing you mentioned out there there’s a low battery on the other door.
They’re shocked at graphics. Home Security Jenks.
We’ve got to get by there and take a look at that I it’s important is to make sure that these things get set up and taken care of. And you know with Witness Security we have 24/7 tech support so you can get a hold of us any time and be able to take care of whatever it may be whether it’s a password or we’re going to be going out of town you know give us a phone call let us know that you’re going to be going to our town are going to be gone from this time to this time and. You know if the alarm goes off you know go ahead and send the police. Is there anybody here.
Shouldn’t ever be going off you know details like this that are important to work with a local security company that has your name in mind. Not a number. So you know beyond a shadow of doubt to your family and everything is taken care of. I was with the family last night. Home Security Jenks.
Never had a security system before he started to travel a lot. You know his wife and son were at home and even though living in Janks Oklahoma it’s not a real crime ridden city that we know just because it’s not crime ridden doesn’t mean you’re not going to be you know coming home one day and finding out that your home was being broken into and taken everything that you’ve worked hard for. On top of the fact that just knowing that your wife and kids are taken care of provides peace of mind to them knowing that you’re taking care of the responsibilities of the home as the provider and the protector of your home. It just puzzles me sometimes how people can be so bold to think that nothing will ever happen to them. You know if you bank on those things I can guarantee you you’re banking on something that’s very shaky ground. You know things. Happen to people regardless of how good you may think you are how strong you may think you are macho You may think you are. Things happen regardless of what you may think you are. So take these in consideration look into a home security system and Jenks Oklahoma was witness security and we’d be glad to be able to come out and give you a free consultation.

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