About Us

Witness Security is the company to reach out to when you are looking for the best Jenks home security. Witness Security has been locally owned and operated for the past 8 years. We have been working hard to provide Tulsans and other surrounding areas with the opportunity to receive peace of mind that they can afford. Here at Witness Security, we do things that most other security companies don’t do. We definitely have our customers on our mind!

We are working to make sure that we are doing things differently than other security companies and that we are providing our customers with the services that they need. Here are a few of the reasons as to why we are different:

  • We have real service techs on call 24/7 to answer the phone
  • No contract monitoring
  • No credit checks required
  • Provide home security to homeowners or renters
  • We also have 6 monitoring stations located throughout the country

We have the quickest response time in the nation and that is because we have 6 monitoring stations. As you can tell, when looking for Jenks home security, you are going to want to reach out to Witness Security.

Here at Witness Security, we would love to provide you with the chance for you to feel safe within your own home once again. Give your family the security that they need and reach out to Witness Security today.

We offer advanced technology for both homes and businesses. We are working to provide the highest level of service to all of our customers because we truly do care about them. With our advanced technology, we have made video surveillance easier for our customers to operate.

With over 20 years of experience, you are putting your family’s safety into good hands. We are ready to share our expertise with you and get the best possible Jenks home security that you can find. Allow your family to regain their sense of safety and turn to us, here at Witness Security, to install your system.

We are Tulsa’s most trusted security company and we work hard to make sure that we can provide our customers with the peace of mind that they are searching for. When you are looking for a security option that is right at your fingertips, we are the way to go. You are able to use your smartphone to manage your system and we are always available to answer any questions that you might have.

Here at Witness Security, we are never too busy for you. We want to make sure that we make ourselves available to help you whether you just need a code or you need someone out to fix your system. As you can tell, we are here to help you and provide you with the peace of mind that you can afford.